Daily Photo: Boys Birdwatching

Focusing on one bird.
Focusing on one bird.

Simon and Teddy Bear LOVE watching birds at any window, but that big north window is still the most favorite. With the cold we had so many sparrows I couldn’t even count them, and other species mixed in too. All of it was right in front of their little noses.

Boys are birdwatching.
Boys are birdwatching.

Whenever there’s a scene like this I always have more photos than I know what to do with, and I usually try to choose one good one, but often there are others I’d like to share as well for different reasons. These four photos each have a different quality in the silhouettes and positioning of Simon and Teddy Bear, the shapes they create and the negative space they create as well.

Lots of birds out there.
Lots of birds out there.

One of the things I love about winter is the extra light because the trees are bare. In this window, which faces almost directly north, the light is reflected from the sky so it’s always on the cool side. In summer all those trees outside are in full leaf and I could barely see a speck of sky before lightning hit the wild black cherry two summers ago. Now the absence of even the bare branches lets in even more brilliant, cool light.

Watching the squirrel.
Watching the squirrel.

These photos were taken about two weeks ago and I was waiting for the time to share them. I have since washed the windows!


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Today was cold with a few flurries, a great day for a little cooking. The storm doors are single pane glass, but I had the interior door open to go in and out and just to get a little more light in the kitchen, so of course the door steamed up when I cooked some pasta. Simon loves to sit at the back door and watch the wildlife on the deck, especially the squirrel. He didn’t let the foggy glass get in his way—I glanced down to see he had cleared a spot for himself to look out and you could even see his little paw swipes from his tiny toes! The squirrel is up at the top of the clear space in the first photo below.

Then everyone else moved in to join him and look out the opening. The silhouettes were beautiful.


I’ve been opening the bathroom door with the baby gate still in place so the two groups of cats can see each other—though Simon happily hops the gate if I’m not looking, or even if I am sometimes. I’ve been encouraging them to come out on the landing for a few minutes and they are okay but glad to go back in. They’ve been a little stressed since I’ve started this and are sometimes shy again, even Girly, but I think they’ll ease out of it.


What other photos did I post on or about this date?


Bella’s Best Idea, 2014

black cat with mouse toy on computer keyboard
She offered me her mousie.

“Here, try using this mousie,” said Bella as she offered me her cherished white fleece mousie, “if it makes working any easier or more fun.”

In the kitchen doing business, I was also cooking lunch/dinner, which is my big meal of the day, making phone calls, sending and answering emails on the computer, and crossing things off my list while adding others until my food was ready.

Bella had been happily playing, but hopped up on the cabinet, put her absolute favorite treasured white fleece mousie down next to my mousie and laid down on my lists, putting her head on my phone.

computer mosue and cat toy
Bella carefully put her mousie next to mine.

“Take a break!” she said, reaching for my pen, making sure I was unable to do much of anything.

black cat lying on desk
Not much I can do now!

I was really quite flattered she offered me her fleece mousie. She runs around the house with it and growls as if it’s a real mousie, even if there aren’t any other cats around who might be threatening to take her mousie away. What else could I do?

black cat

. . . . . . .

What other photos have I posted on or around this date?


Today’s Supervisor, and How Mewsette Celebrates Work, 2011
black cat on worktable
Mewsette eagerly awaits my arrival in my studio.

I had barely finished my coffee but Mewsette was round-eyed and ready to start today’s shift in the studio, packing all the things we’d made and assembled yesterday and last night. She supervised me last night as well, and typically the family trades off work shifts so everyone gets enough rest, but Mewsette felt her enthusiasm and quiet encouragement were necessary. I had to agree, it’s been a long few weeks leading up to the holidays, and there really are times when, if a feline wasn’t stationed on my work table to make sure I got the work done, and done correctly, I might just go to bed.

Yes, this is what my studio looks like right not too…good thing you can’t see the rest of the room.

Below is Mewsette’s Celebration Initiating the Workday to Consecrate the Creative Space, performed before I begin anything at all, rolling around on my worktable and rubbing her face on all my tools, bringing joy and black cat hairs to all I do.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

. . . . . . .

Wordless Wednesday: Namir, Dramatically, 2008
cat in spot of sun
Namir, from 2008

. . . . . . .

Asleep on the Job, 2012
black cat curled
Giuseppe sleeping on the job.

And asleep on my desk as well. I find Giuseppe’s nose as sweet as when he was a kitten.

Giuseppe curls up on the only elevated surface where he’s permitted in my studio. Yes, I said permitted, and I have glue and paints, so don’t push me too far!

It’s important they can see what I’m doing, but I cleverly place boxes and crumpled piles of craft paper on the floor which keeps them busy.

. . . . . . .

I Get the Tin of Cookies, 2011
photo of tortoisehshell cat on tin of cookies
Kelly owns the tin of cookies.

A design customer stopped today to drop off work and a gift tin of butter cookies. I’m so glad. Kelly’s life was apparently incomplete until the cookie tin showed up.

Kelly was right on the ball and on the tin as soon as I set it down, standing on it and spinning around to see the 360 degree view from 12″ higher than before. She spent quite a bit of time quietly sitting on the tin looking at various views of the room and also out the window.

Okay, Kelly, the tin will stay there until you’re done with it.

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  • December 20, 2015 at 4:41 pm

    We have decided we need a bird feeder like that so we can get better bird TV reception! Cool!

    • December 20, 2015 at 6:21 pm

      Oh boy! We want to hear reviews! Everyone is exhausted here, glad the sun went down and the birds went to sleep.


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