Daily Photo: Mimi and Her Groovy Scratcher

cat scratching wood
Mimi and her groovy board.

Mimi’s feeling groovy on her latest favorite piece of wood. favorite scratching surface has always been wood. It’s one of the things she loves about being outdoors, running over to her river birch to shred some of its bark, stopping for a scratch on the deck railing, browsing her pile of old lumber in the garden, and even scratching on the woven seat on her rocker, which is woven of maple strips. I also brought in a knot of an old maple tree years ago that’s heavy and balanced with several branches cut short, and as we walk through the doorway into the kitchen, we have to stop for Mimi to have a quick scratch before we proceed. Her tiny claws are always very sharp, and I need to trim her weekly, not because she pokes me when she kneads or scratches anyone else, but because she gets stuck on fabrics, like a little burr!

cat scratching wood
Mimi’s feeling groovy.

She’ll have a scratch on the recumbent mulberry tree, especially the long-dead branches near the ground, but she tends to keep it for climbing. We must keep our enrichment items organized. This composition looked like Mimi was “in the eye.”

black cat in branches
Mimi in the eye.

And a fallen branch is given a walk to see if it’s of any use in Mimi’s vigilance about the back yard.

Later, Mimi and Mewsette rest in the sun after play as the sun quickly moves behind the neighbor’s house. I love the high-contrast sun this time of the year for black and white photos.

two black cats
Dark and light.

And somekitty is a little envious, though she’s really not. She loves to watch out the door, especially when the girls are outdoors. Once when the door didn’t close all the way she managed to slide out, but I saw her and just said her name, and she turned right around and slid back inside. She is one happy inside girl, but I don’t take that for granted.

cat at door
Mariposa is a little envious.

And a video! Mimi’s feeling frisky prowling what’s left of the garden on a chilly autumn afternoon. Not bad for 18!

Mimi’s not wearing her harness and leash right now, but she’s in a very protected area of the backyard under my direct supervision. She’s never allowed to simply roam.


I have a couple of photos below under “From the garden and beyond” that I took in the same days while outside photographing these two.


From Instagram

In honor of #NationalCatDay, I’ll just go and get another sweater.

Mimi is not happy that I’m outside and she is in. But I am.

Alright, kiddos, I’m ready.

One neighbor is playing scary music, another is playing the Grateful Dead.

Huge inflatable dragons and spiders are popular in front yards.

Really nice costumes, whole families are out.

One man’s voice said, “Here you go, kids, this is as close as you’re going to get to the Botanic Garden.”

I require them to say, “trick or treat.”

From the Garden and Beyond

October Zinnias

They are burnished with brown on those bright colors, and petals curling now at the end of October, but just a few weeks ago they still greeted me, washed with sunlight, over the deck railing when I stepped out each morning with Mimi and Mewsette, and my memory of my summer with them will always be tied with these zinnias. I haven’t grown zinnias in years and decided to toss some seeds into an old aluminum barrel planter because I’ve been reworking all my gardens. Up they came and began blooming in July. These tallest ones bloomed first and stood all summer into autumn; these photos were taken at the beginning of October. Tonight the temperatures will fall below freezing for the first time. I cut all the good blooms left and put them in a vase in the kitchen.

October zinnias
October zinnias

Chive Sparklers

I was photographing Mimi and Mewsette on the steps to the deck and shifted my camera to get a few of the chives.

A new coronavirus, but a different color? When I downloaded this photo I first saw a similarity between the photos of the COVID-19 virus in shades of red floating against a dark background, their protein spikes all around a center. But I also like the feeling of objects floating in space, though they are all tethered to the ground.

Chive Sparklers


Posted on Halloween. A, um, thing I found in the industrial area I was exploring the other day. Visit the post on Today to see more photos.




From around this date in past years

The Tortie on Halloween, 2019

Sienna is ready for Halloween.
Sienna is ready for Halloween.

Sienna is ready for our trick-or-treat visitors! Tortie cats coordinate with Meowloween just as well as housepanthers. Of course, Sienna will be in the basement when the first stranger comes down the sidewalk.


Photos from previous years…

Office Cat Watches You, 2018

Sienna watches me in her own special way.
Sienna watches me in her own special way.

Office cat says I need to sit down and get to work. And that work is providing a lap for her. My that Sienna is getting bold, and what a talented model too, providing us all with this unique photo!

I walked in the door and, as always, glanced around the room to locate all the cats who were there. Sweeping around past the desk I saw just this. What a photo! But I had no device at all handy, and if I walked too close to Sienna to get my smartphone she would get up and want pets. But I wanted the photo. My DSLR was closer and she actually stayed there while I got it ready with the zoom lens though I expected her to be curious and come over. She looked right at me when I called her name and took two quick shots…and then she got up. But I got the photo.

Sienna loves my desk and waits for me to come to work there, plus, in these extended warm days, she has two large open windows and a nice cross breeze. Such a nice kitty!

Over the Weekend

What do nine cats do when they get together? For starters, they DON’T all look at you at once. The reason for the gathering? I was out for a while. I came home. They are trying to convince me it’s time for dinner.

Nine cats doing their thing.
Nine cats doing their thing.

Mimi and I saw this rainbow at sunset on Saturday evening. Look closely, there’s a dimmer second one above that my phone couldn’t catch. Luck, maybe? Maybe a reward for constantly cleaning up water in my basement.

The rainbow Mimi and I saw on Saturday evening.
The rainbow Mimi and I saw on Saturday evening.

I feel kind of left out because I have NOT received another friend request from anyone at all on Facebook. I DID, however, have someone access my Facebook account through Instagram, which means they also hacked my Instagram account. I’ve changed all my passwords and I’m pretty annoyed because I have better things to do, like sort out this tangled pile of black cats. I was just about to set up a shop on my Facebook page, but if Facebook can’t keep things like this from happening, including on Instagram, I’m keeping it all to myself.

Puzzle this out.
Puzzle this out.


From Previous Years


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World's Best
World’s Best

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