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Daily Photo: Bon Voyage

The last time nursing all together, just about dawn on Sunday.
The last time nursing all together, just about dawn on Sunday.

Sunday, yesterday, was clinic day, the day the five kittens would be spayed and neutered, and Splash’s new person would meet us there to take her home. Charm has been fussy about nursing the kittens for the past few days, they are so big compared to her and often she had to sit up or stand to fit them all to nurse at once. But just before dawn on Sunday she called them all over and they happily ran while she laid down and put her arm over little Splash.

Closeup of the five of them, the last time they'd all be together here.
Closeup of the five of them, the last time they’d all be together here.

Perhaps she nursed them at that time every day, which would not be unlikely knowing cat schedules for such things, or perhaps she knew. Mom cats can be very intuitive. Mimi taught me that. But soon enough after this I let Charm out of the room and packed the kittens into carriers, then let her back in and gave her a big breakfast so she could eat, alone, all day. When we came back, Higgins and Samwise would meet their person and go home in the evening, so this was really the last time we’d all be together.

Compare this to the first time she nursed them the day they all came here—how big they’ve grown!

Nursing lying down
Nursing lying down

What sweet memories.

I am a huge proponent of pediatric spay and neuter and have seen dozens of kittens come through just fine at clinics, and still be small enough to feel like little kittens to adopters while no one needs to worry about an unwanted litter when they get older. This was the first time the kittens were mine though, and they just seemed so small! But each of them was over two pounds, and only Zorro was slow to wake up. She was groggy and shivered a bit so I picked her up and held her against me and carried her around. One of the reasons my cats like me is that I am always warm, and Zorro soon stopped shivering and calmly looked around the room. In all we served 69 cats and kittens at the clinic, most of them stray and feral cats, plus kittens fostered by Pittsburgh CAT foster homes who will now be ready to go to their forever homes.

Recovery area in the clinic; we served 69 cats on Sunday.
Recovery area in the clinic; we served 69 cats on Sunday.

. . . . . . .

Shared on Facebook on Sunday

First, Sheri and her son came to the clinic in the afternoon to take home little Splash. She has already sent many photos and a video of Splash being confident and affectionate and curious.

Bon voyage on your new life little Splash! Congratulations Sheri O’Leary on adopting one of the sweetest kittens I’ve seen in a long time. There isn’t anything I love more than sending a kitten I’ve rescued and fostered and loved to her excellent forever home. It’s like giving a gift to both the cat and the person–the gift of each other, and a lifetime of love in the bond between human and animal.

Sheri meets Splash, love at first sight.
Sheri meets Splash, love at first sight.

I headed home with Higgins and Samwise and Crayola and Zorro, and had a few cats to deliver to the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society  on the way home. Everyone was glad to get back to their room and were eating and even playing right away.

Higgins and Samwise

Off to another adventure! And another incredible adopter! My two little hobbits, Samwise and Higgins, just went home with Kerri Laur. I can’t wait to see these two little fuzzballs grow up with a person who obviously adores them. What an incredible day, the culmination of being able to change the lives of these two beautiful kittens from homeless to cherished forever companions and see a human smile with happiness at meeting them and taking them home, that gift of each other.

Kerri with Higgins and Samwise.
Kerri with Higgins and Samwise.

. . . . . . .

Today Zorro and Crayola are pretty relaxed in the bathroom, having it all to themselves!

Ahhhhh, lots of room to stretch!
Ahhhhh, lots of room to stretch!

Yes? What can we do for you? Crayola had been spoken for a couple of weeks ago and was also to have gone from the clinic to his new home, but that person adopted another kitten from Pittsburgh CAT in the meantime and in the rush I didn’t find out until I called her on Friday. But Zorro and Crayola will be seeing a potential family tomorrow and would be adopted together!

Zorro and Crayola are like, "Wow, we have all this space."
Zorro and Crayola are like, “Wow, we have all this space.”

Zorro shows off her little incision.

Zorro shows off her tiny spay incision.
Zorro shows off her tiny spay incision.

Crayola puts his paw behind his head and goes back to sleep.

Crayola had a good nap in the tub, and no one disturbed him.
Crayola had a good nap in the tub, and no one disturbed him.

And Charm isn’t so insistent to get out of the bathroom, and even wanted back in. She is feeling pretty relaxed and hopefully I’ll be able to fatten her up a little more. She may also go to an offsite adoption place or to the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society for adoption too. But in either case, you’ll be seeing more of her here! And speaking of WPHS, I also had the chance to see Scarlett today! You’ll be seeing her again too.

Charm is enjoying watching out the door with Giuseppe.
Charm is enjoying watching out the door with Giuseppe.

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  • What sweethearts and thanks for the adorable adoption photos! Happy forever homes, kittens!

  • high paws N headbonx to everee one; ouch ….69 kittehz iz an awesum number…..

    N best best BEST fishes guys in yur new forevers….we wish ewe nothin but happee nezz & health
    N 900 gotcha day sell a brationz ~~~~~


  • bluemoonalone

    Sad to see them go but happy they are loved..I hope now that Crayola and Zorro will go together too..they would be so happy..I’m sure Charm is happy to be anywhere but on the street..


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