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Daily Photo: Don’t Worry, Giuseppe

two black cats cuddling
Jelly Bean protects Giuseppe from the monster.

“Don’t worry Giuseppe, I won’t let the monster get you,” Jelly Bean said, comforting Giuseppe. Giuseppe is very sensitive, so extra care must be taken when he is frightened. It’s unfortunate the brave and elegant Mlle. Daisy Emerald Marguerite isn’t here to comfort him, so Jelly Bean will have to do. But then again, perhaps we don’t want Mlle. to know Giuseppe puts his tail between his legs and runs into the corner on the floor behind the computer when something frightens him.

Actually, they were both sleeping under the kitty keep-warm lamps at my desk, being more adorably cute than I could handle, which caused me to take at least 17 photos of them before I made myself stop taking photos. Do you have any idea how many photos I have of cats cuddling under the kitty keep-warm lamps at my desk? I’m not certain of a number, but it’s in the gigabytes.

But on a more serious note, perhaps Giuseppe is frightened by the stories he has read on the interwebs about what might happen to black cats around Halloween. Jelly Bean and Mlle. would certainly protect him, but Mlle.’s mama and I keep our black cats inside. We hope that all black cats have a safe place to go during this time of the year.

Below, they are back to sleep, and still distracting me.

two cats cuddling under light
Back to sleep.

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5 thoughts on “Daily Photo: Don’t Worry, Giuseppe

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  • I could use some support like Jelly Bean is giving Giuseppe! I still get really scared of just about everything. Doesn’t take much to get me looking for a safe place…sigh…one paw forward slowly, paw pats Savannah

  • Awww – too sweet. Well done Jelly Bean, comforting Giuseppe like that. Don’t listen to the people saying it was just a warm lamp. We know you were being adorable and kind.

  • KC and all my kitties will be safe indoors on Halloween (and every day). Wishing Giuseppe sweet dreams of Mlle. Daisy!

  • Beautiful pictures!
    We will be staying inside for Halloween too, even though we are not black, because of all the kids.
    I wish I could cuddled with Giuseppe and Jelly Bean!


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