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Daily Photo: It’s Time for That Apple Crisp

black cat on cookbook
Mimi and I had some baking to do today.

“I noticed you purchased an extra bag of green apples this week.”

Nothing gets past my kitchen monitor.

“Are we going to make an apple crisp today?”

I really did purchase an extra bag of green apples this week, and they were indeed intended for an apple crisp.

“Look, I’m sitting on that recipe you were looking at.”

That’s okay, it didn’t look all that interesting, and after all these years I hardly need a recipe for apple crisp.

“Then just make it up like you always do.”

I was planning on an apple crisp today, but later on so that it would be warm with ice cream after dinner.

“Put the computer away and let’s get baking.”

Great idea, Mimi. Thanks. Once I get started on the computer in the morning I’m sometimes caught with it all day long, as much as I try to get away. I have a lot of other things I’d like to get done today, like the two of us spending time in the garden!

And I think you’re probably remembering a few other Sunday morning apple crisps just as I am.

black cat and tortoiseshell cat
“Girl Talk”

Yes, I do make an apple or other fruit crisp at least once per month, usually with whatever fruit is in season, and out of season apple crisp is always my favorite, made with Granny Smiths.

And I know memories of other Sunday morning apple crisps were on my mind because it’s been a tradition for decades, and because of that a crisp is the featured recipe for April in In the Kitchen With Cookie. For April, however, I had chosen to feature a Crabapple Crisp because the crabapple trees are, well, usually blooming right about now.

Why Mimi remembered I’m not sure since I’m sure, as a cat, she pays no attention whatsoever to anything like a calendar, but I am convinced Mimi reads my mind, in her way. I think a certain tortoiseshell kitty told her that would be necessary if the household was to be managed in a neat and orderly fashion. After raising 24 children, Mimi is more than capable of handling one human.

So I can heat up my piece of apple crisp for my dessert.

April In the Kitchen With Cookie

I set my favorite enamel pan for fruit crisps on the table, and Cookie immediately stepped into it and did her thing, fitting herself into it at different angles, having a little bath, then finally having a nap. The pan meets her exacting specifications. This position came after a few other tests, such as the first and most obvious fit. This left too much room in some areas and was therefore unsatisfactory.


Yes, you can eat crabapples, and when they are in season I’ve made crisps, pies, jelly and juice from them. They always have a tart quality that I enjoy in an apple, and you don’t need to peel them, just cut in half and cut out the core to make four cups, then proceed with the crisp as follows.

Toss crabapples with two tablespoons of lemon juice and two tablespoons of corn starch. Place in greased two-quart pan in an even layer, dot with two tablespoons of butter.

Combine your favorite chopped nuts, oatmeal, wheat germ, flax seed or other similar dry grain to make one cup total. Add 1/2 cup of your favorite sugar (I use brown sugar) or a sugar substitute that will caramelize and brown, stir to combine. Cut in a stick of cold butter and spread over top of fruit. Bake in a 3500 oven for about an hour until it’s brown and bubbly.

Here’s the two-page spread for April:

pages in calendar
April, “In the Kitchen With Cookie”

The temperature last night took an unexpected dive a little below freezing, so we enjoyed our time in a warm sunny kitchen today.


four black cats watching out the window.
Watching the neighborhood on a Sunday morning, Jelly Bean, Mr. Sunshine, Giuseppe and Mewsette.

image of cat calendars
2013 desk and journal calendars!

Read more about “In the Kitchen With Cookie”
and “Compositions in Black and Green”

Click the image of the calendars to go to my “calendars” page to read more about each one including what photos are featured on each page and, for In the Kitchen With Cookie, which recipe is featured. I’ve provided a book-flip slideshow so you can browse the pages too.

Both calendars are $5.00 each plus shipping. I’d love to know my cats were in your home! Well, virtually, at least!

Browse some rescued cats and kittens!


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7 thoughts on “Daily Photo: It’s Time for That Apple Crisp

  • Just about jumped a mile when I saw that cobalt blue (pitcher) in your photo. It almost seems an aberration in your home. Maybe it’s on its way back to a friend’s house?

    And why isn’t your blog full of cat typing?

    • Oh, Meg, that’s a prized possession! I love cobalt blue, especially in glass. My kitchen is obviously really colorful, but my dishes are Blue Willow and I use that navy/cobalt everywhere. I tried for only blue and white but I can’t seem to keep the other colors out.

      I am skilled at keeping cats off my keyboard, after all these years–I’ve had a computer here for 20 years. My cordless keyboards have on/off switches and the one at my desk has a keyboard shelf where they just can’t fit. Every so often I let them type a message, just for effect.

  • I love apple crisp – but for some reason, I always associate it with fall. Now I need to pick up some apples this week!

    • Vicki, I always did too, and I used to make pies all the time but crisps are much easier, no flaky pie crust to worry about! And typically I purchase a half bushel of apples at the market in the fall and keep them in my basement refrigerator all winter, but I’m out by now and can’t wait till July for my apples. Really–it’s like a taste of late summer!

  • Now we want apple or any kind of crisp we can get our paws on. We’re going to need to sneak a few things on dad’s shopping list this week. Hope it was extra yummy. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette

    • Janet, it’s great for breakfast–and better than any breakfast cereal! My recipe has oatmeal and nuts and grains and it’s almost like granola!


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