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Daily Photo: Mariposa’s Sundance

cat rolling in the sun
Mariposa’s sundance begins.

I have always loved to watch my cats enjoying the sun coming in the basement door. For hours every morning it streams in and warms the wide doorstep between the screen door and the edge of the step, then reaches out into the basement at an angle. Mariposa turns this into an opportunity for a sundance, first by peeking just around the doorframe to make sure I’m watching the show before she proceeds, above.

Then she starts out warming her belly against the screen door, wriggles around rolls over.

The final part is to make sure that all parts have been sunwarmed and rolling off the doorstep onto the concrete floor.

Sundance accomplished. Yes, I watched the whole thing.

Some sundancing happening in prior years, below, too. Also a trip to Birgitta’s farm to deliver some feral cats to their new home, and lots of basket naps with our fur family.


From around this date in past years

Just Sleepy Enough, 2023

tabby and white cat
Mariposa is just sleepy enough.

Mariposa is just sleepy enough to hold still so I can get a really clear photo of her beautiful face.

I’m glad she didn’t think it was worth the effort start stretching and rolling around. Those photos are cute too, but it’s not as good as a clear closeup of all her whiskers and markings and bright green eyes. As a bonus, the pillow sham is white and reflects the sunlight back onto her face.

No Instagrams or other posts today, I’m not quite back to it all yet. I will be soon—with all the flowers, and it’s part of business too.


From around this date in past years

Playing Little Games, 2022

Playing Little Games
Playing Little Games

I turn around and see this little bit of cuteness watching me! She love the attention of my photographing her, and how can I resist?


From Instagram

Mimi and Mr. Sunshine find that even a flattened #chewybox is good for a nap.

Power naps. Jelly Bean, Bella, Sunshine, Mimi, from bottom to top.

Sleeping on the job. How am I supposed to get my portraits done?


From around this date in past years

Your Guess is as Good as Mine, 2021

tabby and white cat
Your guess is as good as mine.

It could be me saying that, or it could be Mariposa. She could be studying what I’m doing and just not getting human things. I could also be wondering what she’s thinking and whether she’s watching me, or if a big crazy race around the house is brewing. Whatever it is, she is loving life and is very happy in this moment, and that makes me happy too.


From Instagram

It’s #tabbytuesday and Mariposa wants to show you her special skill. She found Mr. Sunshine’s hiding place! But she decided that he deserved his privacy, so she closed the door when she was done. My well-loved old handmade cabinet desperately needs a scrape, sand, and paint. That’s where the cat food is stored, so it gets a lot of use. And probably why mr. Sunshine decides to hide in there, so he’s convenient for every meal. With the level of cuteness around here, I will never have the time to get to that cabinet.



All my other Instagram posts were photos I’ve already posted here, but here is this awesome rainy sunset from the day I drove the feral colony to my friend’s farm—and I will finally be updating you on that in the next post!

rainy sunset
Rainy Sunset


From around this date in past years

Mariposa Loves the Camera, 2020

tabby and white cat

Mariposa LOVES the camera. It means she’s getting ALL the attention. There she was hanging out on the steps observing the room and simultaneously blocking Hamlet’s way up the steps. Of course I had to get a photo of her and those long, long whiskers, green eyes and super-confident expression. Then I decided to walk a little closer and refocus, and Mariposa decided to get her nose all up in my camera.

tabby and white cat
Come closer.


tabby and white cat


tabby and white cat
Now what do you want?


From Instagram

Just that kind of a day. Monday was full of little hurdles and I felt like Giuseppe.

black cat on chair
That kind of a day.

Shapes and patterns. Nice and cool on the bricks first thing. Mimi and I are both happy I cleared away all the grass, moss and overgrowth. We love our patio. I’m thrilled to be able to bend over and kneel down so I can do these sorts of things. I have a lot of catching up to do!

black cat on bricks
Patterns and shapes.

Some synchronized sleeping happening between two formerly feral fursisters here.

two cats sleeping
Some synchronized sleeping.

And photos from the back yard and beyond

Baby chocolate bunny. Perfectly disguised.

backyard bunny
Backyard Bunny

My old old red rambling rose.

red rose
Old red rose.


From around this date in past years

Because I Moved the Basket and Everyone Had to Get Into It, 2019

Maximum three cats.
Maximum three cats.

Because we only have one basket, and I moved it onto the desk to get to something else, and suddenly it was prize territory. In about three seconds Jelly Bean was in it and curled napping as if he’d been there all day, then Mimi hurried over because she needs to be in every container of any sort immediately. Just barely settled, Mr. Sunshine decided he would have his space too, and got himself in there behind Mimi, who is looking rather annoyed at being squished between her two sons. Perhaps she should have had smaller sons. Mr. Sunshine is looking patient, because he knows he will wait this one out and eventually have the basket all to himself. That’s the way it happens.

From Instagram

Everyone enjoys a sunny morning in her own way. Mariposa, Bella, Mewsette.

Not just that they are enjoying themselves, but that they are rescued, safe, healthy and happy indoors on a beautiful spring morning.

Girls in the sun.

Cat friends are sweet. Minutes later they were in a high speed chase around the house.

Both Hamlet and Mariposa integrated with the household without any issues, each loves other cats and respects their elders, and though they are about two years apart in age they have similar active purrsonalities and have grown into best friends. Maybe playing well with others is one of the lessons learned growing up in a feral colony.

Hamlet and Mariposa

How did tiny Mimi give birth to these four medium to large cats?

Mimi and her children


Photos shared in past years

Farm Field Trip, 2017

I’m sweet.

This is Flounder, and he’ll be your tour guide for your visit to the farm. Of course, I couldn’t visit a place full of animals and landscapes without a few gigabytes of photos. I mentioned him in my last visit, and here is his story: Birgitta opened the basement door one winter morning and he hopped in, his legs all stuck together with burrs in his long hair. He never left.

Below, along with Bella the golden retriever mix, he makes sure the farm is running smoothly. I tried so hard to get a photo of the two of them together but they never stopped moving and this was the best I could do.

Flounder and Bella

Flounder marked each of the steps before I walked up them.

Flounder marking his place.

And yes, he’s very friendly! It was not quite “Hug Your Cat Day”, but he thought it was.

Me with Flounder

Here are a few of the other farm animals, the chickens and goats. I have a lot of photos of chickens but I’ll just include these.

Nobody here but us chickens.

The Amish neighbors, who didn’t mind having their photos taken.

And the property and neighbors’ houses.


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