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Daily Photo: Mimi and Mewsette From Ground Level

black cat in grass
Something is under the forsythia.

Just before the last time I cut the grass I wanted to catch a few photos of leaves in the grass. I unrolled an old yoga mat in the grass here and there as I laid flat on my belly to take photos with the sunlight through the leaves. Mimi and Mewsette were doing their cat thing, insisting something lives under the forsythia.

Then they discovered me and decided to visit.

I moved around some more and photographed, then watched Mewsette aimlessly wander, then choose a grass stem. Then she saw me as if she didn’t know I was there.

As usual when I’m on the ground photographing something, she stepped up on me.

This was curious to Mimi.

black cat in grass
Mimi walking toward me.

And then it wasn’t.

black cat in grass
Mimi walking away.


From Instagram

First, a video!

What a welcome home. I just love to watch them. It includes Mr. Sunshine, Jelly Bean, Mewsette, Giuseppe and Mimi along with Mariposa, Hamlet and Basil. I love how Mr. Sunshine and Mewsette keep going back to washing each others’ faces.

Might be sunny but it’s too cold to leave the deck. Girls are not happy.


You may have noticed I haven’t been posting most days of the week…

“Do you think she’s ever going to get out of bed?”

“Maybe we shouldn’t have laid on her and purred for so long this morning.”

It’s always nice when they all wake up and greet me by tucking themselves on and around me, purring in unison. That doesn’t accomplish their intended purpose, though. I’ll lie there and enjoy it as long as I can.

But it just so happens I was up late last night because a couple of my websites have been having trouble, and I tried to sleep it off this morning. It’s a database thing, and that always confuses me.

Thank goodness for @pairnetworks whose techs are very patient and thorough in explaining things, and got things back up and running.

Now, off to my studio for the day.


Now that’s an exciting Friday night, gathering together, neatly aligned, to watch the water fountain. Either that, or they’re trying to point out to me that the pump isn’t working right now. Which I know, and have ordered a new one. But I guess I won’t hear the end of it until it’s installed and working.

Wait, there’s just Basil in here, where’s the cat food?

Personally, I wouldn’t mind a box of basil, but a box of Basil is far cuter (photo 2). Those round eyes!

A neighbor brought some unused cat food as a donation to our community cats. The boys immediately broke into the box and I quickly removed the cat food and placed it in a cat-safe drawer. They’re still looking for the food in the box. After all, it still smells like cat food. Gives them something to do.

So you call yourself an artist?

#midnightlouiefostercat looks skeptical.

Well, I’m not the one who’s cooking my brain with a light bulb.


From the Garden and Beyond

Circumstances are temporary and do not illustrate who you are.

From around this date in past years

Sunny Mornings, 2021

mewsette on deck
Mewsette looks out on the morning.

A frosty morning with so much potential. Mewsette is trying to decide whether to snack on grass, check the forsythia for peemail, or chase the squirrel that’s teasing her out at the end of the yard. Life is good.

mewsette on deck
More looking.

Even though it’s getting pretty cold at night and mornings are sometimes frosty—or actually snowy—when the sun comes out and the temperature goes up just a little bit, the girls still go outside, even if it’s only on the deck.

two black cats
Checking peemail.

After two days of being stuck inside the SNOW finally melted and the SUN came out, Item #1 on their list was checking peemail. I guess they were following a group message or something.

two black cats
Time to explore the garden.

Mimi loves to hang out in the garden area. Mewsette is still trying to make sense of it. Me too, for that matter.

I have moved Mimi’s woodpile several times, and sorted it out over the garden. She enjoys seeking out the new places and visiting them for a good scratch.

On the prowl.

And then it’s time to go hunting. We’ll miss even these abbreviated mornings when it’s colder, and already Mewsette is tucking herself into a cozy spot and only Mimi and I go outside in the afternoon.


From Instagram

First, a video!

#CatTV Wildlife Special gets real for Midnight Louie when the squirrel on the screen starts talking to him. Got to cut back on those catnip toys.

I was hoping you’d be able to hear the squirrel chatter. I could hear him when I was recording the video.



Squirrel makes a visual statement


“So what’s the hold up with breakfast this morning? You are totally unfocused and wandering around.”

You are lucky I didn’t wander off and start on that painting I’ve been visualizing nonstop for the past couple of days. It’s a good day for painting.

“Oh, no, let’s hope we get supper before tomorrow morning! Living with a creative person may seem exciting and exotic, but it takes a lot of work to keep this person focused on what’s important.”

three black cats
Waiting for breakfast.

I feel some judgy eyes on my back.

tabby cat
Judgy Mariposa

#printmonitorcats Simba is observing the growling, grunting thing from above, Louie is on the floor watching it give birth to a piece of paper. No no no, boys, the printer isn’t going to eat you so you don’t need to defend yourselves.

Watching the printer.

Yeah, Bella, I’m feeling it too. In this house, I’m the one who makes the mess, 10 cats can’t compete with me.

Bella on the containers.

Little Miss Burr Butt, that’s what Mimi gets for exploring the unimproved section of the garden.

Little Miss Burr Butt

From the Garden and Beyond

The Moon and Venus

That moon and Venus last week tho…

The simplicity of the graceful crescent and the tiny star dancing in the sky for all to see was a thrill just to behold. The new moon was November 4, this was November 7 and you can just see the edges of some of the craters.

You’d think I’d encounter this while I was out on one of my wilderness walks, and truly that would have been magnificent, but I was actually in the Aldi parking lot. I had pulled from my space, turned and headed for the exit, checking my rearview mirror, and hit the brakes when this was somehow perfectly framed in my side mirror. Good thing no one was around me. I turned around and found a good spot in the parking lot to get a photo, but I didn’t have my tripod for a long exposure to capture the portion of the moon that wasn’t lit by the sun, but was lit by a small amount of reflected light.

Read more here.

Moon and Venus

Lunar Eclipse

I was just going to bed when the clouds parted and the eclipse shone in the window, just past its prime, so what else to do but head outside in my bathrobe and slippers to photograph it? It’s grainy, and there were wispy clouds still around it, and power wires too, but this is pretty decent.

What a busy week it’s been, and an event on Sunday. I hope to catch up!



From around this date in past years

Remembering Warmer Weather, 2019

Mimi on a colorful afternoon.
Mimi on a colorful afternoon.

We’ve had a number of totally cloudy days, but the real disappointment is when the morning is bright and sunny though could, but the sun hides behind clouds before it gets to the front courtyard where Mimi and I like to hang out. So we remember a nice sunny afternoon last week. We still have just enough leaves around and even a few green leaves that they really light up when the sun shines.

From Instagram on Saturday

A good day for Sienna and Mimi to hang out in the warm kitchen.

It’s warm in the kitchen.

Mimi and Sienna have box seats for my standing physical therapy performance. Apparently they are not pleased with my performance.

Box seats.


Photos from previous years…

Mariposa Exploring Downstairs, 2018

Mariposa with begonias.
Mariposa with begonias.

Yesterday was bight and sunny and Mariposa finally decided to come all the way down the stairs and explore. It’s a whole new world!

Below, the photo is a little blurry, but she is still so pretty.

A little blurry, but still pretty.
A little blurry, but still pretty.

Mariposa really wants to play! Hamlet didn’t realize he was in her target area. More from Mariposa’s adventures yesterday.

Hamlet wasn't aware he was in Mariposa's swing area.
Hamlet wasn’t aware he was in Mariposa’s swing area.

Look out for that white mitten, Hamlet!

Look out for that big mitten, Hamlet!
Look out for that big mitten, Hamlet!

Then she made her way over to the shop area.

Mariposa models the shop.
Mariposa models the shop.

It’s difficult to catch her so things are a little blurry!

Mariposa models the shop.
Mariposa models the shop.

And then Hamlet joined her! She was thrilled.

I'm going to get you, Hamlet!
I’m going to get you, Hamlet!

Later, she joined Mimi and me in the studio, Mimi on one thigh and Mariposa on the other.

How it started out.
How it started out.

Until a few minutes passed…

Sleeping with Mimi.

Sleeping with Mimi.
Sleeping with Mimi.


Sleeping with Mimi.
Sleeping with Mimi.

She wants you to know she not only haz mittenz but she also haz whiskerz.

I haz whiskerz.
I haz whiskerz.

I hope she has a chance to meet some visitors soon. She was a little shy when someone stopped today, so she needs some practice.

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