Daily Photo: Impostor!


Kennedy is clearly not amused that Giuseppe is sitting at the baby gate trying to imitate him in order to get Kennedy’s treats and special foods.

That didn’t stop Giuseppe from giving the big-eyed sad kitten look through the baby gate. He has no shame.

He eve hung out bu the baby gate with the big sad kitty eyes.
He even hung out by the baby gate with the big sad kitty eyes.

It all started when I was getting ready in the bathroom in the morning, and Kennedy always sits and watches then walks figure 8s around my ankles. I turned around and instead of seeing the one black cat I’d expected I saw two.

I turned around and saw two black cats.
I turned around and saw two black cats.

Kennedy is doing extremely well. I’d been very concerned last week when he just quit eating and though he was still active he seemed despondent. It was serious enough that I thought it might be his time to let go. I got him to the veterinarian (thanks to all who donated!) and then had two reiki sessions to help him balance his energy and to help me pinpoint where he needed help. It seemed that right side was giving him trouble though he felt happy and didn’t seem ready to go. Between that and a bit more accupuncture, then an herb Dr. Michelle prescribed, he’s a new cat. No more restless energy and wandering, aimless vocalizing and litterbox issues as well as lack of appetite. Where he used to wake up when I walked past the room he sleeps soundly and I have to wake him up sometimes. When he’s up he’s much more graceful and measured, and that stiff spine is supple enough that it curves, and sometimes I really do mistake him for one of the other black cats. I hope this is the next step toward greater healing.

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Only the Shadows Know, 2012
shadows of two cats

So what were the boys up to, as I looked around the corner to see their shadows on the floor, but not them?

Probably just conspiring in a little brotherly bathing, I think!

It’s Giuseppe and Mr. Sunshine, not the typical partners in crime, all the more reason to wonder.

Nothing transpired from the conspiracy, except some play and a bath and a nap in the tub.

. . . . . . .

More Pretty Kitty Things

Kitty number 1.
Kitty number 1.

Yes, that’s right, I just walked right up on my neighbor’s porch on a walk to Main Street and photographed a few things. But I can’t resist these colorful vintage ceramic planters. Right after WWII, hospital stays and more hospital care became far more commonplace than they had been prior to the war, a combination of returning GIs needing more hospital care and more advances in medicine during the war. Get well gifts have always been popular, and this was one more reason.

Kitty number 2.
Kitty number 2.

They were finished in the popular colors of the time, bright, often primary colors, that would match the person’s home, and almost always contained an indestructible philodendron with its dark green heart-shaped leaves. Did you ever wonder where all the grandmothers, or great-grandmothers, got those philodendrons?

Eventually manufacturers started painting or air-brushing more details into the finish. This one is from the 1950s or possibly even later.

Kitty nuber 3 on the windowsill.
Kitty number 3 on the windowsill.

Animals were most popular, though flowers and children were also popular figures.

Bird things.
Bird things.

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  • August 3, 2014 at 11:12 pm

    Giuseppe..you naughty boy..do you really think you can fool your Mama..I’m so happy that Kennedy is doing well..he looks much better..if he keeps getting stronger Giuseppe he might just fight you for that food..lol..I love those old planters of cats and birds..They look like McCoy Pottery..did you look underneath for a maker’s mark B??


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