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Daily Photo: Forsythia Time

black cats with forsythia
Ready to start the day.

Mimi and Mewsette are ready to get down to the business of enjoying the morning after surveying the yard from the height of the logs. The forsythia is background to everything these days.

Up on her logs, Mimi starts with a good scratch and then looks this way and that.

I spent a bit of time working around the yard on a sunny Saturday when I was otherwise working in my basement studio to catch up with products and orders. I spied Mimi through the forsythia and was happy to get some of the photos I’ve been visualizing.

Kitten season begins!

Two low-level trapping situations went into high-gear in the past few days. I’ll write about these tomorrow. In the meantime, what do you think this kitty is saying to me?

dilute tortoiseshell cat
One of the cats in question.



From Instagram

Maybe tomorrow!

From the garden and beyond

Visit Today to see what’s happening out there until I can catch up.


From around this date in past years

Rain, 2021

black cat watching the rain
The girls consider their options

Rain, you can’t live with it and you can’t live without it.

black cat watching the rain
Mimi watches the rain.

Like last week’s daffodils, I had another crazy idea for a photo I wanted. These were photos I envisioned standing in the kitchen that morning watching the rain, just a loose composition of Mimi from behind and maybe Mewsette, the dim and misty back yard blurred out in front of them. I decided someday I’d try to get it. Then I decided I’d do it later that day. Then when the girls wanted to go outside right after breakfast I grabbed my camera and went out despite my nightgown, sat down at their level, and did my best to indicate where they should pose. And they did.

black cat watching the rain
Probably not much fun out there.

Mewsette heads for the door to go back in, but Mimi holds out hope for the morning.

black cat watching the rain
Mimi gives it some hope.

Then even she gives up, considering a nice cuddly bed inside with a few of her kids.

black cat watching the rain
Mimi gives up.


An Update

So the car search is pretty much at an end, and hopefully I’ll be back to normal daily activities this week. I managed to gather all the information about paycheck protection loans for sole proprietors, and all the documents needed except one, only obtained from the state of Pennsylvania regarding my business. Since it had been filed pre-digital era in 1993, it was on microfiche and had to be researched manually. This took days to ascertain but no one is in the offices to do the research on a regular basis, so the bank confirmed my business filings another way and approved my application, sent it over to the SBA who approved it the following day. It’s a small amount and was in my bank account on Friday, and along with what I’d been able to save over the past year it enabled me to purchase a newer used car with lower mileage and in better condition than without the loan, which is forgivable for the entire amount as long as I use it for business and daily expenses.

I had started looking for this vehicle weeks ago, and contacted the small dealer with the car I wanted and we made arrangements to meet today. It looked good to me, we took it to my mechanic who found very little to object to, so I will pick it up on Wednesday with new tires and bring it home. Finally, this saga is over, and I was able to purchase a car that is newer and in better shape, and at least for a while will not cost me in repairs to keep running each year. It’s something I’ve needed to ensure my income since the Escape started to need a pile of work each year. I hope this new larger and more reliable vehicle will make a change in ability for me, and I’ll be able to operate my business, attend events and earn my living without the worry of whether or not I’ll have a car to drive. And I’ll be able to get back to TNR with enough space for all I need.

While I worked out the car and the loan, I stopped making new items so I could focus on the loan and car, and hold onto money I might need. Now I can get back to my regularly scheduled production of experiments and creativity. I’m so glad for that! This week I am also feeding Denise’s colony twice daily while she and her husband are away. Her neighbor had always taken a shift so I only had to feed once, but since he died I have both shifts and that will take a little extra time from this week. I have rescheduled my open house for the last week of this month, and you’ll be able to take advantage of the sales and new items even though you may live nowhere near me. And I’m looking forward to posting regularly again. I have so many articles planned and drafted and just need to finish them off.


A Belated Happy Easter!

One of our visitors, hiding eggs maybe? “Backyard Bunny”, soft pastels on pastello paper, 11″ x 8″, 2014

pastel sketch of rabbit in yard.
“Backyard Bunny”, soft pastels on pastello paper, 11″ x 8″ © Bernadette E. Kazmarski

From Instagram

Sunday: Swingin with my girl. The day was so beautiful we didn’t want to go in, but I wanted to work on a painting. Compromise—I paint outside on the swing, we both enjoy the sun for a little longer.

I decided to spend a good bit of time over the weekend catching up on paintings I’d intended to work on during March. Soon you’ll be seeing new work!

My new gloves!

I have always admired and studied Laurel Burch’s artwork. I buy very few designer items, but My Three Cats & Co. has long carried Laurel Burch merchandise and had these on sale at the end of the season earlier this spring. I love the kitty design and the blue trim so I had to get them, for “good.” I finally picked them up from Carolyn when we met last week. I thought I’d be keeping them as a nice surprise for the first cold days next fall, but no, two days last week they surely came in “hand”-y! And they match both Mimi and the spring squills. I think Mimi approves! This style is sold out—I got the last pair—but there are other styles and many other items. Shop small!

From around this date in past years

Nice and Warm, 2020

Mimi under the bird feeder.

Mimi says she’s patrolling under the bird feeder, but she can barely keep her eyes open with nice warm sun on her back and she’s ignoring all the bird obscenities being squawked her way. This was from last Thursday, which was a totally awesome day after some early rain cleared. Mimi and I started on some work in the yard, and we’re looking forward to more this weekend. Below are two other views of Mimi pretty much in the same place, but you know I can never take only one photo of her! These three photos were on Instagram first, as are the ones below from the past week, catching up again!


From Instagram

Mimi loves a good scratch on her river birches even in a drizzle

black cat scratching on trees
Mimi loves her scratcher!

Hope you’re having a peaceful Sunday. Mr. Sunshine is working on stealing Sienna’s favorite napping spot, inch by inch, but sometimes it’s nice to share.

Mr. Sunshine and Sienna.

Basil is working out some social distancing strategies this morning. He really likes the tops of doors. Kind of nice because his long tresses do the dusting for me.

Basil up on the bathroom door.

Yesterday… We had the doors and windows open the sun was shining. (From Monday)

Bella, Mariposa and Mimi at the door.

Just the right amount of sunshine.

Just the right amount of color.

In the morning, after the rain.

Forsythia in the sun.

I ran out of photos from March in previous years!

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black cat in Mimi walks through the buttercups and forget-me-nots.
Mimi walks through the buttercups and forget-me-nots.

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