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Daily Photo: Birds Everywhere!

Birds everywhere!
Birds everywhere!

Three fluffies watch the birds and squirrels. The rain is over and everything that lives outside is making up for lost time at the feeders.

Well, Simon keeps an eye on me.

Simon is watching me!
Simon is watching me!



Basil checks out the front window for activity.

Basil checks the front window.
Basil checks the front window.

Wow, did you see that squirrel fall off the feeder?


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Simon made his way in there a week ago while I was in there, getting in between the baby gate and the bifold, pushing open the bi-fold and walking in.  I picked him up and introduced him to Tweetie and Hamlet who were both very interested. Not a hiss nor growl nor any discouraging cat word was heard. A few days later Teddy hopped the gate and came in so I let them wander around and touch noses with the other two. All was fine. As long as I have a good bit of my “stuff” out of the way in my bedroom and studio, they will start with the upstairs available to them under supervision tomorrow.


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Hey Lady, Where’s My Lunch? 2013

black cat on pawprint blanket
Hey Lady, where’s my lunch?!

Lady Emeraude is feeling okay. Her white blood cells are still frighteningly high and her red blood cells too low, but they are not as bad as they were. It’s hard to tell where her heart condition is without an x-ray or EKG, but I don’t see any labored breathing or signs of excessive stress with physical activity. Her conditions are still there and pretty serious, but we are managing her ability to deal with them and her comfort level. When she yells at me for food, I have a good laugh!

But first she gets some pets, and that’s nice for a while as she purrs and sits up a bit and rubs her face all over my hand, then tilts her head around and says, “There. Scratch me there.”

black cat being petted
A little farther back.

“Ah,” she purrs, “that’s the spot. I can’t reach it anymore.”

black cat being petted
That’s it!

Simple comforts are often the ones we miss most when we’re unwell, and often the ones we forget to give when we are giving care. Emeraude’s door is closed more often than it used to be so she has more time to eat, and the room stays warmer too, but I try to time her meals for when I’m downstairs and overnight, so the door can be open when I’m working in my studio. Sometimes I walk past the bathroom door on my way to my studio and hear Emeraude yell, “Hey lady!” and I use my best waitress voice to tell her, “I’ll be with you in a moment.” Sometimes I open the door and scrutinize her attitude and actions to help determine how she’s feeling and start to get her food ready, crush all her medications and mix them with water then mix them into her food, and I don’t realize I didn’t even pet her when I entered until I feel her paw tapping on my leg and look down and see the photo at the top. She’s quickly forgiving.

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One Basket, 2014
two black cats in basket
One basket.

Smokie was in the basket learning to be a supervisor of humans and also watching out the window.

But that basket is Mr. Sunshine’s basket. That’s just how it is. Smokie would not leave the basket and got to one of the other two fine feline containers nearby, so Mr. Sunshine just stepped in, turned around, and laid down on top of Smokie.

Smokie was very honored by this. After a while, though, it became difficult to breathe.

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2012: I Feel I’m Being Watched
four black cats
Someone is watching me.

No, I’m not paranoid, I really am being watched by four cats who just can’t understand why I am still hopelessly ignoring their deprivation in the interests of my silly preoccupation. Because it has to be silly, nothing is more important than dinner on time.

“But you must understand our Mama Bernadette,” they say, shaking their heads in disappointment, “she lives by her own clock, and that clock has nothing to do with everyday reality or with our needs. We must alert her to timely things or we’d never be fed.”

It’s true, I was born without an internal clock and generally know what season it is and possibly what day of the week, but what hour of the day it is rarely crosses my mind. My human family shake their heads as well, since they are on time to the absolute second. I am the youngest, the timeliness gene must have worn itself out by the time it got to me.

While I have been diligently working through a good bit of a holiday weekend, below is what my fine felines have been doing for most of it.

four black cats sleeping
The Fantastic Four fantastically sleeping.

Back to my starving felines, I can’t push them too far, I am outnumbered and must attend to their needs. It is feeding time at the zoo, raw meat for the house panthers!

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The Perfect Curve, 2010
cat on windowsill
Kelly Curved

Kelly enjoys a sunbath on an upstairs windowsill, watching the birds, her tail curled in quiet bliss shaping her into a lovely, graceful curve. Too bad you can’t hear her purring.

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  • It is always exciting to watch birds 🙂
    Happy New Year!
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    Treasure and JJ

    • Happy New Year from our house to yours Julie and Georgia and Treasure and JJ!


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