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Daily Photo: A Vintage Look

cats sleeping by window
A vintage look to the boys’ afternoon nap.

I’ve grown to like this app on my Smartphone, “vintage”. It really does remind me of some of those contrasty, oversaturated photos, slightly blurred from days gone by. Dark areas always read as navy blue and yellows are bold, so the black cats always look navy and the window light is always warm. Giuseppe and Bean are enjoying their afternoon nap, blended together in shadow and into the shadows of the landing. A sweet day.


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And a Few Vintage Kitty Things

Little cast iron tuxie kitty.
Little cast iron tuxie kitty.

I was set up near Carnegie Antiques at the Carnegie Crawl last night, and I always find some interesting things in there, and of course since Judi, the owner, is another cat lover there are always vintage cat things.

This little tuxie kitty is made of cast iron! Quite a surprise when I went to pick him up since I thought he was a hollow cast ceramic kitty. Love his pretty pink bow! He looks a little sleepy, though. Maybe he needs a lazy Saturday nap.

I’m giving these kitties a male gender because they remind me of some kitties I know.

Below is another cast iron kitty, though his eyes look strangely human. I really like his markings, though, random spots and a black tail, and it makes me wonder if the painter had a specific cat in mind for spots like that instead of the typical black ears and spots on the back as spotted cats were often painted.

cast iron cat bank
Cast iron kitty bank.

He’s actually a kitty bank. Below you can see the slot in the back and the little screw that comes out and lets you get your money.

cast iron cat bank
Kitty bank from the back.

. . . . . . .

What other photos did I feature around this date?

Watching Something, 2013
three black cats
Watching Something

Mewsette and Mimi are watching the neighborhood, but Bean is probably watching what I’m drinking, thinking it would be so nice to have some. Food is more important than most things to him.

. . . . . . .

Wordless Wednesday: The Chickadee, 2012
cat silhouette looking at chickadee on feeder
Cat TV in HD.

. . . . . . .

Really Big Kitties
art of tiger painted on window
Tiger One

Really big tabby kitties! But I especially like the white paws and tuxedo markings.

These are painted in the windows of an empty storefront in Carnegie, but I still admire them whenever I go past. This was Animal’s Tattoo Parlor, in his original place on Main Street; he moved about eight blocks away after we had our flood here in Carnegie in 2004, so these have been around a while, but they still look good aside from a few scratches. He’s now left Carnegie to work in his home.

These are two of his designs. I always thought his art was very impressive and stopped in now and then to look through his books.

Anyone around the area can tell me where the building is that these two tigers can be found?

painting of tiger
Tiger Two

. . . . . . .

Has Your Cat Been Sending Messages Today? 2011
tortie cat with paw on keyboard
Cookie has been communicating with other cats, I’m sure.

In celebration of World Cat Day…

If so, it may have been from Cookie, who was on my desk all day, reaching out and touching the keyboard and sending messages like, “3fsefdc4tre” and “8/-9” and “btgfbth” and “555555555555555555555”.

Cookie will often interact with the keyboard, walking on it, sitting on it, and reaching out a paw from the desk, I always presumed to stop me from typing and pay attention to her.

But today was different. She was persistent, and even when I dared to move her, got back into position and pressed her little paw on a cluster of keys.

Is she playing Ouija? I thought. Or if we get a bunch of torties together with typewriters, will they write Puss in Boots?

I wasn’t too concerned until I posted this activity on Facebook and friend Allia replied that her Angela had replied, “.dk84en2=/.” Then I began to wonder. Was her sleepy look actually a sly sideways glance to see if I was paying attention?

And Allegra and Ruby’s mom Ingrid answered that she thought it was a secret code to start a tortie revolution. And Stirfry’s dad Jay said Stirfry had been on his computer and remarked that torties had already taken over our houses, now they are taking over the world.

We called yesterday “International Cat Day”, innocent enough, but I think it was actually “International Cat DOMINATION Day”! I think they all made connections yesterday and today they are using our computers to plot FELINE WORLD DOMINATION and it’s being led by torties!

Or at least all the torties are talking to each other. That in itself is unsettling—imagine a world run by “tortitude”!

Keep your cats under control! I’ll definitely keep my keyboard out of their reach.

It’s a good thing they sleep up to 20 hours a day.

. . . . . . .

A Nap While Reading, 2010
black cat sleeping with a paw in a book
These things can be kind of soporific (JB likes big words).

Jelly Bean fell asleep while reading the entries in my book of anecdotes, but at least he marked his place so he could pick up where he left off.

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