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Daily Photo: Driving in the Basket

two black cats in yellow basket
Sunshine and Mimi driving in the basket.

It looks like they are in a convertible and Mimi is driving the basket. And they don’t want me messing with their plans. Okay, let’s head for a nap!


From Instagram

Six cats at the window.

I know there are things that cats can see that humans cannot. For all this activity I thought there might be several angry squirrels out there, or maybe another cat, but whatever it was, they’ve kept their secret.

There’s another kitty on the cat tree that’s behind the refrigerator on the left, and another jumped down from the table before I had a chance to take the picture. So that was most of the household focused on this. Whatever it was.


From the back yard and beyond


Spring returns with memories. The first forget-me-nots always remind me of every other kitty who’s lived with me, especially those who shared the back yard.

Forget-me-nots, native biennial, the flowers are about 1/8″ across, purple when they begin to open changing to blue when fully open. First ones this year. Looks like some hungry insect already had a meal of one of the petals.


Tiny Perfections

cabbage white butterfly
Tiny Perfections

Such tiny perfections on a humble cabbage white butterfly.

So much to see out in the back yard this morning.

From around this date in past years

Four at the Door

four cats at door
I don’t know, Mariposa, what do you think?

Two inside and two outside, and it looks like the two young girls might not let the two older girls back in! They claim they are special because they are not like everyone else in the household, who are all pretty much solid black, aside from a few white spots. Their expressions, I see no compassion for Mewsette and Mimi there! But here’s the thing to remember: I’m the one who actually turns the doorknob and opens the door.

four cats at door
I think we should just leave them out there for a while longer, Sienna.


From Instagram

We pretty much celebrated Earth Day on Instagram!

From around this date in past years

Giuseppe’s Representation of The Cat in the Hat, 2020

black cat with hat
Giuseppe camouflaged by the wildflower hat.

(From Monday) Giuseppe is beginning his week with his own interpretation of “The Cat in the Hat”. He has chosen my wildflower hat that coordinates well with his own natural camouflage.

black cat with hat
Giuseppe reclining with the hat.

I think his intent is to create a virtual feline hunting experience in a field of wildflowers. It was a collaboration with his talented brother Jelly Bean who knocked the hats off the top of the entertainment center.

black cat with hat
Between the hat and toys.

Things around the yard.

Sienna can’t figure out why Mimi is outside.

Sienna is puzzled.

Inside and out.
I first saw this group from outside looking in the dining room window, three black cats like puzzle pieces to fit in a sunpuddle but they were really hard to photograph. When Mimi and I came back in they were still sleeping there so I got a few more photos.

These two.
That little one.

I walked into the back yard from the driveway and didn’t see them until they got up to move away from the oncoming human.
Can’t wait to get my DSLR fixed so I can get better photos.

From around this date in past years

Jelly Bean’s Earth Day, 2019

Evening Bean
Evening Bean

Jelly Bean says he had a pretty good Earth Day.

He conserved a lot of energy by napping as much as possible, so much energy that he could probably cash in what he conserved to get himself some really good treats, or even some quality ‘nip.

And he knows he used sustainable litter in his box even though he doesn’t like the wood pellets as much as the clay because he can really move that clay when he’s in the mood, but on the other paw when his human cleans it up he can always find an unused wood pellet in the box and flip it out onto the floor to play with it. So that’s even more re-use—litter pellets become toys, and sustainable toys at that.

And then he’s got his raw diet from local sources, even though his human had to drive to go and get it. And he had the water in his bowls and his fountain filtered by his human.

He’s feeling pretty good about himself and his carbon pawprint today. He should even probably get some sort of an award for all his hard work and sacrifice.

Now it’s time for another nap while he waits for the phone call from the award center.

Here’s what we posted on Instagram this year.

Jelly Bean's Earth Day
Jelly Bean’s Earth Day

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