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Daily Photo: Hugging Mimi on Hug Your Cat Day

woman and black cat
Mimi and Me

Am I going a little overboard with this? I don’t think so—I actually hug my cats frequently enough, not so much they are uncomfortable but enough that they know, if they just put up with me for a few seconds, it will all be over. It’s just something humans seem to have to do, just like Mewsette has to lick my nose and Sunshine has to gnaw on my knuckles and each of them has their little affectionate habit, I will now and then pick up one of my cats and hug them. Aside from that, I really don’t pick them up very often at all, although they walk and lie all over me and all over what I’m doing.

But Mimi, now, I hug Mimi at least once a day, and she acts annoyed and tries to harden herself against it, but she is purring the entire time. In the photo above, she’s rubbing her face all over my camera, my little feline model who knows the camera is her friend, and she’s kneading my arm.

Below, I took these photos in the bathroom mirror, and it was so hard to line up me and Mimi and the camera, so I had a lot of them. I thought Mimi looked pretty sweet here. It was grainy to begin with, so it reminded me of one of those photos of a little girl—ha, me!—and her cat. But sometimes that’s the way I feel with my cats, just as I did when I really was a little girl with my first cat, and I hope I feel that way with all my cats.

woman with black cat
Two little girls.

Wouldn’t you adopt her if you had a chance? Remember, Mimi is not a kitten—she is about nine years old, and she didn’t come to me until she was at least three years old, so always give those adult kitties another look. Check my “cats for adoption” post yesterday to see several adult black girl kitties. And if not one of them check the Petfinder widget in the right column on my home page or visit your local shelter. Black cats are the last adopted, so be the first in line during Adopt-a-Cat Month!

I’ve been hugging cats all day—also read Daily Photo Reprise: Hugging My Cookie for Hug Your Cat Day and Daily Sketch: Self-portrait With Kublai on Hug Your Cat Day.

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Inspired by felines you know! Visit Portraits of Animals on Etsy.
Inspired by felines you know! Visit Portraits of Animals on Etsy!

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