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Daily Photo: Kitten Plot

Theodore is giving Simon some brotherly advice.
Theodore is giving Simon some brotherly advice.

What do you suppose Theodore is telling Simon? This was actually taken very early on in their time here, from July 2, and it shows how far along these boys have come. Theodore was feeling pretty confident by the morning after he came here, but Simon was still uncertain of the new human and would not look at me. Sweet fuzzy Theodore had a little talk with him as Simon was heading into the cubby behind Theodore. Simon has since become a total sweetheart, getting up and stretching to meet me when I come in the room, curling his tail in a circle, standing up and putting his paws on my leg to pick him up. Those brothers can give pretty good advice sometimes!

Don’t forget, these two are up for adoption along with their brother Alvin, who is a little hesitant at first then he’s in the front of the line for his pets. If you are interested, comment below or send me a message!

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Ah, sunshine, we forgot how nice you were on our fur! And suddenly everything is blooming! It’s hard to go back inside. Have a beautiful Monday!

Mimi strolling on the picnic table.
Mimi strolling on the picnic table.

The sun and flowers were so good this morning we went out for another dose. Honey bees and bumble bees are humming all over the bee balm, and it smells so good!

I’m playing around with some of the features of Instagram, one of them this cool way to make collages.

A collage of Mimi with the bee balm this morning.
A collage of Mimi with the bee balm this morning.

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Giuseppe “Basil” Verdi, 2012
Giuseppe tastes the basil.
Giuseppe tastes the basil.

How Giuseppe got his middle name…

Giuseppe encounters some ancestral soul food, fresh basil. Well, if we presume by his name it’s ancestral, but really, Giuseppe likes green things, like the cat grass that I grow for them. He’s not all out crazy for it, like Mewsette eating red leaf lettuce and broccoli greens, but he was willing to try out the basil.

You can see by the photo below he didn’t get too far with his taste test. Fresh basil is rather strong—nice for me, but a bit much for delicate feline senses, and we wouldn’t want it to affect Giuseppe Verdi’s fine counter tenor!

Still, he agreed to pose for this photo with the basil especially for Mlle. Daisy Emerald Marguerite. He hopes she is pleased, thinking of her (this year) in the window of the cottage by the lake in the quaint village of Verona…just like Juliet, but it’s in Canada. And he wishes to congratulate her on and her mama on taking care of her diabetes—last summer at this time she was nearly insulin-independent, and she is still well and healthy.

Nuzzles and purrrrs, Mlle.! J’en ronronne! Purr! (We learned that from Texas, a cat in New York, who is actually from Paris!)

    Giuseppe poses with the basil for Mlle.
Giuseppe poses with the basil for Mlle.


Mademoiselle, I Confess, 2013
    Giuseppe sends a plea for understanding to Mlle.
Giuseppe sends a plea for understanding to Mlle.

Giuseppe has been having a rough few weeks, what with the fireworks around Independence Day then storms and then some construction on the street…we have heard of Mademoiselle’s legendary courage in the face of storms and human noise, but Giuseppe must confess he’s just not the lionhearted kitty his lady may think he is. He is ready to dictate his magic message to Mademoiselle through his human.


For my most precious and brave Mademoiselle,

My dearest noble lady, I am not ashamed to say that I need your courageous presence to sustain me in recent noisome traumas! Are there not noble men in opera who bend to their fears and praise their demoiselle’s lion heart?

Several days last week we had the most fearsome storms—so dark and I thought the demons would arrive with all the booming and flashing, ice falling from the sky and branches from the trees! I ran for the basement haven, but it was coming full of water! Then I huddled in my best safe place, behind Mama Bernadette’s computer which purrs and is warm, not quite like a real mama but I am hidden, and water infiltrated me even there! As soon as one storm was finished, another came upon the neighborhood until I didn’t know day from night!

And then, one good day, and yet we are awakened as the sun rose by human noises, squealing metals and rocks and it was like the monster truck that eats all the carrion left on the sidewalk, but at least that moves on! I didn’t even stay to work on awakening Mama Bernadette, and at least I could run to my basement hiding spot, though there is still some water left down there, it was safe and relatively quiet. Finally, the human noises abated and we could eat our breakfast.

Please, my lady, come and save me, before the next onslaught of frightful adventure!

Nuzzles and purrrrrrrrrrrrs,
Your beloved,

    Giuseppe is a little ashamed.
Giuseppe is a little ashamed.

Mademoiselle replied quickly.


My dearest Giuseppe,

Oh my most beloved, how I wish I could come to you this very night. To comfort you and reassure you, as any ladylove of a dearheart black cat opera star would do. I am far away this evening, in our lovely Verona. But rest assured, the frightful noise and storms will pass. I promise you.

I have much to write to you dearest love of mine, but my Mama is not well. She has had a very bad day and she tells me her chest hurts from coughing and she is weak and unsteady on her two feet (she should stand on her four limbs… less likely for my dear Mama to feel as though she may tumble over). Papa would transcribe my message to you, but I feel better that only Mama knows the deepest emotions I embrace and the depth of my love for Giuseppe Verdi. I promise, as does my Mama, my message very soon.

For now, know that I am keeping a vigil in my cottage just for the comfort and well being of my Giuseppe. And know that I saw your photo, reprinted from a year ago today, and felt such love and pride to see my name printed as your Mlle.

Be strong, but more importantly, be proud of your sensitive and artistic nature. Leave it to other black cats to be recklessly brave and bon vivant when danger is near. I love you as you are. I love you because you are the dear gentle black cat that you are.

Forever yours,
with all my love to my Giuseppe,
Mlle Daisy Emerald. purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr xo


Giuseppe really is not the world’s bravest kitty. He tucks his tail between his legs and runs behind my computer when the garbage truck comes to pick up the carrion from the sidewalk. It’s a good thing that in all the interwebs he found a true and understanding black ladycat—or truly, she found him!



Read about Mlle. Daisy Emerald and the long-distance affaire between the mature French-Canadian feline lady and the young American opera star.

They so enjoy writing florid Victorian-style letters to each other, sometimes the poets, sometimes the artists, sometimes the bonneted Mlle. Daisy Emerald and the beplumed Giuseppe Verdi in their Revolutionary roles as we prepare for our Fetes Nationales.


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