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Daily Photo: Giuseppe Sings for Dinner

four black cats
“Do I have to sing for our dinner?!”

Look at all those eyes that are flat on the top! Those are kitty mad faces for sure. I’m not sure if Bean, Sunshine and Mewsette look unhappy because they want their dinner and I’m not getting it together for them, or if they don’t welcome the prospect of listening to Giuseppe sing, especially at close range.

It’s Saturday and the human doesn’t do things as she usually does. Cats could starve in conditions like this. Parts of the house are all moved around and some of them smell funny. It’s the next best thing to abuse and neglect, doing that to their house.

And then she takes a picture instead of feeding them.

And then she makes fun of them and puts them on the interwebs.

Just wait, human. Giuseppe is going to sing all night long.

But now their bellies are full and they are purring and sleeping and all is forgotten. I got my way, and they got theirs.

Mimi was in front of the kitchen furnace vent keeping cozy, letting the kids do the persuasion for this event.

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King(s) of the Hill, 2013
two black cats on entertainament center
Mr. Sunshine watches JB approach with a challenging expression…

Not a good place for a proposed wrestling match, Mr. Sunshine.

Jelly Bean hopped up here first and went exploring. It’s the highest spot on the first floor, and it’s also quite warm since the vent from the furnace to the second floor runs up that wall near the corner of the room, and my first-floor ceilings were long ago lowered nearly two feet. I’m not sure why they don’t spend more time up there really—all of them have demonstrated they can get up there with a short leap from the dresser/cat library, such as Jelly Bean the other day

But lately Jelly Bean has been up there at least once each day, visiting ceiling cat, as I’m sure there is one up there.

Mr. Sunshine followed him up, and sits in the only convenient spot for exiting the realm of the upperworld, his tail curled in anticipation and his eyes set on adventure.

But after a little nose tap they decided to join forces and look down on me. I think Bean likes the look out the door better.

The brothers join forces, for what I’m not sure

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From the Archives: Heart Cats, 2009
two black cats cuddling
Mr. Sunshine and Mewsette hug each other in a hart-shaped embrace.

This is the original photo I used as the foundation image for my Valentine, “Heart Cats” and one of the very first series of “Compositions in Black and Green” photos. Everything has a start somewhere, and this is where several inspirations began.

After all five black cats plus Namir and Cookie made a real mess of the bathroom, pulling down all the towels, the bath mat and anything else not attached and too high to reach, Mewsette and Mr. Sunshine cuddle on the pile of stuff. I just had a single bulb in the ceiling at the time, and I had all the fixtures in place but I’m not even sure the door was in place yet, much less all the towel bars or anything. The light was not good but as I walked past the doorway and saw these two hugging each other I snapped a quick image just to capture it, not caring how it came out, then squatted down to capture a few more. The lighting was still poor enough that all the photos were grainy. Their pose was so dear, and I was afraid I’d never see them do this again! Little did I know

But I pulled the image out a little later and both posterized and applied a “poster edges” filter to it…

posterized image of two black cats
The first iteration of this image, posterized and with poster edges–and I still like it!

Then decided to work out a more dramatic image…

valentine greeting card with cats
“Heart Cats” Valentine Card

Happy Valentines Day a little early!

. . . . . . .

Pawprint, 2011
pawprint in ice with snow

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Treats For Homeless Cats And Caretakers

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9 thoughts on “Daily Photo: Giuseppe Sings for Dinner

  • My fur kids often think they are going to starve..you wouldn’t think that to look at them though..lol..I have one pretty little girl named Molly who tells me when they need food or when the water dish is empty..I believe she considers herself my secretary…or my boss maybe..

    • I live in a house full of supervisors and managers, Nancy! I can hold them off until they do something like this.

  • Denise

    Giuseppe…I must need bean soup. I didn’t spell my name correctly.
    Angel’s Mamma Forever

  • Denise

    ….excuse me…I meant Giusseppe. I didn’t even spell my own name. Correctly. I must be craving bean soup. Denise- Angel’s mamma Forever

    • Denise, it worked both ways! I wondered what it was with your name, don’t worry!

  • Deniseno

    Is Jelly craving some of mamma’s. bean soup?
    Purrs to all, Angel’s Mamma Forever

    • Deniseno, he looked at it and decided it wasn’t food!


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