Daily Photo: Basil in the Basket

Basil in the basket.

Basil loves baskets (as you’ll also see below), and especially the big yellow basket. Sometimes he just gets downright nuts in the basket, all by himself, without any help from me or other cats. But then a nice belly rub can settle him down. It’s difficult to get his face in focus when he’s feeling like this.

Basil gets a belly rub.


From Instagram

Front row seat. It’s Hamlet, being as small and flat as possible, getting in some birdwatching before breakfast.

Hamlet gets a front row seat.

I went outside with my garden basket to gather some basil and I got the real thing!

Real Basil in the basket.

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Wordless Wednesday: Squirrel!
What's he supposed to do when the squirrel is right out there?
What’s he supposed to do when the squirrel is right out there?

The Blob, 2017

I found The Blob had invaded my kitchen last night.
I found The Blob had invaded my kitchen last night.

I went down to the kitchen after I’d been working in my studio last night and this was what I found when I turned on the light. A blob of four black cats. Conspiring purrhaps? It’s Mr. Sunshine, Jelly Bean and Mewsette using Bella for a pillow. Bella, the “kid sister”, was thrilled for her big fur sibs to use her for a pillow, and didn’t even turn to look up at me when I came in. Either that or they were guarding their cans of food. They stayed there as I got my glass of water, waiting for me to leave. I could tell.

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Today’s photos from Instagram and Facebook

Mimi and Mewsette, purrfect fit

Mimi and Mewsette, a purrfect fit. Who knew #littlemimicat‘s kittens would turn out so big? Today’s #laundrycats sharing the shade.

Mewsette and Mimi.
Mewsette and Mimi.

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Bella’s Baking, 2015
Bella discovers her special toy.
Bella discovers her special toy.

Bella was very pleased I included her in my baking plans this morning. I set everything out to make lemon poppyseed muffins, including two lemons. She couldn’t believe her luck!

Let's push it this way.
Let’s push it this way.

Let’s see if I can make this thing run!

Let's push it that way.
Let’s push it that way.

How about over here?

Around behind the bowl.
Around behind the bowl.

It’s hiding from me!

Around again.
Around again.

I found it! Off the edge!

Slapshot, right off the edge!
Slapshot, right off the edge!

Back to the other yellow toy, she shoots and scores!

I'm going to hide it in here.
I’m going to hide it in here.

Good thing I needed to juice them anyway with all that bumping around! I don’t let them in the mix when I’m putting things together, but they always need to see what I’m doing and feel they’ve helped just a little bit.

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Today’s photos from Instagram and Facebook

Easy Sundays all around!

Mimi's easy Sunday.
Mimi’s easy Sunday.
Charm's easy Sunday.
Charm’s easy Sunday.
Jelly Bean and Giuseppe's easy Sunday.
Jelly Bean and Giuseppe’s easy Sunday.
Basil's easy Sunday.
Basil’s easy Sunday.

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What other photos have I shared on or around this date?


Feline Variations, 2012
In Technicolor.
In Technicolor.

There are never enough hours in the day, nor photos of black cats posing naturally for an impromptu photo shoot.

It began innocently enough with Giuseppe and Jelly Bean sitting side by side on the stool watching the wildlife on the sidewalk in front of the house, namely a mourning dove and a chipmunk.

Then Mewsette joined them. The stool is really not that big and it was quite the task for the stool to hold all three. Time was running short for me in the afternoon, and the card in my DSLR, which would have taken better photos, was full but I could not pass up the opportunity to catch the three of them in natural poses. I sat on the floor with Sunshine on my shoulders—literally—being the perfect foil for their attention.

However, most of the photos were a little blurry or contrasty since the little camera only sees black when I focus on more than one cat at a time. I’ve been looking at vintage photos and playing around with filters in Photoshop again, and wanted to try out a certain combined filters and techniques, so each photo has a different appearance. Please enjoy the slideshow.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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Feline Photos from Portraits of Animals!


Bella's eyes certainly have it!
Bella’s eyes certainly have it!

The eyes really have it! It’s the most extraordinary thing about black cats, the way their eyes just glow against their fur, no matter what color their eyes happen to be. And Bella has those round eyes in that round face, and if that wasn’t enough she was sitting with her tail curved just so. I did all I could to have her look directly up at me without standing up, and I got my wish. Though formerly feral, Bella is a very talented feline model! Read more, and purchase.


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