Sunday, April 21, 2024
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Daily Photo: Helping Mom

two black cats looking down
“What should we do?”

Wow, what do you suppose she’s doing down there?

I don’t know. Do you think she wants to be there?

Not sure. She’s awfully quiet.

Yeah, one minute she was petting us and the next…

Did you push her?

How could I push her? WHY would I push her?

You always want to write these stupid messages to Mlle. Daisy.

Would I knock our Mama Bernadette down just to use the computer?

I never know what you’re thinking, Giuseppe.

You never know what you’re thinking yourself, Jelly Bean!

Should we do something?

What would we do?

We could jump down and sniff her.

We could. We could also look it up on the interwebs.

Look up what?

“What do you do when your human is on the floor.”

How are you going to do that?

Well, here’s the mouse, we’ll just click and then type…the keyboard isn’t here.

What do we do now?

I guess we’ll just have to jump down and sniff her. And walk on her.

Wait a minute, she’s moving!

What is she doing?

She has that darned black thing on her face! I can hear it clicking!

Let’s jump on her back!

Yeah, she deserves it for scaring us like that!

I wish they would care so much, but I might hope for a little faster response had I actually been in need instead of just taking photos of their sister at the back door. Guess these two won’t be making the news for amazing human rescues any time soon. The photo was a little soft so I filtered it a few times.

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2 thoughts on “Daily Photo: Helping Mom

  • I’m surprised they left the mouse on the counter. Their older brothers would have batted that down in a jiffy and then giggled while I scrambled around trying to find the battery and the mouse.

    • Amby, they wanted to use the computer. I’d like to know what they had in mind!


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