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Daily Photo: Mewsette’s Thermonuclear Treatment

black cat with baskets

(As I’m practically drooling about the natural sepia tones, the repeated curves and shapes in Mewsette and the baskets, the contrasting patterns of rounds and horizontals, The perfect angle of sunlight, the dark background, please don’t move, Mewsette, don’t get up and greet me, just stay where you are……..)

“Who are you?! What are you?! You woke me up!”

It’s just me prowling around with my camera, Mewsette.

“You could announce yourself so I don’t get my whiskers all ruffled.”

black cat with baskets

But then I wouldn’t get the candid photos I prefer.

“What does that mean?”

It means I don’t want you to pose. It means I just want to capture you as you are enjoying the sunshine, and other things.

“Well you messed that up when you emerged like a stealth monster up the steps. Do you know what the top of your hair looks like?”

black cat with baskets

I do look in the mirror now and then. What’s wrong with it?

“You look like a Yeti is coming up the steps when I can just see the top of your head.”

black cat with baskets

Well, thank you, Mewsette.

“And you’re sneaking, you look like a predator.”

black cat with baskets

Mewsette, you can smell my scent a mile away.


“I’d like to finish my thermonuclear treatment in peace if you don’t mind.

black cat with baskets

But I got my photos! Mewsette is a talker, and in one photos she was actually answering me, the other really is a yawn. She usually does get up and trot over to me when she sees me, and I was trying my best to keep her from doing that. For once, it all worked.


From Instagram

Basil and Bella are concerned they’re being replaced. Really, the two foster cats do remind me of these two.

Hey, lady, if you think you’re going to get some work done you’d better look elsewhere. You’re in here to pay attention to US!!

Simba and Midnight Louie laid down the rules. Good thing I can outlast them and work while they nap.


From the Garden and Beyond

Autumn Color Shift

The brilliant yellows, oranges and reds are tempered by frost, burnished oak leaves and vibrant skies hold the autumn palette for now. Deep shadows, all those tangled bare branches, I think this may become a favorite.

Autumn Color Shift

Veterans Day

Veterans Day began as a tribute to those who served in WWI, but later was made into a day to honor and remember all who served in all our country’s conflicts.

As veteran Marine and emcee Rick D’Loss at today’s ceremony at Andrew Carnegie Free Library and Music Hall it was not to honor the wars, because our goal was to “beat our swords into plowshares and…never learn war anymore,” that no one would need to give their life or service to war, but that we would live in peace.

See more photos and read the rest of the story.

Old fashioned message board

There’s a directional blaze for the trail and a bunch of initials and some art. And you don’t have to worry about getting a signal in the woods to be able to participate.




What other photos did have I shared around this date?

Mimi on the Catwalk, 2019

Mimi on the catwalk!
Mimi on the catwalk!

Mimi on the catwalk! Every home needs a Little Black Cat. She loves to visit the neighbor’s driveway because it’s warm from the sun, and especially walk on their wall. The hill is steep in that direction, as I shared a few weeks ago, and I haven’t really been able to walk up that way since my surgery, so I had to keep telling Mimi “no”. But I walked up that way last week to photograph Mimi through the burning bush—my camera leads in astray sometimes! So when Mimi headed out to the end of the walk and turned to go up the street, I let her.

Monday was a surprisingly nice day when a cold front was forecast, but the front was late and the sun lasted long enough to get the temperature into the 60s. I took a walk to Main Street in the morning when it was still cold but warmed up so that by the time I was home I was carrying my coat and called for Mimi as soon as I opened the door. I knew I had a full afternoon and she sometimes misses her outside time because of my stuff and the short days with the time change and it gets dark so early.

Even as we spent the time outdoors, the overcast began to move across the sky and covered the sun, but we enjoyed the warm temperatures. Mimi found the purrfect stone to sit on to observe the street, now that it’s all cleaned up. She is so precious.

Mimi observes the street.
Mimi observes the street.

You can see some other lovely autumn photos of Mimi below too.


Sparrows in the neighbor's hedge, seen on my Saturday walk.
Sparrows in the neighbor’s hedge, seen on my Saturday walk.

PS: I’ve been experiencing some edema in the lower part of my surgery leg that concerned me. It began last Friday; I took a walk to take photograph an event on Saturday to help with circulation, then had my foot elevated a good bit on Sunday, which kept me away from my computer. Monday I walked again to pick up a prescription to help it, then helped a few others with cat things, and I’m organizing for some of the new things I’m making too. Honestly, I don’t know how I used to find the time to post each day and respond to comments! I guess I just have to work around it all because I love posting and sharing these things. I’m just glad I’m finally getting around!


Photos from previous years…

Apparently I was busy busy busy at the beginning of November last year too because I had no posts until November 12!

Thank You, 2017

Thank You.
Thank You.

I’m sure Bella is thankful for the box to curl up in and rest her chin on the edge.


From Instagram, November 7

The rain changed to snow! I knew it sounded too loud hitting the window. It’s not snowing that hard, but the birds are crazy at the feeders. Great CatTV!

Three watching the birds at the feeder!
Three watching the birds at the feeder!

One of my shoes and a lollipop swiped from leftover Halloween candy, Basil’s day is complete.

Basil and his random toys.
Basil and his random toys.

I’m guessing this is why I opened the cookbook onto the counter, not because I wanted to actually look at the recipe. She was on it as soon as I put it down, had a really nice bath and a nap in a nice warm kitchen.

Bella on the cookbook.
Bella on the cookbook.


What other photos have I shared around this date in previous years?

Lovin’ on Mom, 2016

A closeup of the Five.
A closeup of the Five.

Looks like they had a momfest on Mimi while I was away. I came home to find no cats, all were upstairs, and I found this gob on the bed.

Gob of cats on the bed.
Gob of cats on the bed.

Mimi also noted that the brick porch pillar belongs to her as well as me and the rocker. Face rubs feel good.

Face rubs feel good.
Face rubs feel good.

Blurry but I like it.

Blurry but I like it.
Blurry but I like it.

One of the incredible photos I took on Sunday after transporting a kitty to the clinic from my neighborhood, then taking some time to drive around and capture that perfect autumn day.

In the moment in the way of nature, such treasures in someone’s overgrown corner garden to harvest on this perfect autumn afternoon: cosmos and zinnias in flower and bud and seed, grasses fully ripe, a busy bee and a common sulphur butterfly have a meal; though the season dwindles to its end, all that lives is sipping every last moment. One of many.

A Perfect Nature
A Perfect Nature

And a hint of things to come. Hand-printed Christmas wrapping paper. Not sure Hamlet approves. He probably wants my mess off his table so he can stretch and have a bath.

Hamlet studies my wrapping paper.
Hamlet studies my wrapping paper.

. . . . . . .

Where’s Dinner? 2012
four black cats
Mewsette, Giuseppe, Mr. Sunshine and Mimi say, “Where’s dinner?!”

Election results? What about dinner?

We don’t always understand our mom, but we can usually get her to focus on things that are important. But this is one of those days when we are losing! We are hoping for dinner very soon, but she’s playing with her computer again.

I don’t even have a television, I check things on my computer, but I have a computer in each room. I’ve been a little distracted today—voting is essential to a democracy and I hope all of you who are US citizens voted today. I was also filled with memories of other election days, my mother, older relatives, all of whom proudly cast their vote and whom I accompanied to the polls in later years, and all of whom are gone now. I wrote a post on my photo blog “Today” when I came back from voting, “A Party on Main Street”, that might explain a little more. (Should have shared this last night!)

For now, I’d better feed these cats, or I’ll be the loser!

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black cat wit blue fuzzy toy
“I have vanquished the blue fuzzy!”

Mewsette emerges into the sun with the blue fuzzy she has chased around and around and around my room until finally she captured it and presents it to me. I am honored. Her triumphal stance is priceless. Read more and purchase.


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