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Daily Photo: May 22, 2009

Namir sitting on the steps looking at my herb garden.
Namir sitting on the steps looking at my herb garden.

In my post today about the photo I’d used for my new animal sympathy card I mentioned finding the photo, one I really wanted, three years after I’d taken it. I look back at the photos I took that morning, just like any other morning with the three of us out there when it happened, they doing cat things and me doing human things, but looking at Namir, I know it was different. Above, Namir sits on the step and studies something in my herb garden, likely a little crawly thing.

Each year when I see the same flowers bloom I remember these days. From where I photographed Namir I would have turned to my right to photograph my abundant clematis.

The full display of clematis. It was breathtaking.
The full display of clematis. It was breathtaking.

Though it barely bloomed last year and not at all this year, it was always a breathtaking part of a spring morning and I miss it very much; it was not only a plant I found beautiful, but I associated it with many other cats, especially these times with Namir and Cookie.

Clematis flower, closeup.
Clematis flower, closeup.

Next on the tour, Cookie nesting in the garden hose. She always enjoyed nestling her little round self into interesting spots, much as she had nestled herself into pots and pans and mixing bowls in the kitchen.

Cookie nestling into the garden hose.
Cookie nestling into the garden hose.

Then a tour of the vegetable garden, and first the peas that we had planted together earlier in April growing and twining but not yet flowering. I’ve used this photo many other times for essays and illustration.

Pea vine.
Pea vine.

Further into the garden, and Cookie is keeping an eye on me from the yard, making sure I don’t stray and get lost.

Cookie sitting out in the last of the forget-me-nots.
Cookie sitting out in the last of the forget-me-nots.

And a volunteer daisy in the garden lifts its face to the sun.

"A happy daisy in the garden path."
“A happy daisy in the garden path.”

Cookie apparently came to greet me in the garden, possibly thinking I was drifting off into my own little world and I’d forget what I was doing, then went to sit at the edge to look out at the yard.

Cookie sitting at the edge of the garden.
Cookie sitting at the edge of the garden.

I’m a real pushover for a little white flower, any little white flower. Fleabane is one of my favorites, and though it may take space and nourishment from my vegetables, it also attracts a host of pollinators when not much else is blooming, and provides seeds for the birds in late summer when they begin their journeys.I have a bunch of photos of fleabane from this morning.


I’ve long wondered why, when I’ve seen the fleabane in my garden, I’ve thought of Namir. Perhaps this next series of photos gives me the reason why. He came up to me as I stood in one spot photographing the fleabane.

“Once I found it (the photograph) I remembered that morning and taking those photos, standing in one of the rows between tomato seedlings when he’d walked between them all from the brick path to me, stood and looked up at me,…”

Namir gets my attention.
Namir gets my attention.

“…then sat down and looked at me more fully. It was important I notice him and share this moment.”

Namir's first try at "the look".
Namir’s first try at “the look”.

Though the photo above is one of the many blurry ones I took over the years, “If I only had one chance to get this photo, I couldn’t have asked for a better one, nor been given a better one.”

Namir's "bedroom eyes".
Namir’s “bedroom eyes”.

Out in the back yard, the warm morning sunlight on Namir’s fur, enhancing his green eyes and the pink of his nose and mouth and ears, all just as I’d remembered. Best of all, our favorite time, out in the yard, the green of spring behind him and just a few vivid forget-me-nots, of all the flowers to be there.

Read more about Namir here and read about the sympathy card too, and we can’t forget Cookie.

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Friendship Friday.
Friendship Friday.

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