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five black cats
Yeah, right.

Sure, so, I went on a little road trip yesterday and I was gone most of the day, then when I came back I played with my computer and didn’t pay attention to any kitties. Well, Mimi and Mewsette maybe. And I was pretty distracted the day before as I got ready, and the day before that I did my taxes, and…that will never happen again, right, we’ll believe that when we see it.

I’ve been holding off some cleaning and updates on my main computer, trying to get to May after a bunch of things were finished and I had more time to be without the computer I use for work all the time. I have two other computers—I’ll always take on an old computer, update it and put it to use and have one in my studio and one in my kitchen, and I’m looking for one for the basement. But the big one, as I call it, is the one with all my external drives attached, the one with the best monitor and most speed for me to run several professional design programs at once, along with all my social networking and other activities, to get things done. It’s in the spot I’ve worked in this house since before I started working full-time at home, when I started freelancing in 1992, before I even had a computer. I am very attached to that space, and when things aren’t right in it, like my computer isn’t working right, even when the lights are out, I just can’t relax and do something else. I have everything on external drives and it all backs up to an iDrive account so it’s okay, I’m not going to lose anything, but it’s still scary to contemplate deleting your hard drive or just getting a new one and starting fresh.

But I was still running Windows 7 for some older fonts and software, it had old software still loaded from the person I’d gotten it from, something was going haywire and filling up the main hard drive with saved error codes so I was constantly running out of space, it wasn’t running multiple programs or some newer websites without closing my browser, and lots of other issues that just slowed me down. My wonderful older monitor just went black one day last December, I cleaned a kitten-sized amount of cat hair out of my keyboard and even that didn’t make the keys stop sticking, some had quit working and most of them had lost the characters on the keycaps, the mousewheel had quit spinning and it kept going to sleep. As I was staying up later and later with both work and posting, I had to get the work done. My eyes have been terribly strained and my neck and shoulders stiff and painful, and I’m over that.

So first thing Tuesday morning I dropped off my computer with the company I’ve worked with for over 20 years, then hit the road to drive through three states to pick up crafty things I’d bought from sellers online and a few things only available at a distance. I live in southwestern PA so driving through three states is not difficult with the WV panhandle about 25 minutes to the west and Ohio about 15 minutes farther, you can cross two state lines and not even know it. Lost of snow squalls and graupel downfalls, but nothing stuck to the road. Seeing a new landscape was fun, driving along the Ohio River looking at small towns reflected in the water, and maybe I’ll go back on a sunny day to photograph or even paint.

One consequence of looking around while I’m driving is a bit of queasy carsickness, so by the time I got back I was trying to keep my belly settled while climbing over and under my desk to reconnect everything, set up the new monitor, keyboard and mouse, and reload software. I couldn’t wait, I had to get it back to right. Sorry, kitties, but I can assure you I’ll be a little more pleasant while working now, and have more time for love.

five black cats
Maybe we’ll believe you.


From Instagram

When I got home from my big road trip, Mimi and Mewsette had to have their salad. Even though it’s drizzling, they can’t resist the fresh spring grass.

two black cats in grass
Mimi and Mewsette had to have their salad.

I spent Wednesday taking care of the last details and getting back to work, plus it was lovely and sunny and Mimi and Mewsette and I couldn’t stay inside, so I didn’t get to post this photo on IG but I intended to.

From the back yard and beyond

Garden Gems

water droplets on sedum
Water Gems


From around this date in past years

Reflections on Washing Your Tail

Mariposa reflects while washing her tail.
Mariposa reflects while washing her tail.

Not only do the cats love it when the sun comes around to the front windows, but so do I because of things like this. Mariposa washing her tail is quite the production because of all that fur and it’s Mariposa and things are always a big deal. I moved around to the right angle too, and that’s when I saw the reflection.


From Instagram

My shipment of new housepanthers has arrived. Actually, we’re playing a treat foraging game. Mr. Sunshine is right on it, Jellybean does pretty well, so do most of the others. You can see by the look on his face that Basil still hasn’t quite figured it out.



From around this date in past years

Mariposa Day, 2020

whisker wednesday
Mariposa haz em!

Whisker Wednesday, because Mariposa haz em. She doesn’t sit still very often so getting a clear photo of her whiskers with just my cell phone is a real challenge.

All of today’s photos were first posted on Instagram on April 1.

“Seriously?” Mariposa doesn’t think I look like her at all!

cat mask
Mariposa pulls my whiskers!

It all started with my little crafty masks when I heard that wearing one was now advisable. When I put it on I saw Mariposa’s nose and whisker pads, and immediately wanted to add whiskers. And then I had to add some of her markings, and then the mask that has ears, so I tipped one of the ears and put it all on, and we both have fluffy hair. Mariposa immediately began pulling my whiskers and took a swat at the elastic holding things on. And then she rolled around laughing.

But I think I should wear it to the grocery store next time I go.

cat mask
Me as a virtual Mariposa.

I guess my choice of April quilt is popular. They were literally right on it.

Six cats on the bed.

Mimi and I found this in the back yard.
The first forget-me-not holding one pure drop of spring rain.

First forget-me-not.

From around this date in past years

Kids! 2019

Mimi and Mariposa
Mimi and Mariposa

No, Mimi isn’t yelling. That would be soooo not Mimi. Instead, she gives Mariposa a big, fat yawn. A few seconds before, while I was grabbing my camera, Mimi had hopped up on the windowsill, and Mariposa was thrilled, reaching down and touching Mimi with those big white mittens, all over Mimi’s head. Mimi is a patient mom, even with others’ kittens. Mariposa did not persist and instead just draped herself over the edge and looked cuter than her usual. Mimi has seen it all already.


From Facebook and Instagram

A sunny morning post-breakfast toilette, whiskers complete, white mittens and ruff floof.

It’s The Four Housecats of the Apocalypse. You have been out all day. (They were sleeping, I know because everyone was yawning when I came in the door.)


The Four Housecats of the Apocalypse
The Four Housecats of the Apocalypse

Mimi and me, enjoying the back yard.

Mimi and me
Mimi and me


Photos from years past.


What We Did Last Week, 2018

A basket full of black cats!
A basket full of black cats!

A basket full of black cats! Now that’s an Easter basket I’ll go for! Happy Easter if you observe, and even though baskets aren’t a part of Passover we can still wish a chag Pesach to those of you who observe Passover, especially if you have cats. Giuseppe and Jelly Bean are the kitties filling the yellow basket to overflowing. I shared this photo last Friday, March 29.

Before I catch up on the photos I posted last week, I’m looking forward to posting regularly here on The Creative Cat once again. All theme, site and server issues are resolved and I’m happy to be back to it.

Also, these photos were first shared on Instagram, which I have grown to love for sharing photos of what the kids are doing during the day, but I have to kick the habit. I love any creative outlet, and the ability to share my photos as well as art and stories easily on Instagram is very exciting for me. Holding my phone and looking down at it caused me to pinch a nerve in my neck and caused muscle and tendon strains in my arm—first my right arm, then I switched to my left to hold the phone but that arm strained on me too.

Sleepy sunworshippers, Mimi, Hamlet and Jelly Bean.
Sleepy sunworshippers, Mimi, Hamlet and Jelly Bean.


About 15 years ago, after I’d been working on a personal computer for about 15 years, and on a computer of any sort since 1978, I had strained my right arm and pinched a nerve in my neck using the mouse with my right hand, always properly, but enough was apparently enough, so I’ve been using my left hand since then. I’ve always been subject to repetitive strain injuries, tendonitis and joint issues like this and not just my hands and arms, but also from simply sitting in a chair that’s a little off-kilter, or wearing shoes that don’t work well with my feet. I recently replaced my bicycle because it had me leaning too far forward and putting too much pressure on my hands and back.

Sienna gets some lap time.
Sienna gets some lap time.

I’m not surprised, it was really just a matter of time until it became a problem. I could tell from when I first began using my smartphone that looking downward at that angle was a really bad idea for my neck. It’s one of the reasons I decided not to start texting, even if I held the phone up in front of my face. Last week, each day, I was taking frequent ibuprofen and holding hot compresses on my neck, and trying to lie flat to make the pain go away. Much as I love it, it’s not worth the time I spent trying to relax the muscles and ease the pain, and I’ve missed several of the posts I had planned for the last two weeks, and now I have to get caught up making stuff!

Mimi's sunny nap was a little chilly on the marble windowsill, but the blanket made it better.
Mimi’s sunny nap was a little chilly on the marble windowsill, but the blanket made it better.

One good thing is that I’ve never had any repetitive strain issues with petting cats no matter how many or how long I pet them!

Celebrating a very sunny day with a boop on Basil's nose.
Celebrating a very sunny day with a boop on Basil’s nose.

And Mimi and I will have more time to be outdoors! We had a surprise snow last weekend and the cover was still good by Monday. “Only one thing will get Mimi to walk in snow these days–the neighbor’s cat is in her yard! She did puff herself up and have a few words, and he wisely slunk off. You can see in Mimi’s shadow she is standing with one front paw raised, guarding her temple. The thing that kept her and kittens safe outdoors years ago, she still haz it. She is toasty inside on a warm windowsill now.”

Brave, bold Mimi.
Brave, bold Mimi.

As a last note, I have a love-hate relationship with my smartphone. I love the convenience, but I really hate the photos it takes, I just don’t feel they are representative of my style or abilities, but that immediacy is hard to pass up. I actually have quite a few I’ve taken recently with my DSLR that I haven’t had the chance to share. Now I do.

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