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Daily Photo: Yoga Kittens!

Chasing sunbeams and toes
Chasing sunbeams and toes

Browsing photos for a project I found galleries of kitten photos from kitten yoga last year. I had shared all the interactive photos with humans and intended to share a second group each time that was just the kittens themselves and some pretty artful shots, but never did. So on this cold and gray November day, at least here in Pennsylvania, I’m going to share them now! Where you see a foot or a hand, it’s mine.

This will make you welcome the housepanthers again too. Here is the gallery.

. . . . . . .

What other photos did I post on or around this date?


Daily Photo: What Bella Is Really Like, 2015
black cat
Bella, calm and serene.

What Bella thinks she looks like, calm, serene, dignified, violet mousie close by).

What Bella really looks like, wild-eyed, mousie flipped over her head across the room, ready for a high-speed chase.

black cat
Bella, ready for action.

Don’t let her try to fool you.

. . . . . . .

Ouija Keyboard, 2014

black cat on keyboard
Bella connects with the Ouija keyboard.

I truly wish I could have understood the messages Bella received through the kitchen keyboard. Watching her little face change through attentive, questioning and alarmed I can only imagine the messages this little black cat was receiving!

black cat on keyboard
black cat on keyboard
black cat on keyboard

. . . . . . .

What other photos did I post on or around this date?


Wordless Wednesday: That Time of Year, 2012

cat looking out window
Mimi observes a sunny autumn morning.


. . . . . . .

Our Desk, 2012
three black cats on desk
This is our desk, remove your items.

“Could you move your stuff so we can use our desk? We need to take a nap.”

Mr. Sunshine is the enforcer while Jelly Bean, typically, naps and Giuseppe gives the whole situation a cavernous yawn.

If I don’t, trust me, my keyboard and mouse will the the first casualties of stretching cats, then one by one each item on my desk. It’s a drafting table, and I use it at a slant, which makes working with cats all the more fun. Luckily I was nearly done with what I’d been working on.

. . . . . . .

These Are the Things We Don’t Like, 2012
cats and canned goods
We don’t need these things. I don’t like them.

“I wanted to be able to use this spot for cuddling and napping,” said Mimi, who is required to fit herself into any box, bag, drawer, cabinet or other container anywhere in the house. “There wasn’t enough room for me, so I had Giuseppe remove some things.

“These are all things I don’t like. You can get rid of them.”

Well. I guess I’ve been told. I happen to like canned olives and chick peas and beets. Not that the canned cat food is still in the cabinet.

Mimi really does insist on getting into everything—I’ve even had her argue with me when I wanted to close a drawer or seal a box and she hasn’t had the chance to experience the inside.

But I know why this corner is popular. In the wall right behind the cabinet, a heating duct goes to the upstairs. Inside the cabinet it’s comfortably cozy and warm. I’d get in there.

Hours later, after they were done napping and had gone onto other places. I replaced the canned goods and closed the door again.

. . . . . . .

Bean Bag, 2012
Black cat in black bag
Jelly Bean in a modern-day version of Shakespeare.

I can’t understand what it is about this bag—every time I bring it home from shopping and unpack it, this big-eyed black cat pops out from under the groceries and looks around.

O, brave new world
that has such people in’t!

(Note the interjection “O” has no “h”; Jelly Bean is nothing if not historically accurate in his pronunciation.)

Jelly Bean does his Shakespearean routine. Miranda? He and Giuseppe need to get together for an opera. Mr. Sunshine is in the background washing his you-know-what, that’s what he thinks of these two “creative minds”.

Either way, it takes me forever to unpack and put away even a small amount of groceries, and it is a tail full of comedy, drama, tragedy, love, sound and fury, and signifying nothing.

Well, maybe that’s a little harsh. After all, he wasn’t playing MacBeth.

. . . . . . .

I’m On Your Chair…, 2012
cat ears on chair
I Haz Yr Chair

…takin’ up your seat.

So you’ll have to stand at your computer today.

Sorry, human, kitties got to sleep.

Talk to you around dinner time, human.


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"Can We Get That Thing?"
“Can We Get That Thing?”

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