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Daily Photo: Mimi in a Mood

two black cats fighting
Mewsette is not sure what to do.

Mimi has been feeling pretty frisky lately, much to the consternation of her children. She crouches under my scarves on the landing at the bottom of the stairs and leaps out at anyone who comes by. I caught her chasing Giuseppe, more than twice her size, and he with a confused expression running away. What would you do if you mom hid in the corner and leaped out and chased you around the house?

Then today I heard thundering on the steps along with Mimi’s bells jingling and turned to see Mewsette leap from the steps to the top of the wardrobe followed by a triumphant Mimi, ears pinned back, at the top of the steps. Then on the windowsill.

Mimi has to work hard to provoke Mewsette who wants no parts of scuffling.

two black cats fighting
It takes a lot to get Mewsette upset

She waves a paw at Mimi hoping Mimi will get the idea. I can tell Mimi is not getting any ideas than the one she started out with.

two black cats fighting
“Stop that, mom!”

Then Mimi takes advantage of the situation!

two black cats fighting
Mimi gets a shot in!

“Stop it, mom!”

two black cats fighting
Mewsette gets her “licks” in.

The paw on the forehead always calls a truce. But I love it when Mimi plays. Sometimes she likes to be a “bad girl”.

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4 thoughts on “Daily Photo: Mimi in a Mood

  • da tabbies o trout towne

    mimi…doodz like a gurl who plays bad !!!!!

    yea…sum times ya gotta keep de kids in line…noe matter what there age or size….
    just rememburr tho, momz day IZ rite round de korner N ya wanna bee nice ta de kids like round
    april 28th !!!

    • I think Mimi might miss the excitement of being a kitty of the street, but not the actual being out on the street.

    • Nancy, Mimi likes to be a “bad girl” sometimes!


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