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Daily Photo: Monday Adventures

The yearling doe was RIGHT THERE!
The yearling doe was RIGHT THERE!

We had a very interesting Monday, and full of photos. Mama Deerie visited the back yard several times with her yearling daughter, and in between all that I took a walk down to Main Street, my first long walk since not only my surgery, but long before that.

The weather has been warm and sunny, and even at mid-morning it was warm enough to open the basement door and let everyone get a nose full of fresh air. Kitties were milling around and sniffing and scratching on their scratchers and running up and down the steps.

Then they were quiet, and staring out the door. That means we have a visitor. I was in the kitchen and looked out the back door to see the doe grazing through the remnants of my garden and immediately began heading for my camera. It’s been a while since I’ve been able to balance and take photos, not to mention all the acrobatics that sometimes comes with photography, but kitties and I were ready. I crept down the steps among them and began taking photos as soon as I could so that I wouldn’t miss any opportunities—often the deer actually hear me coming down the steps and take off because they can’t see where the noise is coming from.

The little yearling was nibbling at the stems from the phlox right there! Not ten feet from the door! And Mama Deerie was off in the garden grazing on everything she could get in her mouth.


I have so many things on the door along with the screen to prevent kitties from escaping and possibly outdoor animals from coming in that it’s difficult to line things up, but I did get a few photos of the morning session. As soon as she heard me the yearling moved out into the yard and Mama came slowly over to look at me.

Mom gives me a pretty serious look from the garden.
Mom gives me a pretty serious look from the garden.

Then a noise, and they took off.

Later, I took off for a walk, down to Main Street, to the post office and other errands, with my DSLR camera and my cane. I felt I was ready and it went fine, though I was gone for 2.5 hours. Here are a few photos from that, and you can see them all on Portraits of Animals along with the story.

Before I left I had promised Mimi we would go outside, and I made good on that promise. As soon as I came in I grabbed a snack and my camera, put Mimi’s harness and leash on her and we went out the door to the deck. I don’t like to let her in the yard because the deer have been there and there is the risk of ticks, but she can hang out on the steps and on the flagstones at the bottom where I have never seen evidence of deer walking.

We had just gotten settled out there (I had planned to sort things in the stuff I have stashed on the deck, when Mama Deerie and her yearling came through again!

The yearling doe ran up the hill and looked absolutely beautiful.
The yearling doe ran up the hill and looked absolutely beautiful.

The yearling was a little startled at seeing Mimi and me and ran up the slope toward the neighbor’s yard, but Mama held her ground in the woodland garden while she and Mimi considered each other.

You're not getting any closer to my daughter.
You’re not getting any closer to my daughter.
You're not getting any closer to my house.
You’re not getting any closer to my house.

I am not one to upset a protective mother, but I did work on a few more photos of her little one, then Mimi and I went inside. It was a great day!


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"Safe", pastel, 15" x 20" © Bernadette E. Kazmarski
“Safe”, pastel, 15″ x 20″ © Bernadette E. Kazmarski

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