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Daily Photo: Mewsette is Sad

black cats in box
Mewsette is sad because everyone has chosen to use her latest cardboard interpretation as a bed without asking her permission or complimenting her work.

Mewsette is sad because everyone has chosen to use her latest cardboard interpretation as a bed without asking her permission or complimenting her work. Mewsette is sad because no one takes her art seriously, not even her own mother. Mewsette is sad because she wishes her mother and siblings would not use her creations as cat beds and bath tubs. Mewsette is also sad because another black cat is becoming famous for being sad because his human wrote a book about him and posts about him all the time on Twitter and Facebook.

I don’t know about my cats, but I adore Bear, the sad black cat of Why My Cat Is Sad (@mysadcat) on Twitter, and you can also find him at Under The Paw on Facebook and read all about him in this post on his blog, Under the Paw. The Bear just might remind me a bit of Kennedy, especially his habit of looking right at his person, which means he is always looking at the camera, the slightly tattered ears, intent expression. The Bear is an 18-year-old black moggie living in South Devon, UK, and is the star of not just one, but three books. His human is a more than adequate cat servant, and I’m so glad he decided to undertake @mysadcat.

Mewsette reminded me a bit of The Bear in this photo, possibly because I’d just scrolled through several Twitter posts shared on Facebook. But she really is sad that she is unable to finish her latest work right now, and that no one seems to respect it. So she decided to just settle down in the box with her mother and brother and wait for them to leave. Judging by Mimi’s expression it may be a while.

three black cats in box
Mewsette waits for her mother and brother to finish their naps.

. . . . . . .

What other photos did I feature around this date?

Someone Save Me From These Two, 2013
two black cats wrestling
Giuseppe gets Bean down and tries to shove him onto my keyboard.

I was at high risk for having a totally unproductive day today when these two decided to use my desk as their brotherly hangout all day. They had to bathe each other but neither one of them wanted to be bathed so they spent quite a bit of time rolling around, holding the other at a distance and avoiding each others’ tongues while still trying to get a lick in on each others’ faces and necks. I picked up the things that landed on the floor. Bean almost slid onto my keyboard, or he was actually pushed by Giuseppe, and both of them wanted to see what would happen if he landed there. They didn’t get the chance to find out, and that’s a good thing.

two black cats wrestling
Time to wrestle!

Then after all the wrastling was done, they settled down for a nap. It was still nearly impossible to get anything done because not only did they take up the whole desk, they were unimaginably cute while they did so, and they know it too. If they had been any cuter I would have developed cavities.

two black cats on desk
Naptime, make sure you curl your paws like a bug and show a fang.

. . . . . . .

Wordless Wednesday: Quiet, 2013
black cat on windowsill
Emeraude in Quiet Reflection

. . . . . . .

I Work So They Can Sleep…, 2012
two black cats cuddling on desk
I work so they can sleep.

…while I provide a happy life for them. Bean and Mewsette catch a lot of winks under the kitty keep-warm lamps at my desk on any typical morning.

. . . . . . .

Mother and Daughter, 2011
two black cats
Mother and Daughter

Mimi was purrfectly content on the box by the window until Mewsette came to “share” it with her by practically lying down on top of her and throwing a really big shadow over her. It’s a good thing Mimi is small, having such large children, but she is one patient mom. They can enjoy the morning sunbath together.


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4 thoughts on “Daily Photo: Mewsette is Sad

  • da tabbies o trout towne

    mews. we think yur werk iz eggzcellant. we haz a ways admired yur style free form N tooth box dizplay:)!!

  • Such is the life of an artist sometimes Mewsette.
    We saw the work and we liked it!
    We bet that Mom and brother will have extra special dreams in the art box 🙂
    All the pics taken over the years on this date are nice to see,
    especially the synchronized sleeping and Emeraude.
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  • bluemoonalone

    Poor Miss looks like you have worked so hard on this new sculpture of yours..sigh..sometimes even family does not understand the importance of what we do..hopefully they will wake up soon and you can continue your art..

    • bluemoonalone

      Lovely photo of Emeraude..


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