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Daily Photo: Mariposa Delicately Poses

tabby and white cat in the sun
Mariposa delicately poses.

The sun is at just the right angle to slip in under the deck roof in the morning, filling the area by the door with lots and lots of warm yellow sun. It’s been a favorite spot since I moved in and 33 years and a lot of cats later it’s still a favorite.

Mariposa delicately poses purrfectly centered in the space, one paw slightly lifted and gracefully turned. She  immediately claimed it this year, and enjoyed it, owned it, had a bath in it, and looked around at who-knows-what in it, whiskers and ear hair and long furs alight. Kitties are totally in that moment of bliss, when it happens. And they are quite inspiring.

And just about the same thing was happening last year, except it was the afternoon sun in the dining room window, then also Mimi and Mewsette had a social call for peemail.


From the Garden and Beyond

The First Star


Photos from previous years…

Mariposa’s Big Whiskers, 2022

Mariposa's whiskers.
Mariposa’s big whiskers.

Mariposa not only has big white mittens, she also has big white whiskers. Sometimes they have a mind of their own. It’s sometimes hard to believe they are as long as they are.

Here they are on full alert because I’m swinging her favorite wand toy and she WANTS IT! Cat body language is sometimes incredibly easy to interpret–ears forward, round eyes, tiny pupils and whiskers on full alert, she’s either hunting or playing.


From Instagram

Checking the peemail, it’s a social activity.

Just a tiny warm and sunny nap on the steps.


From the back yard and beyond

An Unusual Rainbow

Photos from previous years…

Mariposa Falling Asleep, 2019

Getting ready.
Getting ready.

Mariposa settles herself into this little basket with lots of turning around and adjusting, and making quiet little chirps and trills of happiness as she settles in. Then she starts to relax.


And then she falls…





From Instagram

Apparently I need extra supurrvision while hanging dishtowels on the clothesline. (Sorry it’s so blurry!)

Mimi and Sienna supurrvise.
Mimi and Sienna supurrvise.


Photos from previous years…

Reactions to Some Plumbing Fun, 2018

Mariposa and Basil safe and comfy.
Mariposa and Basil safe and comfy.

Are they precious or what? Mariposa and Basil are safely tucked into the pillows on a nice soft bed, away from the noise and mess of the plumbing excitement in the kitchen…and safe, warm and dry inside on a cold, muddy, rainy day. Total win for two rescued cats! Basil is such a natural foster and Mariposa loves all the other cats. Basil is the only one who is her friend so far, though. But with a friend like Basil you’re in good paws.

About the plumbing fun

Well, here I am in the corner of the kitchen with seven cats in front of me and Giuseppe singing the song of his people. Someone check on me later.

PS: I was preparing for some unexpected plumbing, happening right now. Giuseppe is supurrvising the operations. He is such a busy body.

Seven cats and me in the corner of the kitchen!

On Sunday I rinsed Mariposa’s water bowl under the tub faucet, then went downstairs to the kitchen to find water dripping through the ceiling. I have had water issues off an on since the bathroom was redone nearly 10 years ago, but nothing like this. I called my retired friend Bill to help me troubleshoot this and after looking in there from the bathroom we found a bad connection, but had to get to it through the kitchen ceiling. So the stained and peeling area was cut away to be replaced now that I think we’ve determined what was the problem. And I think it also might be a part of why I so often have water in my basement. It took the whole day, so I’m behind again, but thanks to Bill I just owe him a lot of bowls of homemade soup.

Giuseppe made sure everything was done purrfectly. Now I just have a hole in my kitchen ceiling to cover until we can close it up and a holy mess to clean up.

Giuseppe checking the materials.
Giuseppe checking the materials.

See that big dark thing above? That’s the hole in the ceiling. Mimi has her eyes on it.



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