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Daily Photo: Mademoiselle, I Tried My Best

black cat dreaming of another cat
Giuseppe dreams of the bonnetted damsel Mlle. and himself the dashing soldier.

My most beautiful, loving, precious Mlle., my morning flower Miss Daisy, my emerald-eyed goddess, I did my best to run to your defense at that impudent punk from Toronto who was harassing you, and then to present myself at your door in Kingston since my hopeless human neglected to collect and send all my most generous Valentine gifts to you, but, alas, I was prevented from following through with my most fond desire, to see you in the fur, and to see your eyes glow with happy surprise when you saw me.

My devoted brother Mr. Sunshine offered to go with me, and we were all prepared to run down to Mama Bernadette’s car and drive to Toronto and from there to Kingston—it can’t be far! It’s just a little bit of space on the computer screen! You just go uphill! Mama Bernadette was upstairs working and we knew it had something to do with the sparkly toys that hang by the door that she takes off the hook when she leaves, but…I am so embarassed…we could not get the door to open. We could not even get outside.

Mr. Sunshine commands me to leave the room.

But clever Mr. Sunshine figured out how to turn on the little kitty-sized computer—he is ever so clever and handy to have around, even though when I get all upset about something or begin talking about you he just gives me a smart swat about the ears, which I don’t appreciate in the moment, but realize later it was for the best. Still you would like him, he is so confident where I worry about so much, such as keeping myself in your heart and in your thoughts when I can’t even get out the door.

Ma cher amio—I learned that from a song this week when we were having the jumbalaya and crawfish pie and you know how I like to sing—it was just not meant to be today. But someday soon I will appear at your door and, while I hope I will be able to contain my emotions, I so desire to wrap my arms about you and lick your cheeks and forehead, and tickle your nose with my whiskers.

Until the next time, my beautiful and delicate flower, please know how I adore you, and one of these days this frustrating human will have a recording of my “Song for Mademoiselle”, if she ever remembers to turn on her little thingy when I might be in the mood to sing.

All my love,


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6 thoughts on “Daily Photo: Mademoiselle, I Tried My Best

  • Has your mom told you about Skype or FaceTime. If you can’t see each other in person, this might be a solution. Check it out. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette

    • Janet, they much prefer an old-fashioned love affair, and it’s only the intervention by the magic message machine via humans that their affaire is at all public. They’d much prefer to stay with pen and post, our little Victorian kitties!

  • Denise

    Ahhhhh….young love <3

  • Mlle. Daisy Emerald Marguerite

    (This was sent to me on the magic message machine from Mlle. by her mama!)

    My dearest, my beloved Giuseppe,

    I have just now read your message to me and the tale (tail) of your travail regarding Ulysses Grant from Toronto and yours and Mr. Sunshine’s attempts to drive to Canada last night.

    Oh Giuseppe, I am so glad you have written for I must admit, I was feeling unsure and worried that your love and affection for me may be waning. I am filled with more love for my Giuseppe than ever before, if that is at all possible, after hearing about your brave and romantic intentions to quell the attentions of young Ulysses and then come, with your dear brother, to my door here in Kingston. (I fear, Giuseppe my love, that Kingston, and even Toronto, are farther than to the top of the hill. You and your loyal brother would have been driving all night long to achieve your gallant mission. Ohhhhhh, how I would have welcomed my weary hero and his fine brother at my door this morning with nuzzles and purrs for you and a fine dish of salmon and turkey for your brother.)

    I must tell you that Ulysses is young and innocent and I am the only woman cat he knows. He feels a certain affection for me because it was my Mama and me who found him in the shelter in the little city called Port Hope, on the shore of Lake Ontario between the big city of Toronto and TVOTD and helped him find his forever Mama Susan. I am sure that is all this sudden show of love and affection is…. and he is soon to move close to The King’s Town and purrrrrrhaps hopes to have some guidance in re-adjusting to life in this beautiful place they call The Counties of Eastern Ontario.

    But Giuseppe, my love, my shine, my dearest sweetest Giuseppe, do not doubt my love and commitment to you.

    purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, nuzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzle
    love from Mlle Daisy xo.

    • Caren, Giuseppe is such a case, but he’s such a dear!


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