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Daily Photo: Bella Offers Encouragement

black cat watching black cat video
Bella admires Charlie’s video.

Bella has learned to enjoy watching videos on the computer, and while they are usually exciting wildlife videos she also got to meet a new friend and, as a former frightened kitty herself, had the chance to offer some encouragement to a newly-adopted house panther who was feeling shy.

Charlie’s human had posted a short video of him enjoying some human pets around the head, and he purred and curled his paws. It was all very nice. When I played it, Bella raced over to the monitor and tried to touch Charlie, and we watched the video a few times until she was certain she’d gotten her message to him. “Hey bro, it’s really nice when you get used to it! Took me a while, now I’m sorry I wasted the time trying to avoid being petted! Also, it’s kitty heaven to have a house full of your feline family to play with!”

Then a message came back, “Charles says, ‘Hello miss Bella. I am very flattered that you like my video, but embarrassed at my silly purring. Perhaps we have much in common both being house panthers who are learning to trust these clumsy big two-legged cats. Could I be so brash as to send you another video sometime?’

Ms. Bella says, “I watched my first video on the computer the other day and now I love my videos. If only my human could make a video of me, but she complains about her stupid device not having enough space right now (from the human: that’s because of photos of Bella), but please send your video, I’ll be waiting! I may even get Mr. Sunshine to play it for me!”

Bella also wanted to tell Charlie, “I am just learning to purr when the human touches me too, and sometimes I don’t want to but it just happens. It makes them very happy, and sometimes you get rewards, though they can be really squeaky and touchy when they get happy.”

black cat watching black cat video
Bella wants Charlie to know she’s ready whenever he is!

. . . . . . .

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Mewsette’s Turn to Supervise
black cat looking at computer screen
Mewsette supervises my post of her image.

Mewsette kept a close eye on my work the other day as I posted this sketch that featured her. I wrote in my post:

Right now, Mewsette is watching me compose this post. I wonder what she’s thinking.

I’m thinking that I can’t see fully half of my monitor.

Then I added:

But one of the things I’ve always liked about painting animals is that they never tell me what I’ve painted doesn’t look like them. I don’t take this to mean they like it, though.

black cat looking at sketch on computer
Mewsette studies the sketch.

Not sure where Mewsette’s opinion fell on this sketch; she is universally pleasant, though I don’t think she’d hesitate to tell the truth in order to spare my feelings.

She continued watching with the same relaxed interest. Look closely at the text in the photo.

cat looking at computer
Mewsette watches me type a line about her.

“Mewsette is watching what I type as I type it.”

Some days I get the feeling they think what I do is pure drivel.

Perhaps I should be just a little afraid.

. . . . . . .

And Mom Says We Make a Mess
black cat in piles of yarn
Mom Makes a Mess

“She can make a heck of a mess herself when she puts her mind to it.”

I was sorting yarn and craft materials, and there is no neat way to do that. What I like is Jelly Bean’s expression, slightly annoyed, a little sad, “Mom is hopeless sometimes.” He wants to take his afternoon nap on the bed and just wants me to remove my stuff.

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