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Daily Photo: Green Adventures

through the leaves
Mimi enters the portal

Mimi would look even more exotic among the green leaves if the downspout wasn’t right there. She was strolling the deck railing on a rainy day. A Virginia creeper vine twined up the downspout and created a beautiful tangle there.

Two black cats in grass
Squirrel Watch

The squirrels are doing noisy squirrely things in the neighbor’s yard. Two or even sometimes three of them will chase each other around and around and around the trunk of the big maple trees out there, and then they run through the leaves under the trees. It’s all pretty exciting to watch!


From Instagram

Giuseppe’s having a graceful #easysunday. Mr. Sunshine can now make it up onto the bed and several other places again so he doesn’t mind sharing his special Stacy’s Stuff handmade bed.

Finding a cool spot for a hot day.

My #supurrvisorcats are all asleep. Now I can actually get some work done!

Coolest spot in the house right now. He wanted to #supurrvise me too, but there wasn’t room for another #supurrvisorcat.

From the back yard and beyond

Generations and Places

The Aftereffects

Like a Tree in Which There Are Two Blackbirds


From around this date in past years

Sienna Daydreams, 2021

tortoiseshell cat on windowsill
Sienna thinks…

Sienna thinks she might like to try her paw at painting.


From Instagram

Judging my shipping #supurrvisor #siennafostertortie ‘s tail activity my performance is not meeting expectations.

WHAT A PURRFECT MORNING! The sun is shining, it’s clear and low humidity, everything is blooming, Mimi feels great, I’m seriously having trouble focusing!

Mimi had a little bee visitor! She was napping on the step–sleeping on the job watching me in the garden–and the bee circled around me and then buzzed up to Mimi and circled around her. Of course I caught the moment before she woke up from her nap and opened her eyes, though she followed it insistently around as it circled her, I couldn’t catch a picture of that.

Basil is known for his dramatic solutions to everyday cat problems. Here he literally goes to great lengths to sweep up the last morsels left on Sienna’s breakfast dish. The span between Basil’s back toes and front toes is 24″, from his back toes to his nose is 30″.


From around this date in past years

Mariposa Cute and Bunny Cute, 2020

tabby and white cat at door
Mariposa is cuter than cute.

Mariposa is cute no matter what she does, especially when she’s watching a baby bunny who is inching onto the patio from the garden. I call Mariposa my little bunny because sometimes she hops like a bunny.

Here’s the little bunny she was watching, a young cottontail learning its way around the yard. I took the photo through the screen door so it has an interesting softened pattern to it.

baby cottontail rabbit
Little bunny!

Mariposa wears her eartip proudly!

cat with eartip
Mariposa wears her eartip proudly.


From Instagram

five cats on bed
Social distancing for cats.


black cat belly
Mr. Sunshine’s belly thermometer indicated that the indoor temperature reached 85 degrees this afternoon.



From around this date in past years

Interesting Formations, 2019

A strange formation.
A strange formation.

Sometimes I just don’t know what to do when Mimi and her kids go into a mode of patterns and formations, sometimes adding other feline household members too. The best I can do is just take a lot of pictures.

Yesterday first the four got themselves into a rather meditative formation, then Mimi came and sat near them with some intention.

After a while, they all got up and shuffled around and ended up in some disarray, but a nice disarray.

In disarray
In disarray

Then I looked again and they had all turned their backs on me, four in the back and one in front.

Facing away.

So I got my camera and walked all around them. They were roughly facing the front door.

Five facing.
Five facing.

Then Mariposa saw them and came to sit on the stool.

Mariposa joins them.
Mariposa joins them.

And they all stayed like that.

Staying in place

It never ceases to amaze me how they act together as a group. But setting themselves up in a row sitting with one crouching in front? I just don’t know. I just know I love them.

Photos from years past.


Exciting New Grocery Boxes, 2017

two black cats in box
Maximum capacity.

Maximum capacity of this box is one Jelly Bean and one Mr. Sunshine less Sunshine’s tail which apparently doesn’t fit.

Below, Basil has his very own grocery box. I can see I should get bigger boxes.

black cat in box
Basil in his own grocery box.

Glad to be home and off my feet for a while.

You may see a few extra photo posts for a few days. I’ve been getting so behind in posting the ones from Instagram. My plan is to share them here when I share them on IG so you get to see them somewhere near the day I took them.

This will all even out eventually! Shows and studio time make it difficult but we are adjusting.

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  • guyz…everee onez lookin grate and mom B cap sured sum awesum fotoz‼️

    de gurl iz oh fish a lee ree tired now N we due knot haz internetz in de houz yet
    sew we will bee hit N mizz with commintz.. hope all iz grate N everee onez happee
    healthee and grate ❤️

  • Mary McNeil

    Actually we thought the downspout was a porch pillar. Lovely pics as always !

  • Da Boyz watch the birds and squirrels, and sometimes run from one room to the next, in pursuit!
    Was out in the yard this morning, to snap photos of blossoms.
    Some plants were put in the ground in autumn, so this is our first time seeing the blooms, and it’s so exciting.


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