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Daily Photo: Irresistible

black cat with toy on steps
Mewsette finds the ball irresistible.

Mewsette sat and stared at the little fleecy ball on the step next to her for a very long time. The tip of her tail began to twitch as she imagined the ball rolling around on the step, bouncing down the steps, swatting it all around the floor. Soon the ball became a white mousie with green spots…and sprouted a tail!

. . . . . . .

Other daily photos shared on this date

Always Colorful 2013
black cat with green eyes and collare
Mimi is a very colorful cat despite being covered with black fur.

Who says black cats are colorless? Even on a persistently dull day, Mimi’s eyes are bright as is her matching collar.

And the matching moss on my deck railing. Well, I’ll get to that.

Mimi was supervising a photo shoot today, best done from above so a supervisory cat can frown down on the human. She learned this from her mentor, Cookie, who held this position previously and bequeathed it to Mimi.

I discovered something today about Mimi—she’s a little concerned about dogs. My neighbor whose yard backs mine has a boxer named Cooper, and because the yard is not fenced Cooper is on a long leash when he goes outdoors to use the Green Room. Mimi was headed down the steps of the deck to follow me, but heard the jingle of Cooper’s leash and turned right back around to observe from the deck even though Cooper had looked at us and waved his tail but at that moment was paying no attention at all to us. No doubt she was chased by a few neighbor dogs who had regularly been left unattended to run the neighborhood, but the house she came from had dogs. Perhaps the days of bravely dodging the dogs are over for Mimi.

. . . . . . .

I Tried to Fly… 2012
black cat on laundry
Jelly Bean tried to fly, but this worked out better.

…but I landed on the laundry. This was pretty comfortable, so I decided I’d just stay here for a while, have a good nap, and meditate about being Peter Pan.

I decided the laundry is a pretty nice place, and even though Mama Bernadette tried to move me I just acted like I was in a really deep sleep. Why would she want to move me when she can see I’m in a transcendent state? I just can’t figure out humans, but she went away.

And then she came back with the little box. But I was busy flying around and laughing down at my siblings.

Much better than flying around for real.

. . . . . . .

A Little Friendly Bath, 2011
two black cats bathing each other
Friendly Bath

Giuseppe and Mewsette enjoy the warm sunny landing by bathing each other, taking turns, then bathing together.

Often enough, these mutual bathing sessions turn into little scuffles as one suddenly decides they’ve had enough, or perhaps words are exchanged that I don’t understand, but they certainly do. The silent staring contests are full of drama. In any case, I know that as much conversation happens between cats during one of these little sessions as between any two people sitting down for coffee.

two black cats staring at each other
Friendly Fire

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