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Daily Photo: I Found Bella

I found Bella.
I found Bella.

Bella is never happy at being found out. She thinks she’s clever with her hiding places, but I know a thing or two about cats, plus black cat eyes tend to stand out no matter where they are.

Below is what Bella thinks she looks like, until I focused a little closer. The sunlight is so welcome; the leaves are all down and finally the sun can come into the kitchen as soon as it comes over the horizon in the morning. It makes us all a little crazy.

Bella is hidden
Bella is hidden

. . . . . . .

What other photos have I shared on or around this date?


A Bird on the Roof, 2016
Ophelia does things her own way.
Ophelia does things her own way.

Ophelia finds a bird on the roof to be far more interesting than a bunch of them in the spruce. Birdwatching with her fur sisters. From December 1.


First Snow

There are snowflakes on me. From November 20.

Mimi, first snow.
Mimi, first snow.

. . . . . . .

What other photos have I shared on or around this date?


From The Archives: Cookie’s Minions, 2009
Cookie with her minions.
Cookie with her minions.

I know everyone’s eyes go first to the eyes of the black cats behind, but mine go to Cookie, who was pointedly ignoring me. She was never a happy model until her last two years.

Behind her is all five of the black cats. Cookie hardly thought of the Five as her minions, but they certainly gave her loving respect as here when they decided to share their shawl with her. I was trying a little photo shoot with them when the light was very bright coming in the window, and Cookie decided to join them for a nap. I let them all resettle and then did my best to get them all to look at me at the same time, but this was as close as I got, not even any good faces that I could Photoshop in place.

In the front, obviously, it’s Cookie. Directly behind her to the right is Mimi, Cookie’s lady-in-waiting even then, though I didn’t realize it, staying close and likely absorbing a lifetime of learning from Cookie. Behind Cookie to the right is Mewsette, Cookie’s gentle guardian. The three sets of eyes you see are the three boys, Giuseppe on the left, Mr. Sunshine on the right and Jelly Bean in the back, in the middle.

While there are six cats in this photo, there were still three others in the house at the time. Missing, but probably not far, are Kelly, Peaches and Dickie.

Sweet memories for a December afternoon.


black kitten with socks
Smokie sorts the socks.

Smokie helps me with the laundry, sorting the socks. Who says cats can’t see color? Looking at his display, well…

I had a great time rolling them up in a ball and tossing them at him to catch. He was up to the task, and he’s ready for more!

. . . . . . .

What other photos have I posted on or around this date?


Mimi Gives the Snow Another Try, 2013
black cat in snow
Mimi in the snow.

“Okay, so I’m here! Now will you make it stop?”

After initially turning right around and heading for the furnace vent as soon as I opened the back door, Mimi did eventually agree to come outside with me as I filled the bird feeders. She wants everyone to know she is a tough former street cat and is not at all bothered by snow or ice or anything, it’s just that some days she’s not in the mood.

Today, however, I stopped back between transports and she just wanted to be with me. I didn’t have to coax her to come back in as usual though.

black cat in snow
The snow was falling so heavily we had a hard time seeing each other.

. . . . . . .

Jelly Bean’s Spa Day, 2012
Jelly Bean's Spay Day.
Jelly Bean’s Spay Day.

Mr. Sunshine gives Bean a thorough massage while brother Giuseppe gives him a thorough bath. All Bean wants to do is sleep. I covered him with my dishtowel hoping he’d get some peace and quiet, but how much peace and quiet can you get in the middle of the kitchen? It seemed to turn out well, though, at least I didn’t hear any disagreements and later they were all sleeping. Seems like a good Saturday to me!

. . . . . . .

I Knight Thee…2011
Giuseppe knights Sir Jelly of Bean.
Giuseppe knights Sir Jelly of Bean.

“In the name of My Most Royal Majesty, the Queen Mother Bernadette, I knight thee. Arise, Sir Jelly of Bean.”

“Who died and left you Knight of the Realm?”

“Shut up, you little twit, act dignified.”

“You’re having delusions of grandeur.”

“You don’t even know what that means!”

“Get your filthy paw off my head or you’ll be having delusions of a lot of other things too.”

“You’re lucky I don’t take your ear off.”

“If I have to call you ‘Sir Giuseppe’ I’m going to puke.”

“Let’s get back to our regularly scheduled wrestling match.”


Giuseppe and Jelly Bean really do wrestle in front of this window just about every morning. I love it when there’s a pawse in the action.


From “Today”

Harriet is Wearing Her Hat

Harriet is wearing her hat.
Harriet is wearing her hat.

Good thing Harriet has a big tail! The snow is beginning to fall and it’s quite cold out there.

She is one of three little girl squirrels who live in a maple tree in the neighbor’s back yard across the street. They would be sisters, and we have been watching them since the spring when they would appear running down the neighbor’s driveway and across the street. They have been coming over here to visit and raid the bird feeders since they were just little fluffies. It’s wonderful to see them together.

From this angle through my studio window I am photographing through two layers of old wavy glass. The photos are never clear but they have an interesting smeary quality.

You can see the three of them in the photo below.

The Three Sisters
The Three Sisters.

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