Daily Photo: Bella and the Tails

Bella and the Tails
Bella and the Tails

Bella can hardly resist the tails! Me too! This was from their actual birthday, Sunday, and I’m actually making lunch for myself, but I’m sure they think it’s for them since they did get a few treats throughout the day. The tails never stopped! I actually made a video of the tails and Bella and Basil and have it shared below, and you can also watch it on YouTube. Hope you had a great Friday! And I hope I get at least one of those other computers back on the internet soon.

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A Visit from Missy (Tuesday)

So nice of Missy Bupp Bauer to stop by to pick up your canvas and be wholeheartedly approved by the household! The boys thought you should stay and Charm was being charming. Missy is mom to Milan and Felix and several others since then.

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Mimi and I watch a hummingbird (Thursday)

Mimi and I are watching a hummingbird at the feeder just outside the window. That’s her ear in the lower right—she’s sleeping behind my computer monitor. We are trying to stay cool while enjoying our big day! But the hummingbird was a sweet visitor.

Mimi and I watched a hummingbird.
Mimi and I watched a hummingbird.

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Mewsette and Charm have a catnip party (Thursday)

“What flavor is yours?” Mewsette and Charm thoroughly enjoy a mid-morning catnip party all over the kitchen floor. We think the heat may be moving on!

Mewsette and Charm have a catnip party.
Mewsette and Charm have a catnip party.

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Basil and the Green Bug

Basil chased his little green bug right into my lemonade.

Basil and his green bug.
Basil and his green bug.

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Rescued Kitten Says Thank You, and More, 2014
gray kitten
Rescued kitten gives high five!

This rescued kitten says, “Thanks for rescuing me!” and gives a high five!

I went to the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society two pick up two stray/feral cats who’d been spayed for the Homeless Cat Management Team and needed to go somewhere for recovery overnight before being released back to the hood tomorrow. While I was there the intake person asked me, jokingly, if I’d also like a bottle baby and pointed into the tiny pink cat carrier on her desk, which contained what looked like a fuzzy cat toy on a towel. She pulled this little nugget from the carrier and the kitten squeaked just a little and settled into the woman’s hand, then decided to make a little kitten speech while waving her paws. People were trapping for TNR in a neighborhood and found her and the cat they presumed to be her mother. They did not trap her mother and decided later in the day to bring her in since they’d caught her, and with careful nurturing and skilled bottle feeding by the intake person, who will take her home, she’ll be healthy and socialized and ready for a loving forever home in about six weeks instead of a life on the streets.


How’s that for taking work home?

Below, the two beautiful girls whose reproductive lives are over, though they will be returned to their neighborhoods, a tortie girl…

tortie cat
Tortie in recovery.

…and a tabby girl. She had apparently been owned by someone who was feeding cats but passed away and all of them began to reproduce. There are no foster homes for these girls to be socialized, but at least they are spayed and have a caretaker.

tabby cat
Tabby in recovery.

In one of the cat adoption rooms this handsome cat was a-wandering, and when I tapped on the glass he came right over and jumped up on the table at the window. He’s so friendly and handsome, lots of fur and his patches are dark brown tabby patches. He has a mask and ears, then his tail is tabby and a patch on his butt, and a few odd patches on his hind legs, otherwise he’s creamy white, and really playful. “The shelter staff think I am about 7 years old and I weigh 12 pounds. I have been at the shelter since May 18, 2014.”

long-haired cat
Leo, ready to fill your home with love.

And if there was ever the best reason to adopt bonded siblings it was watching these two wrestle. I didn’t catch their names but they look to be about 12 weeks old and were just non-stop play, except when they thought they’d get some attention.

Two tabby kittens.
Two tabby kittens.

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Catifying Your Studio, 2014
three black cats
Giuseppe, Sunshine and Mimi are reorganizing to their liking.

“We’re catifying your studio. We thought we’d show you how it’s really done.

“We spend so much time in here we think it should better serve our needs.”

Well, I’m sure having a few shelves to tuck themselves into inside a cabinet would be nice, especially higher up toward the ceiling. But do they want to have to walk around my boxes of stuff that’s already in there and needs a new home?

“That’s your problem.”

Mr. Sunshine, on the floor, always looks a little guilty.

Mimi is critiquing my painting.

Taskmasters, these cats.

But I always leave a little room for her on the shelves above my work table. A little black cat doesn’t take up too much space.

black cat on shelves
Mimi on the shelves.

You can see a little more of their studio catification below.

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Oh, That’s Where I Left My Pile of Cats, 2013
five black cats
A pile of cats.

Of course, I left them in my studio! I should have known, everything ends up on that table.

Especially when I’m trying to work and they need some attention.

I love how they always do things together, just like in today’s vintage photo from their kittenhood. Bean is in the box, and it’s about the same size as the one all four were in in The Messy Playroom! My how they’ve grown. Aside from Bean, the big guy here stretched out in the front is Giuseppe, couterclockwise it’s Mimi, Mewsette and Mr. Sunshine.

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Wordless Wednesday: Never Forget What I’m Capable Of, 2013

black cat scratching on picnic bench
Mimi says, “Never forget what I’m capable of…”

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My Sunday Face, 2012

black cat face upside down
Jelly Bean’s Sunday nap.

Jelly Bean demonstrates just exactly how to take a Sunday nap.

Bet you didn’t know he had cute little fangs like that.

Bet you couldn’t keep your hands off him either.

He’s cute from every angle.

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Today on “Today”: Drum Cat

I photographed “Orange Kitty” in her habitat, the third floor, of her foster person’s home, in my travels transporting cats yesterday. The foster just purchased the house and the woman who sold it to her was moving to the west coast to take care of her parents. She had Orange Kitty all packed up as a carry-on but she would not fit on the flight because her carrier was too big. She asked if the home buyer would foster Orange Kitty until a flight could be arranged, so Orange Kitty is there for one more week, and she and the drum set have the entire third floor all to themselves. I really liked the open space, the interesting alcove, the light and shadow, so there it is. I featured this today on my photo blog, Today.

cat with drums
Drum Cat


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The Welcome Garden

Welcome garden on the left.

From my second floor window the other evening I heard a child talking…and talking…and talking, occasionally punctuated by a soft adult voice. People walk up and down the street regularly and they deserve their privacy, so I stayed where I was. But in the child’s voice I clearly heard, “Kit-ty,” and needed to look into it. Most of my cats were in the studio with me. I stood up from my chair at the drafting table so I could see down into the street and saw a young woman and a toddler at my welcome garden. The toddler was gently touching each flower as the woman named them. Then he touched the garden flag, and again he said “kit-ty”, then turned to the other side and its flowers and kitty garden flags, and blowing on the little pinwheels I have tucked here and there.

He was reviewing the lesson, apparently enjoying the repetition of touching the flowers and flags and hearing “geranium”, “phlox”, “petunia”, “kitty”, but he only repeated “kitty”. The woman looked up, possibly sensing me looking out the window. I smiled and waved quickly and sat down, thinking I should go down to talk to her to see if she liked kitties, if she wanted to adopt a nice kitty. But she still deserved her privacy, and I was too involved in what I was doing to want to get up and go down to the street to talk to her. And I really just wanted her to have her moment with the little boy. Perhaps I’ll see them again some time, but I’m glad they seemed to enjoy their little visit.

Welcome garden on the right.

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