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Daily Photo: Boxes and Baskets and Birdwatching

Celebrating World Cat Day
Celebrating World Cat Day

Basil on a pile of papers, Giuseppe in a box, Hamlet in his favorite basket, lots of sunshine, breezes, and a great station on Cat TV. Cats don’t need fancy things to celebrate World Cat Day, just as long as they have things they like EVERY day. Or else.


From Instagram

When the kids grow up but don’t leave.

This is what happens when the kids grow up but don’t move away, 10 years old and still playing with mom’s tail.

Mewsette playing with Mimi's tail.
Mewsette playing with Mimi’s tail.

Downloading Pee-mail

Mimi is downloading her pee-mail, apparently there’s been quite the discussion about something.

Mimi downloading pee-mail.
Mimi downloading pee-mail.

. . . . . . .

What other photos have I shared on or around this date?


Wordless Wednesday: Basil’s Afternoon Nap, Position 4, 2015


Basil's afternoon nap, position 4.
Basil’s afternoon nap, position 4.


I Heard There Was A Meeting…
Did someone call a meeting?
Did someone call a meeting?

“Did someone call a meeting, about…kittens?” Giuseppe asks, joining Mr. Sunshine and Mewsette. The little ones have been permitted an hour or two in the first and second floors of the house. The door to the basement is blocked, and whoever is down there looking out the basement door is kind of stuck, as is whoever is upstairs with…the kittens. Actually, it’s gone really well. Each kitten has a favorite spot and spends lots of time looking out the windows and doors in ones, twos and threes. The big cats might complain, but they also herd the kittens around and give them little licks. This scene happened after the kittens had invaded a really good nap on my work table.

Below, however, Giuseppe and Bean stuff themselves into a small peach box. It seems they are invisible to kittens when they are in the box. Well, they make the rules around here.

Boys in the box are invisible to kittens.
Boys in the box are invisible to kittens.

. . . . . . .

Today’s photos from Instagram and Facebook

And three kittens held perfectly still for a record 18 seconds. Cat TV taken to a whole new level.


Alvina found it first, but the others soon joined her. They seem to have an unspoken communication where they all come together when it’s something important. Like a bright red bird, right there, on the feeder!


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Feline Photos from Portraits of Animals!
Watching the World in profile.
Watching the World in profile.

We all love my studio window, a big, old, battered metal-framed casement about 4′ x 4′ on the second floor looking out at the spruce, maple and river birch in the front of our house. I call it the “tree house” as we watch the weather and light change and spend time with all the tree-dwellers in the neighborhood above the street. Giuseppe was watching Mr. Cardinal singing his spring song on this particular afternoon and I watched the light and images reflect on his eye and admiring his profile.

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