Daily Photo: Mewsette and Her Whiskers

Mewsette and Her Whiskers
Mewsette and Her Whiskers

Such beautifully sunny early mornings before the clouds roll in, and even snow. We enjoy that sunny time in the kitchen, the felines doing kitty things and me chasing them around with my camera. Mewsette’s whiskers lit by sunshine were really spectacular. Mewsette was really happy.

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Wordless Wednesday (sort of): Adopt Me! 2016
Adopt me!
Adopt me!


Here’s the not-wordless part!


A Little Rescue: Kallisto

So this happened.
So this happened.

So this happened. Little rescued torbie girl found alone in the snow on a farm north of here, getting into the system. She is friendly, audacious and beautiful, I will call her Kallisto.

The week before Thanksgiving we had a little houseguest for an overnight, and I was so pressed for time I didn’t even get a chance to share her story here!

She's very happy to be safe and warm.
She’s very happy to be safe and warm.

Margo’s vet received a call from an older couple who said they’d found a kitten but if no one came and took it they’d shoot it. Now don’t get upset, they weren’t the type to do that, they just couldn’t keep the kitten and weren’t getting anywhere with some place to take her, and at their age, that’s kind of how they deal with things. They called several places, and Margo’s vet called her to see if she could do anything. The couple lived in my town so she asked me if I’d assess the situation and probably take the kitten.

It turns out they have a farm about 100 miles north of here and drove up the weekend before Thanksgiving, and it snowed pretty heavily. This little kitten showed up in 8″ of snow, clearly dumped in their driveway, meowing loud enough to hear all over the acreage. They have feral cats in their barn, but she was in no way related to them, obviously very socialized and accustomed to living with people. They bought kitten food and got some ear swabs for earmites, and drove home with her on a lap. They had confined her to the kitchen overnight and just had papers on the floor instead of litter, but there was no way they would have harmed her. At this time of the year the shelters have only voice mail and they didn’t want to leave a message, not knowing they could just go there. A pretty and friendly little kitten is absolutely adoptable!

I brought her home and installed her in my bathroom. Very loudly vocal at their house she quieted down and ate and drank and used the litterbox. I estimated her at first at about six weeks, but looking at her eye color thought she was probably closer to eight, but small for her age. She purred loudly and was very affectionate. Once she’d done the necessities she climbed back up on my lap and curled up, putting her little paw on my hand and purring. When she was really falling asleep I put her in the basket bed in there and let her rest. I thought she would start meowing again when I left the room, but she was solidly sleeping when I checked.

Kallisto holds my hand.
Kallisto holds my hand.

She stayed overnight and the next day, after an extensive photo session, below, I took her to Margo’s house. Margo would have her vetted and knew of a certain little girl and her mom who wanted to try fostering a kitten and possibly adopt the kitten, and Kallisto seemed like the purr-fect fit. And she was! Immediately after arriving at the foster’s home a few days later Kallisto was on her way to taking over the household.

What a pleasure to be a stop on the way for a little one. I loved her little black nose, and those hazel eyes. She will be a beauty!

Kallisto was an adventurous wood nymph in Greek/Roman mythology who was one of Demeter/Artemis’s followers and had many adventures including producing a child with Zeus/Jupiter and for her own protection was made into a constellation, Ursa Major, by Demeter/Artemis.

Here is a gallery of the photos above and others I took to start promoting her for adoption.

(She was adopted very quickly!)


Daily Photo: Three Formerly Feral Foster Cats

Three Cats
Three Cats

Three cats. Just happens to be three formerly feral foster cats, Bella, Ophelia and Hamlet. From November 29.


Studio Time

From November 21.

Studio Time
Studio Time

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What other photos have I shared on or around this date?


Quality Control Cats, 2015
Can't you see it? two black cats
Can’t you see it?

You can be sure your orders are correct and properly packed and labeled with this kind of vigilance from my quality control cats. Mr. Sunshine and Jelly Bean inspect the contents of this order, and below they are indicating that something is terribly wrong. Purrhaps they don’t know I still need to fold the notecards?

Wow, look at that! two black cats
Wow, look at that!

Apparently this order meets with the boys’ approval, but Mewsette finds something she doesn’t care for. I think I know what it is. I trimmed down a piece of cardboard to support the print in the packaging. I had intended to use the edge of it that she had interpreted with a delicate pattern of toothmarks. I trimmed it off instead.

This is also the part where they add the free cat hair.

Mewsette doesn't care for this packaging at all. Three black cats.
Mewsette doesn’t care for this packaging at all.

Of course, the boss has the final say. She’s been sleeping in the basket all this time.

Mimi peeks out of the basket. black cat in basket
Mimi peeks out of the basket.

. . . . . . .

Shared on Instagram/Facebook today.

Someone was a great help in the studio last night. Mimi even managed to get caught up on her beauty sleep in her stack of magic baskets because she didn’t have to watch me all night long. Little Simon is going to be a great help in his forever home!

And Basil loves his basket!

Good morning! Basil is in his basket and all is right with this tiny section of the world.
Basil in his basket.
Basil in his basket.

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What other photos did I post on or around this date?

Cardboard Inspiration
black cat in box
Mewsette models with her work.

I guess if I can have a creative and productive day, my felines can too. My feline cardboard interpretation artist was inspired by the box I’d intended to use for sorting orders.

“Get to work so we can get to our nap.”

Large Model Cat Sorter, avg. capacity three adult house panthers, suitable as a supervision platform or temporary nap area (product will deteriorate when overfilled with reclining models), purr-fect for those busy days when you plan to make a mess of your own without the participation of creative paws. I put this box lid on the table to sort things into, left the room and came back to find that its purpose had been modified.

"Get to work so we can get to our nap."
“Get to work so we can get to our nap.”

A misguided decision on my part. Glad my felines could set me straight on that point.

But it didn’t take Mewsette very long to feel the cardboard had something to say and then interpret it in her unique method. The cardboard flew as she bit into the edge and tossed the bitten bits off onto the table top. Soon, one of our familiar Western Pennsylvania hilltops appeared in green, in silhouette. She was creating a landscape. Reading my mind purrhaps?

Detail of Mewsette's latest work.
Detail of Mewsette’s latest work.

Really great work requires a resting period, and contemplation. Mewsette settled in to hear if the cardboard had any more to say. Apparently it did not.

Mewsette in contemplation. black cat in box
Mewsette in contemplation.

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Why Mimi and I did not visit the back yard yesterday afternoon.

photo of three white-tailed deer
Is it safe?

The deer came back for a visit, two does and a yearling. I saw them from the kitchen door and hurried to the basement door to be on their level, but the screen is still in the screen door and it was so overcast and dark by that time that most of the photos didn’t come out well. Above they are sampling my compost pile. Below is the photo I wanted because the little one is looking right at me.

photo of three white-tailed deer
The photo I wanted to get!

Cute to see three deer butts.

photo of three white-tailed deer
Three deer butts.

And the girls are very pretty.

doe in garden
Well, hi.

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What other photos did I post on or around this date?


Daily Cat Photo: Two Beans, 2014
black cat in mirror
“How do you like this view?”

Jelly Bean practices poses before the mirror in the bathroom to choose the right selfie. After all, it wouldn’t be Bean without a mirror in it somewhere!

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I’z On Yr Table Blockin Yr Lite, 2012
black cat on table
Mimi makes her needs known.


When Mimi wants attention she wants it when she wants it, not after I’ve finished my silly project and washed my brushes and cleaned up. So while I was helpless with glue-covered hands and brush she sat dangerously near a glue-covered block of wood and paper, looking up at me, directly in the path of the work light I had swung over this spot on my work table. For variety she gave vigorous face rubs to everything around including the industrial-sized bottle of Elmer’s glue you see at the right, which she knocked over onto the floor with one particularly fervent face rub, about 42″ down from this waist-high table; it’s a good thing Elmer doesn’t move too fast or splash. A certain human was not pleased. Mimi was embarrassed. But as soon as I cleaned up we got back to what we’d been doing.

. . . . . . .

Baby, It’s Cold in Here, 2011
a pile of five black cats
A pile of five black cats: clockwise from top left, Giuseppe, Jelly Bean, Mimi, Mewsette, Mr. Sunshine.

Ooh, the temperature dropped and we even saw a few snow flurries today! I didn’t have the kitty keep-warm lamps on at my desk, so they had to improvise on the oversized green sh0pping bag that really is underneath them all.

The view above is one from the angle at which you cold see that there were decidedly five black cats in the pile; note Mimi on top of the pile. Well, she is the mom, and this is after she did a little clean-up on each of their faces and ears. The job of a mom cat is never done, but they do keep her warm and make a nice soft bed when they all pile up like that.

The photo below is what I saw when I turned around from my desk. All was quiet but I had a sense of a large gob of cats behind me. Sure enough, there they were. My poor camera, photographing these piles of black cats kind of blows its little electronic cells because it can’t find anything to focus on. It blows my little brain cells too because I can only focus on them.

five cats piled up
What I saw from my chair.

It’s good to see the Bean back in everyone’s good graces. If you can’t get enough of seeing five black cats piled up, or four or three, see this collection of images of Mimi’s Children, and Mimi herself, not always piled up, but always together.

. . . . . . .

Somehow I Think I’m Being Watched, 2010
three cats looking out door
I Am Being Watched

And indeed I was being carefully scrutinized by these three as I filled my bird feeders on the deck facing the lovely sunny morning. More kitties were farther back, hidden in the shadows, but Jelly Bean, Cookie and Mimi made sure I didn’t slip away as I took some time to photograph the frosty morning.


From “Today”

“What Is the Goal?” from The Light in the Darkness

What is the Goal?

I saw this from a distance, a ribbon of winding road before me and many hills and curves between me and the tree, and drove until I found it. Click the photo for more of the story.

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