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Daily Photo: Feline Meditation Class

Feline Meditation Class
Feline Meditation Class

Have they finally achieved mindfulness? They certainly look very peaceful and saturated with inner quiet, if not by their closed eyes then by their relaxed ears. A click of the shutter did not awaken them. What wonders a nice warm kitchen will do.

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Home fries. Not the cats, what I’m cooking. Jelly Bean, Mr. Sunshine, Mimi, Giuseppe, Basil.

Home fries.
Home fries.

Photos from years past.


Continuous Cat, 2018

Continuous Cat
Continuous Cat

Hamlet and Giuseppe enjoy spring morning sunshine in the shape of one continuous cat.

Only some of those scratches on the front of the wardrobe are from cats leaping up from the floor and getting a little lift from hind claws in the wood. Some of them are from the poor wardrobe being badly moved by me. But it’s a favorite spot at the top of the stairs. I’d always wanted to put a cat tree up there, but needed more storage space because there are no closets in the spare room or bathroom. The cats made the best of it.


From previous years


Of the Rain and Giuseppe, 2017

Giuseppe watches the rain.
Giuseppe watches the rain.

We heard from Steel City North that Mlle. Daisy Emerald Marguerite was feeling poorly recently and her human had a few sleepless nights worrying and hoping it was not nearing that time we all dread with our animal companions. Mlle. is 17 years old and was diagnosed with diabetes 7 years ago, but has done so well on her diet that she only needs minimal insulin. We are so happy that she is feeling better, and Giuseppe dedicates this series of photos and a favorite post to his belle amor.


I watch the rain fall and run in rivulets down the window, and I wonder…


…does my cherished love Mlle. Daisy Emerald Marguerite, the most lovely and dignified feline lady in all of the city of steel on the great lake in the cold north land…


…as we share the same winter stars when her emerald eyes look above at night…


…and the same summer winds when she sits in her red brocade bed on the window seat high above the street…


…watch the same mist rise from the frozen ground…


…and feel the same tristesse that I feel?

It’s another dark and rainy late winter day, good for deep feline contemplation, or deep feline sleep.

. . . . . . .

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Read about Mlle. Daisy Emerald and the long-distance affaire between the mature French-Canadian feline lady and the young American opera star.

They so enjoy writing florid Victorian-style letters to each other, sometimes the poets, sometimes the artists, sometimes the bonneted Mlle. Daisy Emerald and the beplumed Giuseppe Verdi in their Revolutionary roles.

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