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Daily Photo: Lentils

Sunshine and Mewsette make a point about lentils.
Sunshine and Mewsette make a point about lentils.

“We do not like lentils.”

Okay guys, I like lentils, and it’s been a long week, so there.

Sometimes that’s just how it is. The soup was good. No house panthers were forced to eat it, therefore everyone wanted to try it. Happy Friday!

I actually posted this on Facebook today until I could get to my computer, and I’ve shared the other photos I posted on Facebook this week in this post as well so at least you know what we’ve been up to.

It has been a long week, in the studio, at the computer, still helping my brother get settled and finally I think he is. I also transported a feral cat who was ill to our clinic an hour away so he could get treatment one night this week and also went to check on a cat who was reported to have been abandoned in a little strip mall near me; soon I’ll be trapping her and assessing her situation. I also had a few errands for art materials I can’t order online because I won’t get them in time to finish things. I can’t catch up with the articles I’d planned for this week that I’ve missed posting, so I will just start back in to posting today.

I so look forward to sharing my articles, photos and art here that it’s really strange when I don’t! I’m accustomed to the schedule, both daily and weekly, and without this anchor sometimes I don’t know what day or time it is, and with my overall schedule being pretty erratic this week I’m shocked that Christmas is a week from today.

So here is a little of what we did this week.

Last night we had a very late night in the studio printing cards after I’d finally found the shade of blue block-printing ink I’d wanted.

Mimi supervises me yet atain.
Mimi supervises me yet again.

But she decided to just go to sleep.

Mimi decided to just go to sleep and let me work.
Mimi decided to just go to sleep and let me work.


On Wednesday it was a warm and sunny afternoon and Mimi had a great idea—let’s go outside now before we run out of daylight and never make it outside at all! So we did. I took my bowl of soup and bread out to the picnic table while Mimi wandered around (still hates the harness), then we both took a walk and filled bird feeders and bird baths and explored the neighbors’ yards.

And here’s that amazing photo of Mimi in the ray of sunlight.

Mimi aglow. black cat in sun on picnic table
Mimi aglow.


It was so sunny in the morning I couldn’t stop taking photos. Basil was so happy by the basement door even though it was too cold early on to open it. Mewsette enjoyed a sunbath while Basil put on a performance.

Then Mewsette followed the sun back up to the kitchen to hang out with Mimi by the back door. The shadowplay was beautiful!

And Tweetie Girl was ready to model too!

I also had quite a bit of design work at my computer downstairs, so everyone settled on the desk at one point or another in the late afternoon and evening.

Monday was a great day for kittens to relax–I wish this had been less blurry when both Simon and Teddy Bear flipped over on their backs to have fuzzy kitten belly time!


What other photos did I post on or about this date?

Looks like we were all doing about the same thing–working in the studio, napping on the bed, hanging in the kitchen…


Snuggled All Safe in Their Baskets and Box, 2014

cats sleeping in baskets
Three sleeping kitties tucked into their box and baskets.

Mr. Sunshine, Jelly Bean and Mewsette are happily snuggled into their respective cat container. The lights provide a bit of warming light.

After Jelly Bean got up to go and do cat things, or cuddle with Bella, Smokie took his place in the box, which is looking more battered every day (more on that later).

cats sleeping in baskets
Smokie joined them after Bean left.

Here they are in their parking spaces. Really, I needed the table to work, and also needed to keep them off my drafting table for the current projects. Two of the containers were already on the table, but a third cat arrived and tried to dislodge Mewsette from her basket. I gave up one of my own baskets—one of my own, I say, where I store things for use with my printer—and donated it to the cause. Here they are, in their parking spaces.

cats sleeping in baskets
In their parking spaces.

. . . . . . .

What other photos have I posted on or around this date? (I’ve missed a few days of this!)


Camouflage for Birdwatching, 2013
black cat with green leaves
Perfectly camouflaged because his eyes match the leaves.

Giuseppe nestles among my begonias to watch the birds at the feeders outside the window. Of course, no one would see a large black cat among the greenery—with his eyes he blends right in. Below, Giuseppe knows he can observe the bird activity with no risk of being seen.

black cat with green leaves
No one will notice a large black cat.

Giuseppe hopes that Mlle. Daisy Emerald Marguerite is watching, though. Looks like birdwatching was a big activity on this date too—really, I don’t choose these themes!

. . . . . . .

Watching Birds on a Rainy Day, 2012
two black cats looking out window

Those birds don’t care how hard it rains do they?

It’s not like they have any choice, that’s where the feeder is.

That’s a lot of birds. Most of them don’t even have any place to land.

Silly, they have a 60-foot spruce to land in!

But that’s not where the food is!

I guess you’re right. I don’t know how they ever get enough to eat, all that flying around for one seed at a time.

Until Fatso gets in on the act. Then they have none.

Mom gets really mad.

Look, there’s a mourning dove! And another!

Conversation ends as the boys focus on the mourning doves sitting in the rain on top of the bird feeder, followed by a nap. Fatso is the squirrel.

. . . . . . .

Occupy The Bed, 2011
four black cats on bed
Occupy the Bed

Well, they peacefully camp out there and they refuse to leave, fighting for their rights in this house, especially the right to the bed whenever they want it and in a way that is comfortable for them.

I really prefer to see my bed made up neatly, really I do, but there is always at least one cat who disagrees and often all of them do, and they occupy my bed, and I lose.

Well, they are the 87.5%.

. . . . . . .

My Three Sons, 2011
three black cats
My Three Sons

There they are ready to race up the steps to the bathroom where I’ll turn on the faucet and they can drink, as they have me trained to do. But I get my photo in before we go.

And in this house the girls outnumber the boys. Guess they feel they have to stick together. From the top, Giuseppe, Jelly Bean and Mr. Sunshine.

As soon as I stand up, they will leap over each other to the landing, then race up the steps, even if I’m not following.

. . . . . . .

Classic Kelly, 2011
tortoiseshell cat asleep
Kelly fast asleep.

When Kelly sleeps, she is like a limp stuffed toy, relaxing and first her head sliding off and hanging over the edge, then the rest of her body sliding off of whatever she is on like a Slinky. Here she is on the shelf in front of the window and you can see in the back a growing portion of her is hanging behind. At least she has the Cat Tablet on which to rest her head or she’d be sliding off headfirst. But she always looks absolutely sweet no matter what she does.

. . . . . . .

Mimi Enjoys a Sunny Morning, 2011
black cat stretching
Mimi has a good stretch in the sun.

Now that the leaves have dropped from all the trees, the bathroom has full morning sun again, much to everyone’s delight. One of Mimi’s favorite places since she’s been here has been the bathroom windowsill, and I think that’s not only for the sun but also for the view—a commanding sweep of nearly the entire back yard plus the neighbor’s yards where she used to wander. This morning we saw a neighbor cat, and that was indeed very exciting.

Here Mimi enjoys feeling the sun on the back of her head as she has a good stretch.

. . . . . . .

Black Cat Abstract, 2011
four black cats
Black Cat Abstract

This is what happens when cool reflected winter light meets indoor light from the ceiling fixture, something I could never plan because it depends on the quality of light and even the time of day, and, of course, all that shiny black fur. It hardly looks that way in the viewfinder, it all just depends on how the color sensor records it.

From the top, Jelly Bean is cleaning his white spot, Mewsette is curled facing him, Guiseppe is curled on the left and upside down and Mr. Sunshine is using him as a pillow.

A nice little psychedelic sensation in the middle of the afternoon.

. . . . . . .

Something Stuck to Your Nose, 2011
There's something on your nose, Mr. Sunshine.
There’s something on your nose, Mr. Sunshine.

Mr. Sunshine is sure he looks totally cool, but he’s apparently not aware he has a scrap of paper stuck to his nose.

I guess that’s the consequence of going through life with a wet nose, I mean literally going through life with it, like rooting through the paper recycling container just to see what’s in there, as Mr. Sunshine does. You never know what will stick.

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  • walksoftlyand

    “And here’s that amazing photo of Mimi in the ray of sunlight.” —

    Wow wow wow. How did I miss this shot of Mimi in the sunbeam? Bernadette, I know you don’t watch TV, but it makes me think of “Beam me up, Scotty.” (Nota bene: I now see that you wrote an aside to Star Trek! Yay!)

    I also love the profile of Giuseppe with the begonia leaves. You have some great ones here. Just took me a while to find them!

    • Meg, that was a photo I shared on Facebook so it wasn’t at the top. I am familiar with Star Trek. A few other people told me I should make a meme that said “beam me up” but I wanted to totally avoid that overused idea, partly because it’s overused, but mostly because that photo was meaningful to me in a more important way. That sunbeam on the picnic table has happened several times before, and it’s usually another of my cats coming back for a visit. I like that better.

      I have so many photos, Meg…


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