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Daily Photo: Meowga and Meowditation in the Garden

two black cats in garden
Meowga and Meowditation with Mewsette and Mimi

A little morning meowga and meowditation in the garden. So happy for mornings in the garden once again.


From Instagram

Pastels? What pastels? This is a box. Those belong to cats. If some of your stuff is in here it’s not my problem.

We had some tense days last week but this weekend he’s feeling great.

“What do I need to do to get as much attention as my fur brother is getting?!”

Don’t even think about it!!!!


From the Garden and Beyond

Seeds of Tomorrow Presented By Yesterday


From Portraits of Animals

Commissioned Portrait: Coco

Coco, 11 x 14, pastel, 2022 © Bernadette E. Kazmarski
Coco, 11 x 14, pastel, 2022 © Bernadette E. Kazmarski


From around this date in past years

A Trio of Expressions, 2022

three black cats
Waiting for me in the kitchen.

I joined Basil, Giuseppe and Mewsette when I went into the kitchen for my mid-day meal. The three were stationed on the cabinet in the center of the room as if they were waiting for me.

And probably they were. Some time after noon, and usually when I am in the kitchen for my mid-day meal is when I also fill their little treat puzzles with a small number of treats and some dry food. All they need to do is roll them around the floor and they get a snack. Apparently, this is what they were waiting for.

But they had to work for it by providing a few photos. You can see by their expressions how popular that was.

three black cats
Not happy about having to work for their lunch!


From Instagram

None today—I took my car to finish inspection and walked back…with my camera, adding 3GB of photos…I never got caught up from that…see below!


From the Garden and Beyond

A Half-mile Walk With a Purpose

Just 10 selections of what I found as I walked a half mile from the service station to my house after dropping off my car for service.

I took about 200, many of them searching for the meaning of why this thing inspired me. I call this exercise, creative exercise, for when I got home and got back to work to be creative all day long. It was physical exercise too, climbing up and down, crawling along the ground, reaching, squatting, kneeling, walking backward, and absolute fun. No matter what you do, you need to keep in shape.


From around this date in past years

Variations on a Line, 2021

Three black cats lined up
All lined up.

Oh my goodness, I can’t handle the cuteness! I’m cutting up broccoli for lunch, they think they might like it, so they give me the full treatment, head tilts and all. Somebody save me!

Siblings are always special, but sometimes they are magic. Obviously, non-siblings line up on this cabinet too, but this type of symmetry is usually not achieved by the others. Giuseppe, Mr. Sunshine and Mewsette give me the treatment while Mimi is unconcerned, but no doubt a proud mom.

These photos are from January 21, first shared on Instagram. Below, current Instagram photos followed by ALMOST the last January photos!


From Instagram

When you’re 17, but the cat track toy still gets you going. Mimi played with everything in the basement while I cleaned this morning.

Here I am! Mimi loves the crinkle tunnel.

black cat in crinkle tunnel
Here I am!

There’s that spot right in the center where I can tuck my hands to warm them up, and get a purring massage. They don’t even wake up.

Three black cats napping.
Bella, Basil and Mr. Sunshine cuddle up for a cold day.

From January…

January 2: Hamlet may be in for a little surprise. Some Saturday night fun.

two black cats on cat scratcher
Bean and Hamlet play on the scratcher all the time.

January 12: Mariposa required pets and kisses and a treat to relinquish the mouse.

tabby cat with computer mouse
Mariposa with the mousie.

January 13: Mariposa quietly reminds me it’s #whiskerwednesday.

tabby cat with white whiskers
Mariposa’s whiskers

From the back yard and beyond.

Tongue Out Tuesday in the back yard. I sometimes don’t know what I’ve captured until I download to my computer!

deer with tongue out
Tongue out Tuesday.


From around this date in past years

Mimi Exploring, 2020

black cat in yard
Mimi tiptoeing through wet leaves.

Mimi looks elegant tiptoeing through wet leaves in the back yard, even though she’s not supposed to be there. But she got a brief walk in the back yard, and I got a photo with black and white film, and that was pretty good.

After a lovely snow yesterday morning the temperature rose and the snow melted, leaving heavy droplets on everything, sparkling when the sun briefly shone through a hole in the cloud cover. At that point I ran out with my film camera loaded with black and white film. Mimi knew what I was planning and shadowed me in the house, then came out the door with me, but inspected the deck before coming down the steps. I managed to get one photo before the sun went back behind the clouds. Mimi had taken a few steps onto the grass, then turned back for the stairs. We had both gotten the break we wanted, but that wet mucky stuff just wasn’t any fun.

I checked her over just to see if a tick had had the chance to find her in that brief minute or two, and she was good.

. . . . . . .

Photos from around this date in previous years

Mariposa Haz Ninjas!, 2019

I haz fam-a-lee!
I haz fam-a-lee!

I was washing dishes after their dinner and turned around to see this. And it didn’t stop there! I chose five of my favorite non-blurry photos from the group and shared them, and I could write captions all day. Here are the captions, and below that the other photos. Feel free to comment with your favorite caption!

Mariposa haz ninjas!
I have the most amazing cats.
This is what they do while I am washing dishes.
One of these things is not like the others.
“I haz fam-a-lee, I got all my ninjas with me.”
Not bad for a formerly feral kitty!
Lots more captions!

She is our kitty!
She is our kitty!
Mariposa's protection system.
Mariposa’s protection system.
One of these things is not like the others.
One of these things is not like the others.
I'm nice and cozy warm!
I’m nice and cozy warm!


Photos from years past.


Every Desk Needs a Little Black Cat, 2017
Mimi in the studio.
Mimi in the studio.

Mimi curls up on her fleecy bed on the corner of my drafting table. She is so tiny and so perfect. I just love to look at her whether she’s looking out the window, bathing, loafing or rolled in a ball, which is her favorite sleeping position.

This was Thursday in the studio, and I’m all off my schedule this week but I almost managed to keep up with it. At the same time, her three sons were having a hard time fitting behind the door, so they were trying to nap sitting up.

Boys behind the door.
Boys behind the door.

Who Is That Kitty?! 2017

Who is that kitty?!
Who is that kitty?!

I’m fairly certain Mewsette is playing a little game with herself when she plays peek-a-boo with herself at the edge of a mirror. Whether or not, she certainly seems to be having fun with it.

Whatever she’s doing, I almost can’t stand the cuteness. If I laugh, she comes over to talk to me, so I have to be really, really quiet, though she’s accustomed to my camera so I take it out on snapping about a dozen shots.

If you look closely on her hip you’ll see a kitty shadow. That’s her mom, enjoying a sunbath. Mewsette will soon join her again, after she is certain the other black kitty will stay in that mirror.

. . . . . . .

From Facebook and Instagram

“My Three Sons”, the boys, ever hopeful when I’m in the kitchen. Sorry, guys, you ate already, this is mine.

"My three sons."
“My three sons.”

. . . . . . .

What other photos have I shared on or around this date?


King(s) of the Hill, 2013
two black cats on entertainament center
Mr. Sunshine watches JB approach with a challenging expression…

Not a good place for a proposed wrestling match, Mr. Sunshine.

Jelly Bean hopped up here first and went exploring. It’s the highest spot on the first floor, and it’s also quite warm since the vent from the furnace to the second floor runs up that wall near the corner of the room, and my first-floor ceilings were long ago lowered nearly two feet. I’m not sure why they don’t spend more time up there really—all of them have demonstrated they can get up there with a short leap from the dresser/cat library, such as Jelly Bean the other day

But lately Jelly Bean has been up there at least once each day, visiting ceiling cat, as I’m sure there is one up there.

Mr. Sunshine followed him up, and sits in the only convenient spot for exiting the realm of the upperworld, his tail curled in anticipation and his eyes set on adventure.

But after a little nose tap they decided to join forces and look down on me. I think Bean likes the look out the door better.

The brothers join forces, for what I’m not sure

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