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Daily Photo: Bean Works on Charming the Faucet

black cat with bathroom faucet
Jelly Bean tries his best at charming the faucet.

Jelly Bean does his best charming routine to get the faucet to magically start producing drips of water, rubbing his face, leaning against it, seemingly trying to mind-meld with the faucet to convey his vision of dripping water.

Eventually the human magically turns it on (and is mesmerized by the shadowplay rather than the action) while Jelly Bean admires the water, then, finally, drinks it.

When JB and his siblings were tiny kittens and fostering in the bathroom everything leaked, so they grew up thinking faucets were magic toys and water sources. Even after I had the bathroom renovated and actually moved everything around, they still returned for a drink now and then. Bean is the most purrsistent.

It’s a little longer than my usual, but I enjoyed catching little bits of action and working them together. Also, don’t worry about my bathroom wall and such, I have a lot of work to do in there.


From Instagram

Five faces of despurration.

Five black cats
Five faces of despurration.

They have to wait for breakfast every morning!

They are actually waiting for their sister, Mewsette, who gets a pain reliever and an appetite stimulant first thing in the morning, and I give those medications about an hour to take effect so that she can eat her breakfast relatively free of dental pain.

I’m working on getting her a pretty extensive dental for her tooth resorption along with the cleaning. The rest of her siblings also need cleanings, but nothing as extensive as what Mewsette needs. I’ve managed to find a $300 grant for Mewsette’s care! I’m so grateful, especially because it seems like Jelly Bean may have developed tooth resorption as well. I’ve been giving him supportive care and waiting until next week to take him to the veterinarian when I can afford it.

I thought I had it all covered with my savings last spring…before Mr. Sunshine. I’ve been trying to catch up since then!

Anyone who’d like to help me cover costs, please visit to shop for some artwork, greeting cards, books or handmade goods! If you’d like to donate towards the cost, or send us a case of cat food or something else that helps cover general costs, send me a message. Thank you!


From around this date in past years

Discussing My Obsession With Potatoes, 2022

two cats in the kitchen
A conversation interruption.

“Were were discussing your obsession with potatoes.”

I’m guessing that’s made up just because there were potatoes conveniently to use as a ruse. When I walk in on a conversation between two of the cats I rarely get an honest answer, or even a logical one. But I’m guessing by Mewsette’s rather direct expression and Mariposa’s averted gaze that something about me was the subject of the conversation.


From Instagram

They are keeping an eye on me today. I snuck out last night and was out very late, and came home smelling like other cats.

How did tiny Mimi give birth to these four big #housepanthers?

five black cats
Mimi and the kids.

And what I snuck out to do…

Not the mama kitty we wanted, in fact not a mama kitty at all but an intact male, but he looks so much like her that he is likely a kitten of hers from a prior litter in past years.

Thanks to a friend who was trapping in the area last night for a bunch of clinic spots today, we managed to take down a few of the extra cats in this neighborhood in the rain last night. After all, Mama Kitty didn’t get in the family way all by herself.

cat in trap


From the backyard and beyond

Two Old Chestnuts Having a Good Laugh


From around this date in past years

Like Mother, Like Daughter, 2021

Face to face, sort of.
Face to face, sort of.

I captured a series of interesting profiles of Mimi and Mewsette one lovely afternoon outdoors last week, and not only did the girls create interesting compositions, but they are remarkably similar in postures despite being quite different in size and shape.

The two were on the deck, Mewsette at the top of the steps, Mimi several feet back from her under the deck roof. In the background is the sky reflected on the storm door window, only seen because of my angle below the deck in the yard. I’ve used that sky reflection in photos before, and it’s a purrfect backdrop for a black cat large or small.

But the most fascinating thing was the series of movements by the two, facing each other, several feet apart, Mimi sitting and Mewsette crouching, and yet holding their heads at nearly identical angles and moving and turning almost simultaneously.

Living with this family of Mimi and her kittens has always been interesting for physical observations like these. Many times each day something about them catches my eye, be it an expression, a feature, a movement.


This Week’s Update

New car!

Yes, I finally got it. And I hope this car ends my car-hopping for a few years. Thanks to the paycheck protection loan, it’s newer and in good shape than I could have afforded without it, and it’s big enough to handle my entire display setup, tent and all, including my fine collection of 2′ x 6′ display panels for my artwork. I had several 40-mile round trips last week to look at it and test drive, visit my mechanic, and then purchase it, most of it in my old car with the January 2021 inspection sticker. I was certain I’d be caught and fined. I was not. This car is very big, and I may decide it’s too big for me, but if I do and find the minivan that probably works better, I’ll have a more valuable vehicle to trade in than the Subaru (scroll down to see car activities from last year!). And with that, I’ve gotten back to work this wonderful Monday. More coming soon!


From Instagram


May 8: Sooo…..this weather.

May 9: Studio supurrvisor is sleeping on the job.

Below is the painting I was working on while Sienna napped, Emerging Spring. One I’ve visualized for years I had planned to take all last month to paint it but could not fit it in, to be the featured artwork for March and also enter it into a local exhibit themed “Inspired By Nature”, due last Friday at the gallery. I decided I would not wait any longer and actually painted it entirely last Thursday. Framed and delivered on Friday. You can read more about it here. One of the other things that took unexpected time last week.

Emerging Spring

May 10: Hamlet doubly enjoying his morning nap by the open window.

Oh, you’ve been so busy lately we thought you didn’t notice us.

May 11: Gathering together for a special breakfast on National Pet Day. Seven black cats and Sweet Basil is a little miffed he can’t fit up there. Neither could the other three, going to have to get a bigger cabinet!

From the Back Yard and Beyond

Last Night’s Sunset
Hawk Overhead
Old Allegheny County Jail


From around this date in past years

Spring Weather and Something New, 2020

two cats nose to nose
A little sniff.

Mariposa and Sienna negotiate about the bed.

Sometimes this doesn’t go over very well, but Mariposa is truly diplomatic, creating a relationship with each of the cats who come up there. Which is sometimes all of them.

I’ve been so happy to see Sienna venture upstairs to the bedroom. She loves sleeping on the bed, and she also loves looking out the bedroom window. Typically she is intimidated by more than two other cats, and I feel bad for her in this—it’s a constantly stressful situation for her, and no cat should have to live like that. But she decided that sleeping on the bed was worth taking the chance, and discovered that Mariposa is all about play and actually doesn’t want her way, she just wants to interact in her own way, even for only a few seconds, then she’s happy to snuggle. But first, negotiations…

two cats playing

…and a little swatty paws!

two cats playing
A few swats!

This incident took play on April 9, seems like ages ago! The next few photos were from April 9 too, including the exciting incident involving my old car.

“I’ve escaped my Escape! One step closer to a new used car! ALMOST forgot my plate, went running two blocks down the street after the tow truck–six months after my hip replacement I can run after a tow truck! Bon voyage lady in red, you are overdue for a rest.”

Yes, after my art sale I had enough with a small loan from a friend to buy a new used car. I have sold my old car to a junkyard when I need the cash to buy a new one. I was holding onto the Escape, just in case I might find someone who would give me a better price on the repairs or whatever—I wasn’t even sure I could buy a car with stay-at-home restrictions—but I wish I would have sold it off in January when I first called about it because I would have gotten an extra $100 for it. But I really did forget to take the plate off it—I had cleaned it out and was about to run into the house for a wrench when the tow truck showed up and I forgot, then I saw the car rolling down the street with my plate on it and took off, barefoot, down two blocks after the towtruck, yelling and waving my arms, and kind of rejoicing at my freedom.

car being towed
The Escape is escaping!

Later, in the kitchen.

“Not another webinar.”

black cat in kitchen
Not another webinar.

I know, I know. That and the car thing were two reasons I stopped posting for a few days, lots to do and too much information in my head from all the webinars. That’s why I decided to take a break and do something different on that gorgeous sunny, warm day.

“Enough webinars, enough number crunching, enough sitting at the computer, Mimi and I planted something. I cleaned out the little flower bed next to the front porch that now has plenty of light and in addition to the perennial daffodils, native cranesbill geraniums, and autumn joy sedum, I seeded sweet William, pink balsam, heritage four-o-clocks gifted by a friend, and bachelor buttons. Some of the seeds were very old but if one comes up I’ll be happy. If not I’ll find something else.”

black cat in garden
Mimi and I planted some seeds.

Mimi and I found a new place to demonstrate her exceptional performance abilities. 29 years ago I built a low stone wall in my front yard to hold soil and separate gardens, but I lost my fight with the ivy and it’s been covered at least a decade. Mimi is a natural, and always with rainbows.

black cat on wall
Mimi on her wall.

And another flower is blooming.

Everyone needs a money plant! Otherwise known as annual/biennial lunaria and also sweet honesty, each of half-inch those flowers will develop a round, flat, papery seed pod an inch or more across that can be dried and used for decoration. It will bloom over the next month with other four-petaled (brassica/cruciferous) plants and self seed liberally if you let it. Native across North America.

lunaria flowers
Something new is blooming!

From around this date in past years

I Am Sleeping Now, Thank You, 2019

Do you need something?
Do you need something?

Once Mariposa came down the stairs all the way last November she had been staying on the first floor and in the basement, not often visiting the second floor. But with the coming of spring, she came upstairs at dawn to sit on the bathroom windowsill to watch the light, the birds, and feel the first warmth of the sun. Once she realized that was also when the rest of us on the bed began stirring she came into the bedroom to make sure I knew it was time to wake up. Then I found her on the bed in the morning when I wanted to make it up, and of course, I couldn’t move her. Lately she’s joined the nap club every afternoon, and also spends time in my studio again. I guess a little formerly feral girl finds her own way at her own pace.

I'm going back to sleep now.
I’m going back to sleep now.


From Instagram

Adventure girls are ready for the morning. Mimi is braver than Mewsette who ran for the door when she heard the crew working on the neighbor’s roof.

Mimi and Mewsette on the deck ready for the morning.
Mimi and Mewsette on the deck ready for the morning.

Apparently I was overstaying my photography privileges later when Mimi was ready to go back inside.

Mimi on the steps.
Mimi on the steps.


And what did we find out there?

These delicate #daffodils.


The old (really old) forsythia is really putting on a show this year.

Photos from years past.


Yellow Basket Cuddles, 2018

Yellow Basket Cuddles
Yellow Basket Cuddles

I’m pretending it’s the sun and Mr. Sunshine and Bean are pretending it’s not SNOWING outside today! Last year at this time we had flowers, and even some of the windows were open now and then! But a heart-shaped nap in a yellow basket is a good nap no matter the weather.

They are both black cats, and brothers, but the difference in their fur color and texture never ceases to amaze me. Jelly Bean looks like chocolate cake and Sunshine looks like teakwood. Bean takes after his mom in furs, Mr. Sunshine and Mewsette have similar longish fur from their daddy. I love Mr. Sunshine’s thick tail.

The yellow basket has been a thing for several years, as you can see below.

. . . . . . .

What other photos have I posted on or around this date?


Spooning in the Yellow Basket, 2017

Bella and Bean spooning in the basket.
Bella and Bean spooning in the basket.

Bella and Jelly Bean cozily spoon in the yellow basket. It’s an unexpectedly cold and blustery day, a good day for an all-afternoon nap. Too bad I’m too big to climb in with them!

That basket has a lot of magic! Often they’ve lost interest in a basket or a bed or a box long before now and I have to change it out with another, like the plaid bed below from 2014. But the yellow basket goes on and on with all the wonderful things that happen in it. I could post a photo a day of just something happening in the yellow basket!

Here’s another view of a later spoon.

Bella and Bean still spooning in the basket.
Bella and Bean still spooning in the basket.

. . . . . . .

What other photos have I posted on or around this date?


Four in a Bed, 2013

four black cats in cat bed
Now this is natural for Bean!
For Bean, this is natural!
It’s Mimi, Giuseppe, Bean and Mewsette. Everyone smile pretty for the camera…well, sort of…at least try to look at me all at the same time?
foru black cats in cat bed
What would you do if you turned around and saw this?
Everyone turn left and look at the birds on the feeder!
four black cats in bed
Look at the bird!
Now, everyone relax and look natural.
four black cats in cat bed
Just four black cats in their natural state.

The photo at the top is available on Portraits of Animals.

. . . . . . .

Face Washing and Kelly With Squashes, 2012

tortoiseshell cat
Kelly washing her face.

One of my favorites from yesterday’s bath sequence (in 2012), Kelly vigorously washing her face having, turned one of her ears inside out which she does nearly every time she washes her face. You can see even the insides of her ears are tortoiseshell, having freckles and speckles like the rest of her.

She’s just such a little girl and a constant bather. She has never been comfortable with change or disorder (and yet she had the misfortune to live with me), and I always felt all that bathing was somehow an effort to organize all her tortie spots. Bathing is one of her comforts; along with the constant motion and careful attention to detail is the loud purring of a very happy kitty. It’s a rare opportunity to achieve a fully dark background in this house.

. . . . . . .

Kelly was having a difficult time with life int he spring of 2012; it was what tipped me that something was happening with her, though we never figured out what it was. But each day that I posted a photo or sketch of her I hoped it would send her a burst of loving attention. She never seemed to mind this. These two photos are two of my favorites from that time of beautiful spring sunlight.

. . . . . . .

Kelly With Squashes

tortoiseshell cat with squashes
Kelly With Squashes

Kelly steps out again today after a week or so in the bottom shelf of a cabinet. She’s been trying to figure things out, and I am just letting that happen. And she didn’t step out voluntarily—I placed her in the sun on this cabinet and gave her lots of love, just her, and she decided it was such a good idea that she is still on that cabinet, even though the sun is long gone. Just a little encouragement goes a long way with a delicate sensibility like Kelly.

She also graced me with a lovely multi-part bath session resulting in about 2GB of photos of Kelly bathing.

But they were each very much worth the time. I will have to share them in groups somehow, but for now I am exhausted by the excitement of a one-hour photo session (after a day of much photography, it was just so beautiful) and downloading and reviewing the photos, trying to choose one to share tonight.

I chose this one because of its multiple interest points, color scheme and resemblance to a classic still life though it has a certain oddness about it that I find intriguing. Those squashes are a few acorn squash I didn’t realize I still had, having faded to yellow from the rich deep forest green of autumn. The decorative dish is avacado green tempered glass and gracefully formed, the base is a brass-tone composite metal, the two colors and textures, or lack thereof, contrasting nicely.

As far as still lifes with cats go, it’s not quite Kelly With Apples for peace and contentment, though there is one similar to that in this series that I took intentionally, but it is certainly interesting to look at. Looks like another painting to me, and perhaps the other still life too.

And though Photoshop’s artistic filters don’t resemble any styles that I know of I like to play with them just to see what and image might look like. I used “dry brush” because I think it looks more like a watercolor than the watercolor filter does.

tortoiseshell cat with squashes
Kelly With Squashes, with dry brush filter.

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