Daily Photo: Chipmunk!

three black cats looking out window
Total focus on the little rodent.

I’m sure the clueless little chippie is happily racing around under the bird feeder with no concept that the black death is staring at it from above in the form of Giuseppe, Jelly Bean and Mewsette.


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What other photos have I featured on this date?

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Mimi, 2011
black cat at sunny window

It’s when I see Mimi like this, relaxed, quietly happy by a sunny window, breeze ruffling her ears, her delicate features so lovely with the lace curtain, that I deeply sense she and I are both having a moment of appreciation for her life here, indoors, spayed, well-fed; often after one of these moments she turns and looks right at me, aware we are sharing the same sentiment, as she did some time after I took this photo when I’d simply stood admiring her.

I love Mimi’s delicate little face, and now that she and I are girlfriends I get to study her tiny nose, her delicate profile and sparkling whiskers even more often.

I liked this photo so much I wanted to share it even more. I used it for one of my wood-mounted art pieces, which you can find in my Etsy shop.

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Can Giuseppe Come Out and Play?, 2011
goldfinch at window
Giuseppe’s little goldfinch buddy waits.

Giuseppe’s little goldfinch buddy showed up at the window this morning! Giuseppe was looking out the basement door at the time and didn’t make it upstairs before the little guy had to be on with his day.

Of course, I don’t know if he was the same one who has appeared before, but he certainly seemed acquainted with the window, which was closed, but he stayed around looking in for several minutes. Hope he comes back!

Goldfinch looking in window.
Where is Giuseppe?

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Keeping Peaches Warm, 2009
black cat using calico cat as pillow
Giuseppe uses Peaches as a pillow.

Peaches apparently makes a great pillow.

She was 19 years old at this time, but that made no difference to the two-year-old Fantastic Four. In the cold weather, Peaches had always slept in front of the heater vent here in my office/living room, but generously shared it with the kids who just love their older sister who is less than half the size of the smallest of them. They give her little baths, too, and try to get her to play, but Peaches is all about, food, warmth and sleep.

black cat using calico cat as a pillow
Mewsette uses Peaches as a pillow.

Here, they have her surrounded, but she hardly looks concerned. These photos aren’t really a reprise from this date, but from December 2009—I’m just continuing to celebrate Peaches and her family on her birthday!

two black cats and calico cat
Giuseppe and Sunshine cuddle Peaches.

Peaches was as sweet as her name, and never minded being used as a pillow! Many were the benefits of those “cuddly kittens”!

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2 thoughts on “Daily Photo: Chipmunk!

  • May 3, 2014 at 9:53 pm

    I know last month was adopt a black cat month, but I did not find mine until today. He is a very large guy–some might call him “big boned” or “just fluffy”, but he is strong as an ox. Very sweet. They called him Scooter, we will see if that stays. I got him from Wendy’s Feline Friends in Colonial Beach, the no-kill cat shelter that I support the most.


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