Daily Photo: Feline Body Art and a Cousin Kitty

black cat with shadows
Mimi tries on some subtle, temporary body art.

Is Mimi tired of being considered just a “Little Black Cat”? Seems she decided to try something new this morning to add interest to her sleek cocoa fur—a waistband of a Victorian leafy pattern. I find it very becoming. And very inspiring. This could be a new and exciting thing.

Then again, perhaps she’s planning a camouflage for when we go outdoors so that she can slip away, as she sometimes tries to do.

Actually, it’s the shadow of the jade plant in the sun from the side window, close enough to her to cast a nice, clear shadow. But it’s still a cool idea.

. . . . . . .

Tanning the Lady Bits

tabby and white cat on her back on the floor
Baby, tanning her lady bits.

Cats really have no shame. Or they really have no need for shame. Or they find no need for shame when they’re as comfortable as can be, no matter what they look like.

This is Baby, who lives with my great-niece and family in Savannah, Georgia, soaking up that southern sunshine in a sunpuddle on the kitchen floor.

My niece posted the photo and said, “Ahhh…..Good morning…..Tanning the lady bits.” Which gave me a good first-thing laugh.

Baby’s human is the cute little girl in this article, my great-niece Cassidy, and I think she may have been about the age in the photo when they went to the Humane Society of Greater Savannah to adopt a kitty just for Cassidy. There was already a kitty named Elsa in the house, and a black and white rescued border collie mix named Bingo, and a host of lizards and snakes and other things her older brother had adopted then and since, but Cassidy wanted her own kitty. When she turned ten years old she asked her friends to bring food and treats for the animals at the shelter instead of giving gifts to her. Nice kids.

All kitties of people I know and are even related to are cousins!

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  • May 9, 2013 at 11:45 am

    Keep an eye on Mimi – I see some permanent tats in her future!


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