Daily Photo: Do You Have To Do That?

two black cats
We can’t sleep with you roaming around with that thing.

“That” is when I take a photo of them while they are resting. How dare I disturb their repose with my rudely focused camera, and all my snapping and waving and cooing at how sweet they look? And we know that Mewsette and Bean truly need their beauty rest, and probably more than they get with all my ridiculous interruptions for my own selfish creative purposes.

Of course, that’s turning the phrase on me—because that’s what I say when they decide to have a bath on what I’m working on, or when a pile of everything lands on the floor because someone decided to have a good stretch. Serves me right, I guess.

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Go ahead, you know it’s hard to resist. (I couldn’t.)

Bean is irresistible.
Bean is irresistible.

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Photos I’ve shared on or around this date

I have some catching up to do–I missed a few days and there was some intense cuteness going on with Smokie/Basil this time last year!

Welcome Back, Brother, 2014
two black cats
Welcome back, brother.

Mr. Sunshine hangs out with his brothers, but there are times when only a sister understands.

He’s doing fine, after a bit of a slow start when he came home yesterday, a little hissing from his siblings, and staring from his mother. But mealtime brought them closer together, as did a family mousie hunt in the basement last night. Back to normal.

Thanks for all your concern, everyone! I always like to let you know that we all feel the same love and fears for our kitties, and have the same dire thoughts sometimes.

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What other photos did have I shared around this date?


Monday, Back to Work, 2013
black cat in garden
Mimi tries to stay awake as she supervises me.

This human, does she have to go out in the garden and muck around on a Monday morning? I’m accustomed to lazing around on papers and boxes all weekend and I really don’t feel like staying awake to supervise her activities. I should probably enjoy what may be one of our last warm summer mornings in the garden, but I think I’ll just take a nap here in the shade. I know my human isn’t going to go anywhere!

Mimi is so patient, even when I spend 15 minutes in one spot picking a few beans and cutting some broccoli, pulling a few excess plants and photographing a wildflower, all in two square feet. Other humans find this sort of activity very dull, I find it mesmerizing, and Mimi, well, cats are very good at just being in the moment. And napping when they think their human isn’t looking. As my garden winds down in the shade of the tall trees around me I still have things growing, but the big abundance is over for the season. I will miss these summer mornings in the garden, messing around in the dirt while Mimi reads her pee-mail and keeps an eye on me.

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My Daily Distractions, 2011
three black cats
Three Faces

Do they look posed or what? I’m not sure what they’re watching, but it seems totally gripping by their expressions. It might just be Jelly Bean having a bath on the table, or it might be a bird outside the window, I’m just never sure, but Mewsette, Giuseppe and Mr. Sunshine were raptly attentive to it.

But I ask, could you work under these conditions?

This photo, A Pile of Cats and All Cats on Desk were just from the past two days, but this sort of treatment is constant. I am constantly distracted. I’m not sure I can bear up under the weight of all this cuteness.

closeup of three black cat faces
Three faces, close up.

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The Bath Cat, 2010
tabby cat bathing tortoiseshell cat
The Bath.

Dickie insists on giving everyone a bath, whether they like it or not (though I think he prefers fur to skin since I don’t get regular baths, just nose licks from him).

Kelly loves her baths from Dickie, though it took him a while to win her over. She is affectionate and often rubs on the other cats, but she’s timid when approached by them. Dickie’s big personality and insistence that her face was dirty eventually became a comfort to her, and sometimes he gives her quite the thorough bath.

The two frequently share the library, and that mirror provides a wonderful backdrop for this photo where you can see two views of the same bath.

At that time and in retrospect, I was so glad for that relationship between Kelly and Dickie; we’d just lost Kelly’s soul-mate Namir a year before and we all knew Peaches didn’t have long to live. Dickie brought her great comfort in the year we fostered him here.

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cats and kittens
Gallery view of Pittsburgh CAT cats for adoption.

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