Daily Photo: Lynx

black cat in box
Mewsette is disappointed with a box she was very excited to dig into.

“I had hopes for this box, in part because of the name that’s printed on it, and I visualized a stylized abstract shape that resembled leaves and shadows, with me as part of it—lynxes are big cats after all—and there are two boxes so I could make something very big, with multiple parts. I’ve been wanting to experiment with that. But this box has no potential whatsoever, no style, no mystery, it’s just a dull old box lid. It has nothing to say.

“Never judge a box by its cover.”

Don’t worry, Mewsette found a much more exciting subject for her creative inspirations almost immediately, and I’ve been charting her progress. Everyone who comes in has to understand they have to walk around Mewsette’s project, which is in pieces all over the floor, and often she is sleeping meditating in it. When she feels it’s ready, we will post her new work.

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Night Shift

I worked late last night to get something finished at my computer downstairs, and turned around to see this big blot of black on the floor. I have things everywhere with projects I’m working on at the moment, but I knew this was a special blot of black. All five were sleeping in a very organized pattern, three vertical cats at the bottom, and two nearly symmetrical curled cats at the top. I am very appreciative of all the feline moral support as they stayed with me into the wee hours.

five black cats in a heap
The night shift, providing moral support as I work late.

. . . . . . .

Help House a Colony of 200 or More Cats

Through the rescue group, there is a desperate plea for shelters! A woman who is feeding a large inherited colony of 200 or more cats and being assisted with spay and neuter finds she doesn’t have nearly enough shelters for the cold weather. Food is another matter, but for now we are trying to gather materials and donations to keep her colony warm and protected as temperatures drop to the single digits.

rubbermaid cat shelter
Rubbermaid outdoor cat shelter, photo courtesy Margo Cicci Wisniewski, who made the shelter.

While there are several different types of shelters that can be made, the shelters made with Rubbermaid containers are suggested because the supplies needed to make these can easily be purchased, we can easily identify the sizes needed, and these are the shelters the rescuer who is managing this effort knows how to make. Take a look at the photo and click on the image to see it 1000 pixels wide for more detail.

SO, here is what we need:

  • *Insulation Board (1″ thick, 4’x8′ sheet) Home Depot Cost around $23 per sheet
  • *Rubbermaid Roughneck Containers – 37 Gallon Size (other storage containers can work as well, but the Rubbermaid Roughnecks are more durable) about $12 at Home Depot. The 37 Gallon size can fit 2 possibly 3 cats in it. If you have other sizes already at your house that you want to donate, of course we will take them, but if you are buying one get the 37 gallon size.
  • *Duck Tape

1 Sheet of Insulation Board will do 2 possibly 3 of the 37 gallon containers.
So roughly, you are looking at about $25 per shelter.

Here are the options to help. If materials (or money) is delivered to her she will make the shelters. Please let me know if you want to help with this effort and what you’d like to do. Any donations over $10.00 would automatically get you a $10.00 gift certificate from me in the Holiday Cheer for Homeless Cats and Their Caretakers program!

1) I will buy insulation board and deliver it to a shelter making station
2) I will buy Rubbermaid Roughneck containers and deliver them to a shelter making station
3) I will donate money to buy materials

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    mewsette…we all ways thinked ewe were a panther…who knew ewe bee a lynx !!! sa wheat 🙂


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