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Daily Photo: It Rained on Mimi’s Parade

black cat looking at rainy steps.
It was raining on Mimi’s parade today.

Mimi insists on going outside for even just a few minutes each day, even today, though it was wet, or raining, or pouring most of the day.

Usually we visit the deck and the garden in the morning, filling bird feeders and bird baths and checking the plants—soon we will be harvesting salad greens and green beans. Often we visit in the afternoon as the back yard is my outdoor photo studio as well for artwork and merchandise, and in late afternoon the back yard is bright with light reflected from the sky, the perfect color balance. Mimi will take both opportunities, waiting impatiently as I buckle her collar and clip on her leash. I open the door and let her go, knowing she won’t go far, and a 15-foot leash is trailing her down the steps to the yard. What would I do without a feline supervisor whether in gardening or artistic pursuit?

As today wore on and she saw no moves to go outdoors near late afternoon she really started a meow fest and tried to lead me to the back door, but I wasn’t understanding what she wanted, or so she thought. “Mimi,” I told her, “you can see it’s raining, you don’t want to go out in that!”


So I suited her up and let her run out the door while I followed with my camera. Off she went and down three steps before she realized it was wet! She ran back up, circled around, then tried it again, as if it might have changed in that split second. Back up she came to tell me something was gravely wrong with her back yard, and stood there to look at it, now and then meowing over shoulder to me to fix it.

I have still not heard the end of it. I do hope it doesn’t rain tomorrow. I can’t take two days of this.

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10 thoughts on “Daily Photo: It Rained on Mimi’s Parade

  • da tabbies o trout towne

    mimi…my stars ….next time it’s raining and you want to go out, kindly tell your mom to allow you outdoors while she
    walks along side of you carrying an umbrella……it’s the LEAST she could …and should…do

    hugs girl from dai$y =^..*=

    • But…my delicate paws! That human should wipe everything off before I step on it!

      • what ever happened to chivalry? so quaint.

  • This really made me laugh today, B.
    Great to hear of someone else going to any lengths, in the name of a bit of peace :)) Here, too.
    And I so know that look!! 😀
    The “You’re the Entertainments Manager.. you’re s’posed to Do something about this!!”
    I Love Mimi’s beautiful sparkly collar, too.
    Best Wishes for Peace.. n Sunshine

  • Mimi was not even parsley amused.

    • o,
      i see it is cilantro.

      • No, you were right the first time! and not even parsley amused!

    • Grandma, we actually had a kind of a dry spell, but Mimi doesn’t care about the vegetables in my garden, only the grass she gets to nibble!


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