Daily Photo: Mimi’s Big Waterbowl

Mimi on the bird bath.
Mimi on the bird bath.

Mimi is so clever. Of course, in her time as an outdoor kitty, she probably drank from lots of birdbaths. She hadn’t visited this one yet this year but finally got around to it, up onto the old rocker, then reaching way over to the edge and stepping carefully one tiny paw at a time.

And while Mimi was stalking voles, I was stalking bees. I decided I had enough photos of bees on flowers so decided to get at least one in the air. The little green bee coordinates beautifully with her background. My garlic chives are blooming.

No Instagram photos section today because all the photos above were first featured on Instagram! Below you’ll see a post I shared as I prepared for Rock the Quarry last year. Immediately below is a gallery of setting up my display downstairs in my office now that I’m done with events for a while, and these photos were on Instagram.

Whew! It’s all set up again, well mostly. It’s always good to see everything I’ve made in one place. I need more space, but that’s a constant struggle here already. Hamlet thinks it’s all about him, and Mimi wants me to save a spot for her.

Photos from years past

Daily Photo: Some Hardworking Cats, 2018

Studio cats. Can you find Mimi in this photo?

Really, these are some of the hardest working studio cats anywhere. I was on a production schedule last week, and they stayed with me all through it. They probably just wanted their table back, but they are happy they share it with me. Can you find Mimi in the photo above?

I don’t wait until the last minute to make things, but I have so little space to store things that I usually wait until the week before a show to make a number of the gift items I’ll take. Felines are really bored, but they stick with me.

Below, Mimi needs a little attention before I start on the decorative trays (the finished ones are in the above photo).

Mimi needs some attention before I start.

Trays are also a great place to have a nap.

Mimi had a good nap in the tray.

Keepsake boxes took a lot of supervision.

Mimi and Sunshine carefully supervise my work.

Mimi took a closer look at this one.

Mimi takes a closer look.

They were just exhausted after all the work.

They are exhausted.

“You have your stuff all over our table!” Look at the expression on Mimi’s face.

You put stuff all over our table!
You put stuff all over our table!

But really, they are glad I’m done and just sitting still again, and I’m glad to have a break too.

Here’s a little gallery of what I made. The new product is the Trees of the Trail Coasters, made of terra cotta polymer clay and impressed with a real live leaf from trees on the trail. I’ll be using this theme on a few kitty coasters too. You can read more about the show and see photos of my tent on Portraits of Animals.

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Feline Gifts from Portraits of Animals!

"Jade" cabochon pendant.
“Jade” cabochon pendant.

This small pendant is made with a print of my sketch “Jade”, inside a narrow black metal frame and a 1″ curved glass cabochon cover. It comes with a black 1″ black flocked cord.

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