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Daily Photo: Flowers for Bella

Flowers for Bella
Flowers for Bella

Bella has to inspect everything, including the bouquet of fleabane I’d trimmed from the backyard to put in the vase beside the front door. She saw them in my hand and stretched out her nose in that way the tells me she needs to inspect this thing I’m handling. She got a good sniff and found nothing interesting at all. Humans are very strange.

From Instagram

What do you suppose Mimi thinks of the art featuring herself?

Mimi studies the painting of herself.
Mimi studies the painting of herself.

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Daily Photo: Hamlet and Ophelia Comedy Routine

You're looking at me like I have two heads.
You’re looking at me like I have two heads.

“What? You’re looking at me like I have two heads.” I think Hamlet and Ophelia are considering a comedy routine.

. . . . . . .

Shipping Supervisors, the Professional and Su-purr-visors in Training

Mimi assures your greeting card order is purr-fect. It just takes a little longer when she has to sit on each box, but it’s worth it. Instagram August 8.

Mimi assures your orders are purr-fect.
Mimi assures your orders are purr-fect.

Shipping su-purr-visors in training, Hamlet and Ophelia listen carefully and observe closely for Mimi’s technique. Instagram August 8.

Shiping su-purr-visors in training.
Shiping su-purr-visors in training.

Hamlet and Ophelia worked very hard yesterday morning learning to be packing su-purr-visors. Such exhausting work, they rested all afternoon. Instagram August 9.

Hamlet and Ophelia having a rest.
Hamlet and Ophelia having a rest.

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What other photos have I shared around this date?


Daily Photo: Mimi and the Laundry

Mimi and the Laundry
Mimi and the Laundry

Mimi desperately wanted outside so she could sleep in the shade of the laundry. Really, she loves to come outside with me, especially in the morning when I’m usually hanging laundry or working in the garden and yard, but when the sun comes up over the trees she’s all about the shade. I really wanted a photo of her there and also wanted to capture the laundry, especially my colorful sundresses, but the angle was difficult. On top of that the sun was so bright I really couldn’t see the screen of my phone so I just took a bunch from different angles and hoped for the best. This photo was pretty much exactly what I wanted, and I think it will look good as a painting too.

All of today’s photos were first shared on Instagram or Facebook. I’ve also managed to set up my old netbook laptop in the kitchen—it’s slow, but it works, and I’ll be able to post from the kitchen again, so even though I love the convenience of working on my phone, the quality really isn’t always what I want.

Below, “Good morning.” I’ll be exploring this theme of Mimi on the bricks in the coming months, I’m sure.

Good morning.
Good morning.

Not sure of the reason for the gathering, but I think they’re waiting for me to do something. They sure got my attention! It’s Mr. Sunshine, Basil, Giuseppe, Mewsette and Bean in the back.

Five black cats gather in the kitchen.
Five black cats gather in the kitchen.

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The Kittens’ Debut!

Friday Night Simon and Theodore were a real hit on Main Street at the Carnegie Crawl! Simon made friends with a little girl who has always wanted a black kitty. Lots of attention! Donations too! The three of them did remarkably well in a cage on the sidewalk of a busy street with people constantly walking by and stopping to see them. Well, Alvina was acting as if she wasn’t really there she just curled up and didn’t make much eye contact. Simon was ready for action and greeted everyone who came along, and Theodore—”Teddy Bear” seems to work well for him—was very much admired and followed Simon’s example playing through the cage.

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What other photos have I shared around this date?


Popcorn, 2014
two black cats with popcorn
The kids try out some popcorn.

“So what do you think?”

“I’ll never complain about what she feeds us if this is what she has to eat.”

“Kind of tastes like one of my cardboard interpretations.”

“Do you think it’s actually here to pack in the boxes with stuff?”

“No, I saw her eat some.”

Mewsette likes crunchy snacks and such, and all the others will try just about anything, so because they were walking across my keyboard and my work and getting up around my easel desperately trying to get to my popcorn, totally dull, just home-popped corn with nothing on it popcorn, I just put it in the middle of my desk and let them have at it. It’s usually the quickest way to resolve the issue.

Mewsette ate a few pieces, Mr. Sunshine kind of liked it, or he liked the idea of it because he’d pick up a piece, kind of chew it, then drop it and dig for another as if he was trying to find one he liked. He didn’t.

I took the bowl away and they left, so I had my popcorn to myself. Somehow I think that was okay with them.

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What other photos did I feature around this date?

Morning Entertainment, 2013
three black cats
Mimi balances on something not meant for a cat while two simply look out the door.

So I’m pedaling away at my exercise bicycle (because if I go outside and ride my real bike around the block for exercise I might not be back until noon after taking 2GB of photos and sketching a few sketches), but life is never dull, even in the basement. The door is open to a sunny summer morning sparkling with last night’s rain, and I watch the activity of the Tower of Love, the scarlet runner beans growing on branches I’ve tied into a pyramid shape in an anodized tub, twining up and draping down with bright orange-red flowers, and covered with bees pollinating and hummingbirds feeding and songbirds landing and butterflies fluttering and spiders building and all sorts of other amorous and productive/reproductive activity.

And Mimi is climbing up and down the screen door and balancing delicately on the wood bar across the middle and the spring that pulls it shut. She’s little, and she wants a better view. She also wants to go out in the yard, which we won’t do until later, and it requires her collar and leash. Giuseppe is content with looking out from a sitting position and Mewsette is watching little things running back and forth through the opening at the bottom of the door.

Mimi’s shadow is quite graceful too. I don’t need to go outside, I’m distracted enough and took a few dozen photos just of this view. If sketchbook was near I’d do that too. Tomorrow, perhaps.

shadow of cat
Mimi’s graceful shadow on the floor.

. . . . . . .

It’s So Hot…2010

tabby cat sleeping
Make it stop being so hot…

A cat covered with fur just can’t get a break in this heat so he has to air himself out.

Dickie’s mom requested another photo because she misses him—I don’t have any of him just sitting and looking normal, because he doesn’t do that too often! But here’s another of his famous sleeping positions.

What I like is the little fangs. I also love the black bottoms on tabby cat paws—it looks as if they’ve stepped in black paint, and when you look at them from the top it looks as if it’s soaked up between their toes.

Dickie has about seven more weeks here, then he’s back with his mom! I’ll tell the story soon, and in the meantime I’m sure I’ll get plenty more photos of my temporary tabby cat.


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