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Daily Photo: First Renovations Are Done!

One great slumber party happening behind me. Last night was the final night in the basement for this round of renovations. They are finishing the kitchen floor today so I’ll catch up with other photos from this first round of renovations. I’ll take a photo of the finished floor and share later today or tomorrow. As soon as they are done I run off to get a basic washtub and basic faucet to use in the kitchen until the cabinets are ready, and then move as much in as I have places to put it. I may have things in bins for a while, which works better than the boxes things are in now. And in other cases I just pulled the drawers out of the cabinets, which are now long gone into the dumpster they were in such bad shape, and stacked the drawers in the basement.

I get a break from renovations until August 10 when they’ll install the new windows and start the bathroom.

And then I turn around and there’s my kitchen-in-a-basement. Carrying boxes of my possessions up and down the steps every few days, believe me it’s great exercise. Keeps me busy.  Somehow at least half of that stuff has to go back up the steps tonight. I can’t wait! And the kitties get out of the basement!

So let’s catch up on the photos and videos I haven’t had the time to share!


I have this square patch in the concrete right in the center of my basement floor that’s been there since before I moved in. It’s raised up a little bit from the rest of the concrete. Every once in awhile I look at that and think it looks like a grave. Just a slight sense of the macabre and funny I thought of that before I thought of buried treasure. I made up a whole storyline that I wrote up as a short story years ago. I may return to that now and see if I can have more fun with it.

From July 14, the first night the basement was ready for the cats to visit again. Mr. Sunshine checks the positioning of my shelves.

Mr. Sunshine and Jelly Bean look out the new basement door. They like it!


Basil was the last one down there, but had the most fun! Here’s a photo of him on the steps, and a video that features him and others enjoying the tunnel system in the basement.

Some shenanigans in the basement in our tunnel system behind all the shelves and appliances.

Everything is pulled out from the wall sometimes of necessity and sometimes just for this purpose, and in some cases I’ve left room on the back of the bottom shelf.

The cats can walk all the way around the room behind everything and there are places to exit that tunnel all around the room as well. They can access any of the litter boxes from the back or the front. They can go back there to have fun or to evade somebody or to just hang out in a quiet place.

Here, Basil runs under the shelves and then sits for a while to see what Giuseppe might be doing. Giuseppe rakes a close look at him then walks down to the other end of the as Basil turns into the tunnel behind and follows along behind the workbench.

Hamlet appears from the tunnel from one of the openings on the other end of the workbench. Hamlet and Giuseppe walk back toward us and when they pass Basil emerges from under the workbench, Hamlet goes back into it.

A lot of work still to do down here, but as I work around the basement they can always get to a safe place if they feel they need to or just get away from my noise and fuss. They tend to congregate down here when I’m working down here and this gives them other places they can go. I also have a number of cat scratchers and a cat tree and a cat track and lots of floor toys for them in the basement and there are spaces on the shelves where they enjoy just hanging out to nap or observe.

I had set this up before the interior French drain was installed, but that turned out to be exactly where the water was, mostly around the walls behind everything so they didn’t get much of a chance to use it.

Hamlet and Mariposa come down the steps sniffing all the way. They explored all over, but they were all drawn to the new screen door.

The thrill of the hunt. The last screen door had an 8 or 9-inch wood section at the bottom. That extra open screen area on the new door makes it all feel much more real for kitties watching the back yard at night, and add that extra level of enrichment.

My new/used washer and dryer. A cleanout company was working on a multi-unit house one street over and instead of tossing everything into a dumpster they put it out in the front yard where people took it. I needed a washer and dryer and was shopping around locally online. I had found one but it sold before I could get to it. Then I saw these. Denise helped me get them to my house at about 11:30 at night. They are huge! Way bigger than my old ones because they are commercial grade and I knew I’d have trouble keeping them the dolly. My neighbor helped me install them, and I still need to get my gasline connection fixed because a section of it is rusty. But I can wash clothes again.

JULY 16-17

This is the day I moved all the things from the kitchen starting after the farmer’s market and continued until 3:00 a.m. Yes, kitchen was VERY dirty. Now I can clean it!

I moved the fruit bowl from the lazy susan in the middle of the table but had to come back later for the rest because Mimi found it was the purrfect napping place.

Mariposa went exploring into and onto everything she could! Good thing she waited until I moved all the breakables in that cabinet.

When I pulled the drawers out of the dresser and they immediately became kitty lounging and napping spots! Hamlet is fascinated.

When they moved the stove I could see the section of tile that was on the floor when I moved here–ouch, that would make the place seem hot year round!


Sunshine and Jelly Bean  are totally over this adventure.

Mimi walks the drainpipe! Mimi’s new balance beam. She walks on this every day. It’s a section of porous pipe from the work in the basement. Some of the stuff that’s still out in the backyard, and she makes the best of everything. You know how cats are.

So right now I’m heading out to pick up some things and then let the cat out when I get back! We are due for some storms so I want to get as much settled as possible earlier in the day.

Kittens and mom

And I’ve been keeping in touch with the foster. The mom is back and has been eating in the traps, tied open, this week. He’s going to set them tonight unless the storms are too bad. I’m curious to see if she may have some socialization, but in any case I’ll be glad she’s spayed. We may be looking for another litter. Updates for sure!

And the kittens have some takers! Since I’ll have some free time in the next two weeks I’ll be going over again so I’ll be updating with photos.

Jelly Bean’s veterinary visit, and more

Jelly Bean is feeling better with the medicine for the yeast infection in his ear. He’s moving around much better, eating better and just generally feeling better. I look forward to seeing how he is upstairs now that they will be out.

However, even though they got a full vial of blood with his blood draw last Friday, there wasn’t enough blood and they couldn’t do either the Chem or the T4. We have to go back for a redraw. At least I don’t have to pay a second time for that.

Mimi is feeling better, but I feel an urgency to get her a good exam and bloodwork. And Giuseppe needs a blood pressure check to see if his medication is working for him. Sales at the farmers market really help with this, but so far I’ve sold only $25 in goods in the first two Sundays. I hope it turns out better this Sunday.

As always, if you would like to help me with veterinary costs, I appreciate every donation. Morty still needs prescription foods until I can get him back to the veterinarian for some blood tests so we can find out more about his particular condition, and all of them need to eat. I want to keep them all comfortable in whatever way is best for each cat. And now that I’m back in my basement studio—and I know that water isn’t coming back—I can actually work much more efficiently!

If you have any questions, please let me know! And thanks for any help.

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