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Daily Photo: Feeling a Little Better

black cat with toys
Emeraude strikes a nice pose with her toys.

Emeraude is feeling just a little better, just enough to eat a little and socialize. She is still tired and wobbly, but she’s glad to be home.

She even tolerates the boys’ visits without a hiss, probably because she’s not strong enough to hiss, and with her enlarged heart putting some stress on her breathing a hiss would be difficult, but we’ll take what we can get.

four black cats
She more than tolerates visits from the boys.

Even a little nose tap with Giuseppe—she actually seems to enjoy their company, and they might be more interested in trying to steal her food—safely tucked away when the door is open—but they would never be less than gentle with her. Their mama raised them right.

two black cats
A nose-tap with Giuseppe, though it’s blurry.

And I’ve always loved to watch her wash her face, so carefully, considering her shattered jaw from years ago.

black cat bathing
I’ve always loved to watch Lady Emeraude carefully wash her face.

Some symptoms have abated, the dark and tarry stool being one important one, which means whatever was causing some internal bleeding has stopped for now. I was most concerned her appetite was failing, and chewing and swallowing seemed to be a problem either from pain in her mouth or from trouble with breathing.

To help her with the acid reflux and general sour stomach she was experiencing I’d finally gotten a dose of famotadine or Pepcid AC into her as my veterinarian and I had discussed, though this was tricky as are pills in general with Emeraude. With the oddities of her broken jaw she is extra sensitive at foreign bodies in her mouth including food, and is expert at extricating them, so pills don’t last too long. I crushed the dose in a bit of water and syringed it into her mouth, risky as well since stressing her could put her right back into respiratory distress, and she could easily aspirate the liquid. She did crouch on the floor and just focus on breathing after the tiny dose, but perked up after a minute or two for a treat. Within hours she was eating heartily and as vocal as her normal self. It’s a little return to normalcy.

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14 thoughts on “Daily Photo: Feeling a Little Better

    • Thanks, Random Felines–we’re not taking anything for granted, just enjoying all the good moments.

  • da tabbies o trout towne

    emeraude…we hope sinz thiz mornin ewe bee feelin a little better by de time ewe reed thiz ewe bee feelin
    a LOT better….try sum trout 🙂 !!XXXXXXXX

    • Well, Tabbies, she’s standing in the middle of the bathroom calling for dinner–I’m downstairs. She’s feeling okay.

  • Poor baby…. I know how hard it is to pill a cat. But that was a good idea to crush it. I give Pepcid AC to Angela every night so she won’t be sick in the morning. And it’s worked. But sometimes….when I thought I had gotten it down her….I find a little pink piece of pill on the floor. She puts me in mind of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, when the guy…what’s his name…pretends to swallow the pill, then takes it out after the nurse is gone.
    I hope she feels better with each day. Give her Auntie Allia’s love.

    • Allia, I’ve done that with most of my cats when they got older and it’s amazing how it works for them–when they don’t toss it out! My Namir with his four heart medications twice each day could fake-swallow all four and spit them out whenever he wanted. Same thing, Cuckoo’s Nest! Thanks so much.

  • Nancy Blue Moon

    Good girl strong and keep fighting pretty lady!!

    • Nancy Blue Moon, she’s a tough girl–she didn’t live to be this old by accident!

  • Good to hear Lady Emeraude has perked up a bit; feeling under the weather is no fun. Surrounded by love and strong spirits is the best medicine!

    • Lynda, she’s even letting the boys stop in and consult with her–I think they’re giving her energy!

  • I’m glad to know you have found ways to help her with certain problems. Purrs for all of you, the whole bunch of you.

    • Maru, many other older cats have taught me well, and Lady Emeraude gets all the benefit.

  • Dear Lady Emeraude, It’s never pleasant to be a sick little girl. You do look a bit stronger today. And, with each passing day you will become stronger and more loved by all of us who read about you. You are a beautiful kitty and St.Francis & your special momma will.continue to do all they can to help you. Hugs & purrfect-get well purrs to you. Nite-nite, little one, Angel “Gramma Kitty” Girolamo

    • Gramma Kitty, as soon as she feels a little better, she acts a lot better. We know she still has serious conditions but that doesn’t mean we lie down and wait! Thanks for your thoughts and prayers.


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