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Daily Photo: So Long 2015, Welcome 2016

So long 2015. The journey continues.
So long 2015. The journey continues.

Mimi and I took a little time outside later this afternoon when a pretty gray day lightened just a tiny bit. The temperatures are closer to normal and Mimi tried to enjoy being outdoors since she’d been bugging me all day, but gave up before I was done filling the feeders. I welcome the cold weather as I’ve been somewhat disoriented with the flying time and unseasonable temperatures, but Mimi doesn’t care for cold wet paws.

I need some snow though, to make my Mimi Adventuring through the trees series complete.

Here’s something else we saw in the yard today.

A bright way to end the year, sprouting from the stone path in my back yard. Bye bye buttercup. #flowersofinstagram #newyearseve

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And then this happened!

Wait a minute! How many fluffy black cats and fluffy gray cats are supposed to be in here? I think I’ve got some extras! Simon and Teddy decided a few days ago to introduce themselves to Hamlet and Ophelia. Really they just want Hamlet and Ophelia’s food. And they make the point that this WAS their room until these two moved in. What they don’t realize is at one time and another this room belonged to each of the cats who live here right now. But each joined the household in much the same way. So far so good. I’ll give you one guess whose wise idea this was.


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Wordless Wednesday: Perspectives, 2014
black cat lookign out window reflected in mirror


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All Decorated, 2014
black cat with decorations.
Maybe if I ignore it…

Mr. Sunshine models the day’s decorative style—the waxed paper strips from double-sided tape. I couldn’t pass it up, those twirls of waxed paper are just too fun—for me. As I’m framing along I generate quite a pile of them, and most of the cats no longer find them fun because they see them all the time. So I tried something new—cat decorating! I’ve actually done it before with Bean, but he’s learned to ignore me. “This is what we get for our very important supervisory role in our human’s studio,” he says.

black cat with decorations.
This is what I have to live with.

He considers if he should take some action.

black cat with decorations.
I’ll remember this.

He decides to continue his nap.

black cat with decorations.
Nap time.

Hope your new year is just as exciting!

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Mewsette’s Resolution, 2012
black cat on table
I just want to touch them.

I will not touch the two little screws Mama Bernadette placed in the middle of the frame.

black cat on table
Those two little screws are really tempting.

I will not touch the two little screws Mama Bernadette placed in the middle of the frame.

black cat on table
Do you think she’s really looking at me?

I will not touch the two little screws Mama Bernadette placed in the middle of the frame.

black cat on table
They’re right there…

I will not touch the two little screws Mama Bernadette placed in the middle of the frame. But the wire is mine!

black cat on table
Mewsette gets her reward.

My erstwhile framing assistant, Mewsette, is nothing if not enthusiastic about helping me on my table. But she’s not always, well, helpful. I just have to let her have her way for a while, then she has to let me have mine. It’s hard for a kitty to learn that everything really is not a toy, especially those to cute little screws in the middle of the paper backing on that big picture. One swat and they’d be on the moon! But Mewsette has learned that if she does that, Mama Bernadette will pick her up and put her on the floor, and not let her back up on the table, and that just won’t do. Happy Mew Year, everyone!

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Happy New Year with Sparklies, 2010
black cat with fuzzy crocheted collar
A sparkly new year’s wish for everyone!

Because we’ve been preoccupied with Cookie, we couldn’t create a new year wish for you, but Mewsette was so beautiful in her photo shoot last year she deserves another year of greeting our readers! On behalf of my household of kitties, Mewsette wishes you and yours a happy new year!

black cat with crocheted collar
Faraway Expression (I’d rather be birdwatching than wearing this thing around my neck).

She’s modeling my latest crochet scarf with vintage pin, and the little sparks of color and the shape of the pin brought to mind fireworks. She has the greenest eyes of the group, too, and I wanted to highlight that with the background.

black cat with crocheted collar and vintage pin
Mewsette Coquette (are you actually going to give me that treat or just wave it so I’ll look at it?)

I’ve never been one to dress up my cats, but I’ve been handling Mewsette and her brothers since they were three days old and somehow decorating this family of nearly solid black cats seems like the natural thing to do. This extemporaneous photo shoot developed after I tried to photograph the scarf but certain kitties decided it was meant to be a toy—I have to admit they have a few toys that resemble this—and in the ensuing activity someone ended up wearing it. And they tolerate it, in part because they inherited their mom’s sweet personality and are the nicest family of kitties I’ve ever known (in a lifetime of kitties), and perhaps also because I’ve been handling them all their lives. They put up with a lot of stuff from me, but of course, the benefits are many.

black cat with crocheted collar and vintage pin
Dignified (I’m just letting you know that I’d done with this thing around my neck now).

They are now three years old, so it’s time to put them to work! I think Mewsette has a true career as a model—I’ve included a few more shots from this session along with Mewsette’s comments. Her brothers were spared the indignity of having to wear this thing, but their day will come. It’s a little difficult to tell, but I’ve included the extra space on the right of this last photo so you might see how l-o-o-n-n-g Mewsette’s whiskers are. I hope your 2011 begins on a bright note with colors, smiles, purrs and happiness, and continues to become more beautiful every day!

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