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Daily Photo: In the Round

two black cats reflected in mirror
In the Round

Mimi and Giuseppe watch out the upstairs window on a gray morning made colorful by the “tint” filer on my Smartphone. The colors landed perfectly, and another moment of beauty I will remember.

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What other photos have I shared on or around this date?


A Toy My Size, 2013
black cat with paper towels
Mr. Sunshine subdues the roll of paper towels.

Mr. Sunshine loves to get his paws on—and his claws into—a big fat roll of paper towels. When is brothers don’t feel like wrestling, it’s a great substitute since it’s nearly the same size, and it really doesn’t fight back.

Mr. Sunshine has a lot more energy than his siblings, and sometimes when he wrestles, he gets a little carried away. I’ve tried out a few other cat-sized toys for Mr. Sunshine to wrestle with and even made a few, but nothing seems to be as satisfying as a roll of paper towels. There’s always a roll handy under the kitchen table, and I presume Sunshine finds it when he needs it. I’ll gladly give up a roll of paper towels for Mr. Sunshine’s happiness.

Another time he did this, he got everyone involved and Mr. Sunshine had an exhibit of his paper towel art!

Note the errant black whisker behind him—wonder who lost one?

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Box Inspection, Alternate Method, 2012
black cat in box
Box inspection by Jelly Bean.

Jelly Bean demonstrates the technique: Sit in box, take nap. If something in the box awakens you, the box is not fit for shipping. If not, the box is good for napping, which doesn’t mean it’s not good for shipping, but it’s not advisable, especially when a cat is in the box. Leave some cat hairs behind for the recipient, the same as the awake/manual version of box inspection.

My cats may not have a whole lot of fun cat furniture, but they certainly have an interesting and constantly evolving environment, with new boxes every day, both open and closed, and stacked in interesting ways.

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On Guard Duty, 2011
photo of two black cats
Guard Duty

Jelly Bean and Mr. Sunshine take their stations on my work table as I begin a day of work in my studio. Very important job being the studio guards; no matter how long or how late I work, I always have plenty of guard cats. The Fantastic Four take it very seriously, and change out in pairs. Of course, they often appear to be sleeping, but that’s just a ruse.

Mimi sleeps on the bed by the door and Cookie in the rag basket; Kelly makes an appearance but does not stay, but every day for at least a few minutes, all eight of us are in this tiny 8′ x 10′ room. I find it very cozy.

I’ve been spending a lot of time in the studio working on art and framing I can’t write about at the moment for surprises and customer preference. I will be catching up after the holidays.

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Those Luminous Eyes, 2010
two black cats
Those Luminous Eyes.

We’ve all used this quote, but living in a house with five black cats it’s abundantly clear. Mewsette and Giuseppe give you the full force of their green and gold eyes.

Who can believe there is no soul behind those luminous eyes? ~Théophile Gautier

Gautier also had several black cats as well as white Turkish Angoras and an array of tabbies. I’ll have to do a literary profile of him as another cat lover some time, but suffice it to say he loved cats and wrote extensively, poetically, about the ones in his life. My French is not what it used to be, but I’ll look up La Ménagerie Intime where he writes about daily life including many of the famous quotes about cats which are attributed to him.

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2 thoughts on “Daily Photo: In the Round

  • bluemoonalone

    That is beautiful looks like they are actually in the frame..I love that antique mirror also..Most cats I know would rather have a pile of boxes than fancy cat furniture B..Your cats are happy and loved and that is what is most important..

    • Bluemoonalone, I have so many photos of them in this mirror, just got several of Mimi today. I love this “tint” feature on my camera for ones like this too. I think they are going to become a series of sorts, possibly a set of sympathy cards or keepsake boxes, I’m not sure, but they have to become something.


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