Daily Photo: Mimi’s Adventures

Mimi walks through the magical pathway.
Mimi walks through the magical pathway.

Oh my did this inspire ideas! Little Mimi bravely walks between the two big trees into the magical world of…the neighbor’s yard. Not too exciting, but I love the big maple’s roots on the right, and the density of the tulip poplar on the left, and I look at this natural passageway all the time from the kitchen window, winter and spring especially before everything fills in. I think it may inspire a painting sometime soon.

I have so many photos of Mimi, and still so many photos of all the others that I really want to share, and so I think I will post photos of both for a while. I am spending so much time with Mimi that she is really my focus, but I don’t want to ignore the antics of the others. Here are a few more from yesterday along the same theme.

Below, this is what the tree roots look like, a big foot, maybe an elephant, but Mimi is not at all intimidated.

Little Mimi and the big big tree.
Little Mimi and the big big tree.

In heavy snow three years ago the mulberry tree sighed and laid down, but its roots are still in the ground. This makes it a natural playground for Mimi, and me, but there’s no one to photograph me, and that’s probably just as well. Mimi thinks it’s okay if I play on her tree, too. This tree is also the best producer of big juicy mulberries for juice and jelly (and wine one year too), and this just makes it easier to pick them.

Stalking something along her tree.
Stalking something along her tree.

Mimi walks the plank, all the way from the roots down to the smallest branch that touches the ground.

Walking the "plank".
Walking the “plank”.

And one last visit to the tree before we go inside.

One last photo before going inside.
One last photo before going inside.

. . . . . . .

Other daily photos shared on this date

Easy Sunday With a Rainbow, 2014
two black cats
Bean and Giuseppe enjoy an easy Sunday, joined by a guest.

We had a nice warm day with windows open and now and then sun with breezes. Jelly Bean and Giuseppe cuddle cheek to cheek on the wardrobe at the top of the stairs, breezes wafting in from the open window, up the stairs and from the other rooms on the second floor. Each time I went past them they were in another variation of hugging each other in their sleep.

Just above Giuseppe to the right you’ll see a rainbow. This is reflected in the mirror behind them and is shining on the end of the wall next to the stairway, refracted through the crystal that hangs at the window in my studio. Rainbows only appear for a short time each day, and the most interesting thing about this rainbow is that it held still for minutes at a time. On a breezy day the crystal spins and rainbows of all sizes speckle around the walls but this one chose this spot and stayed there, not even a tiny sway as the breezes moved past. I came all the way up the steps to make sure it really was shining on the wall and not some trick of light that showed only in the mirror, but it was indeed there. Rainbows in the studio, on the landing, near the black cats, are a visit from Lucy, their half-sister.

. . . . . . .

Chocolate Doughnut or Pumpernickel Bagel, You Decide, 2013
two black cats curled in circle.
Chocolate doughnut or pumpernickel bagel?

Just not sure which it would be, considering their wonderful chocolate mahogany tones and their circular shape, but I think I’m thinking too much about food today.

Jelly Bean and Giuseppe, who at other times are insulting each other and wrestling, often end one of their mutual berating sessions with a good nap where they use each other as a pillow.

. . . . . . .

Mother and Daughter, 2012
two black cats
Mimi and Mewsette have found a happy place.

Put a plastic “in” bin on top of a box and place a wool felted purse into the bin. See how long it takes before there is a cat in it, or two cats, three if they could fit (Giuseppe tried). I actually didn’t want them napping on the purse, it’s handmade and somewhat fragile, but as I was changing things from one purse to another I set it down and immediately Mimi was on it. Mewsette quickly joined her.

The apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree with some kitty families, especially around the eyes. In this photo their eyes are nearly identical. But some apples are much larger than their mother apples. Mewsette does not weigh terribly much, but she is large and then she is quite plushy. Mimi is just a bit of thing with sleek fur.

They may look severe, but they just want their privacy and I’m getting that “get that thing out of our faces” look. But they looked so nice together, and we have an agreement that they need to do their part in earning our living here, sitting still for the camera now and then is not such a big deal, is it? Too bad, I get my way in that, though not in many other things. It took a while to get my purse back and hanging in a place away from happily kneading kitty paws.

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2 thoughts on “Daily Photo: Mimi’s Adventures

  • April 14, 2015 at 2:13 pm

    mimi…we iz total lee gel uz….how awesum ta haz treez like that in yur yard !! Njoy yur strollz
    N take a few for uz pleez….♥♥♥

  • April 13, 2015 at 11:28 pm

    Mimi does love to explore outside doesn’t she??..What a wonderful big old tree with huge roots..and the one that fell down..I love the taste of Mulberries..


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