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Daily Photo: Exhausted After Birdwatching

Hamlet and Bella nap.

Nothing to see here, just two formerly feral cats napping after some environmental enrichment in their indoor home.

Hamlet and Bella had a very busy morning watching the birds land on the feeders and the open casement windows, hopping around in the lilac and flying in and out, especially the little ones who flutter their wings and cheep constantly for their parents to feed them. A good nap was definitely in order after that, and they barely took the time to find a comfortable spot but collapsed on each other and fell right to sleep.

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From previous years.

Sharing the Sun, 2017

Four cats enjoying the late afternoon sun.
Four cats enjoying the late afternoon sun.

A little while ago a storm rolled through and now it feels a bit chilly. Bella, Mewsette, Giuseppe and Mr. Sunshine gather at the sunny window to enjoy the last of the late afternoon sun. August has been kind to us so far in terms of heat, and for that we are grateful. Soon enough we’ll be watching the snow fall out this window.

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From previous years.

Pat’s Colony Cats

Do you like my back yard?
Do you like my back yard?

“Do you like my back yard?” Tabby is a happy feral cat, one of a colony of about 10 with a wonderful caretaker who is supported by the Homeless Cat Management Team.

Every so often I help Margo by delivering food to a colony caretaker she helps with food and shelters and other support. Pat (not necessarily her name) lives near me and is an easy stop, but I like her colony especially because the light is good, the backgrounds are great, and the cats are all different so I always get wonderful photos. I’ve even used a few of them in designs for the Homeless Cat Management Team–Tabby is on their business card. So here is just a collection of the nicest photos I got this past Monday when I visited her.

“Are you the one who’s bringing the food? Follow me.” You might not expect to find a lovely Siamese mix in a feral colony but any cat can end up living on the street. Another kitty in the colony assisted by the Homeless Cat Management Team.

Are you the one who's bringing the food? Follow me.
Are you the one who’s bringing the food? Follow me.
This is Grandma.
This is Grandma.

This is Grandma. Apparently she’s been around the longest and is mom to few in the colony. What a beautiful tortie, and she has just a very short tail.

Here is Grandma's stubby tail.
Here is Grandma’s stubby tail.

There are a few black cats in the colony. This is one of them.

I'm a Yard Panther.
I’m a Yard Panther.

It’s the Girls’ Club.

It's the Girls' Club.
It’s the Girls’ Club.

Tabby is a real ham. As we stood and talked he wasn’t far, and settled down under the chair. Of course, we can’t see him under the chair.

Apparently we can't see him under the chair.
Apparently we can’t see him under the chair.
Here is the food. Do you see the food? The food is right here.
Here is the food. Do you see the food? The food is right here.

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Feline Photos from Portraits of Animals!

Blue Pitcher With Cat
Blue Pitcher With Cat

I have to say, I do like it, Mr. Sunshine, subtle, almost abstract. I have some talented cats here. I do like the photos that show all the assets of my beautiful cats, but I also like the abstract shots that happen to have a cat in them in a very artful way. Read more, and purchase.


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